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  1. Rayo Vallecano had a similar idea a couple of seasons ago and it received international coverage. Can’t be bad for the club.
  2. Would like to see us give them a right scudding. Still not properly over Billy McDonald breaking my heart in 98.
  3. A front four of coulibaly, quitongo, storey and storer would be absolute box office.
  4. Safe to say we can dispel the myth that Steven McLean is a closet *** after that
  5. Worrying that Penrice is only contracted until the end of the season. I’d make that a priority for the board.
  6. Never seen a keeper as brittle as cerny. Continually gets injured when no one is near him. Take a one-nil after being utterly honking for the first 15.
  7. Just the 19 seconds before the IRA is mentioned. Standard away fare from the scum.
  8. Lamont was the stand out of the under 20s that came on against Dumbarton
  9. Absolutely strolled it. Won everything in the air, comfortable on the ball. Him and keown as a defensive pair will boss most teams.
  10. Anyone know when the monstrosity of a home kit is being revealed?
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