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  1. Watched them today. Rotten. the big striker who played as number 9 looked like he could play at a level, shame the rest of his team mates couldn’t or couldn’t be bothered. Bellshill by far the better team and the score line of 6-1 was justified.
  2. Bullwood pulling in two cracking signings tonight to strengthen. stephen Larkin and Jamie Newton. Quality. Heating up
  3. Well that’s the donner team I watched twice mate. So no nightmare. Based on what I have seen, which was that team, there was, not is - I’ll stand corrected, pennies players in it. So since you are more up to date than me obviously, u got a new squad list photo of the team!? nevertheless the last 8 should be a buzz. Who do u fancy then superleigh
  4. So none of the Donner team played with Pennies when they were a force? You are 100% on this? So names such as: John Lynn (albeit played a few times) Barry Lynn, Cheeko, , Geo Haney Liam and Geo. None of them played with Pennies?
  5. sorry i should have made it clearer, if it wasnt already - ex pennies players. Jesus.
  6. Tend to agree. Lot of boys are Pennies players. They will do well. Interesting tie Sunday - Gow v Harvester - The Gow have a game against Castlemilk Dynamo i believe on Saturday. How much that takes out the team who would probably play the Sunday game.
  7. Bullwood v The Gow or Harvester Donner Inn v Edinburgh East Charlies Bar v Haggs Tavern Kincorth Athletic or Carron Thistle v Bellshill Utd
  8. Budhill 4-5 Charlies bar Bullwood 6-0 The Grange Eastend utd 2-6 Donner Inn Edinburgh Cale 0-1 Bellshill Haggs Taver 7-1 Killie Athletic Lesmahagow P-P Harvester Meadowmill 1-1 Edinburgh East (1-3 pens)
  9. Cuttla young Clyde Community players (21s) in the team - notably Aaron McNeill. He scored the free kick on the night and recently doing the rounds on twitter for scoring an absolute worldy for the first team in their Glasgow cup tie v Queens park. Put a nice wee run together in the league to take them to 2nd in the Championship.
  10. I know the lads from The Gow, juggling Saturday and Sunday well at the moment. I feel the big trophies will still be a priority for Daryl and Connor on a Sunday and i fully expect them to go very deep in both. I wish them all the best as good bunch a lads!
  11. Bullfrog 0-2 The Grange. somewhat of a shock but the grange were very very good. baltic
  12. After seeing the Donner Inn squad I’d like to add them into the mix. the two Lynn brothers, cheeko, bull and a few others. Played against most of these boys years ago. Unbelievable. looking interesting this year for this cup.
  13. Ourselves, Airdrie Albion, we have Been in the league longer and have seen just about everything. Ourselves and bully being the longest serving at the minute. the lads at the Gow being a great and welcomed addition over last few seasons. last season when they took us apart at Greenfield, that was some of the best football I’ve been up against in a long time. 6 teams in the AnC now. 6 good good teams so be interesting to see how the league finishes
  14. Bellshill Ud from the AnC Boys at Bellshill wont mind me saying that i was surprised by the result having played both teams this year already. Lead to believe Bellshill were excellent and Eastend Tower were down to 8 or 9 men. For me the winners will be from: Bullfrog Harvester Leshmahagow Bullwood Haggs Tavern
  15. Manhattan Blacks v Nicos - 23rd November - should be a topper!
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