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  1. Weren't the opposition from one of our friendlies last year end up with 12 player on the pitch? Shame we haven't got the same level of fly on the wall videos from the warm weather training this year.
  2. There's the rub really; Hamilton doesn't suit the lone striker idiom working up there alone. He has the physicality but not the sudden burst acceleration. Surely far better suited to a striking partnership but I cant recall us adopting that certainly within the premiership years. Kenny Miller's short tenure was about the closest we came but that's probably not the best example.
  3. Bit unfair on Hamilton. Yes he doesnt possess the immediate acceleration but he's not got a bad top speed. Likewise he's definitely not lazy. Mackin really was a different class here; almost as if he thought the world owed him a living. If you wanted to compare him against anyone surely Colin McMenamin would be a better comparison?
  4. On paper a 5'9" striker/forward doesn't fill me with confidence but then, on paper, Scott Pitman should never have got near the first team all those years ago so what do I know?
  5. The playoffs against United and Partick Thistle proved the support potential is still there. Season tickets are good value IMO. The free tickets to schools provided some real long term benefit but it needed to be employed regularly; getting punters to break the habit of sitting in front of the box on a Saturday or whenever.
  6. Remember the days when we used to have a pre-season boot-camp in the sun with a few matches against local sides? People would be studying the highlights and trying to match "trialists" to available players on the international stage. Some used to get a "hit" now and again but I suspect they had insider info.
  7. Couldn't help wondering if Nouble on one wing and JET on the other would be an effective option. Bother have been particularly difficult to defend again but also both can perform well in defence from set pieces. Probably pie in the sky stuff; JET will likely be off the the far East again
  8. Read somewhere that the form (number of wins) for the bottom six sides for 2022 is: Aberdeen 1 Dundee 1 Hibs 0 Livi 6 St Johnstone 4 St Mirren 5 If these stats are correct then I really struggle to see St Johnston's "were going to finish" bottom line - unless of course its a double bluff and they're heading for 9th? St Mirren seem to have really struggled since losing their manager but the results show that they surely have the team to do it comfortably.
  9. That's a given - even if it ends up as a 9-10 goal thriller we'll be behind the nearly-old-firm pre match dribble.
  10. Still cringe when he shouted out "Lets Make all the noise" when we're playing Celtic....
  11. Now I seen everything L4E sticking up for JD - sheeeesh!
  12. Doesn't mean anything to me although a google search suggests "Cool Story Bro" Context?
  13. Easy - polite applause with occasional utterances of "well done chaps" Possibly accompanied with a rousing chorus of "Auld Lang Syne" Glad to have been of assistance.
  14. Yes - I often thought the team under Lennon was so much style over substance. There were lots of big names on equally impressive salaries playing as individuals. Unfortunately the team we faced on Sunday were very much a TEAM in the truest sense of the word; working for each other with a unified strategy. To beat Celtic we really needed to be on the top of our game; unfortunately not to be but we can look forward now to the bounce back against Hearts
  15. Anderson really shouldn't have been playing at all. I was plainly obvious that he was still struggling from the exertions on Wednesday night and he was miles off the pace. Mindful of his diabetes; I'm not sure putting him on for half an hour was particularly wise; surely would have been far better to use either Montano or Bailey.
  16. At the very least. The skill of a manager to manufacture two cup wins from a fairly run-of-the-mill team is legendary. Surely you cant become a bad manager over night?
  17. Traditionally we seem to do better against the old firm at the end of a poor run of results. Hopefully we'll have an easier time than the stadium announcer reading out the team sheet.
  18. Was that before you were given the restraining order?
  19. Neither our official report nor the BBC have any cards recorded other than the one given to Niskanen. Suppose we'll have to wait for the referee's report.
  20. Had to check; but was surprised to note that Keaghan will be 33 this year. It doesn't seem that long ago that I remember him making his debut as a teenager.... Sheeeeesh!
  21. You're half right; there was another Livi player behind Soto with a United defender in-between. Edit - just checked; it was Christian Montano - not exactly identical?
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