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  1. Aberdeen v Livi

    Don't think its that uninteresting; after all Teresa May postponed the Brexit vote just so she can keep up with the developments
  2. Killie v Livi

    We all get it; well other than the ugly sisters that is. Not so sure about the English comparison though; when Wilfred Zaha signed a new contract with Crystal Palace; a football "expert" on the BBC said it demonstrated "a lack of ambition". Total disrespect for the player and the team in my opinion.
  3. Would you mind removing your reference to the Nazi atrocities please? I appreciate you're frustrated but don't really see the relationship with an event that murdered 11 million people including half of my relatives.


  4. Rangers vs Livingston 24th November

    Robinson did pretty well against the rangers last time; would play him ahead of Sibbald TBH
  5. We dont have the best history in this kind of thing... Remember the "I ❤️ Bobby Barr" Or "Feed the Hippo" Or "In Hoppy we Trust" As soon as we do this sort of thing; the subject f#cks off.
  6. Ah - the penny drops - sorry; slow today.
  7. Wouldn't he have to play for Aberdeen?
  8. That's a rather "agricultural" comment there I blame Hassan Kachloul; wasn't he our business adviser at the time?
  9. Because its the international break and everyone's bored about talking about Brexit.... But the most telling point is... "Mr Bleksley makes a series of claims about Mr Wilson’s murder in a new book" However if the author was interested in justice rather than book sales surely the following wouldnt be the case? “Officers from the enquiry team have previously met and corresponded with Mr Bleksley, when he was invited to share any new information he has with us. To date, he has declined to do so. “Mr Bleksley and his publishing company also declined to provide an advance copy of his book to support Alistair Wilson’s family when approached by Police Scotland on their behalf.”
  10. He's going to get plenty of coverage anyway as the tabloids love a name that they make cheesy headlines that don't quite rhyme such as "Dolly Sorry" or "Offender Menga"
  11. Which is why Morelos got his red card against Aberdeen rescinded despite trying to scythe the boy down in retaliation? Actually; its been coming; for weeks as he's been on the receiving end of excessive "attention" from various defences purely because of the player he is i.e. gets involved and mixes things up. To be honest you can see he's been allowing himself to get wound-up by all the pushing and shoving, shirt grabbing and players climbing all over him. Sooner or later he was going to react. I suppose its a kind of back-handed compliment actually and he needs to take it as such. He's an exciting player, who will be a miss against the rangers, but he's not a striker and that's what we're missing at the moment
  12. The fuckin nick of this choad.... Apart from the fact that he keeps on going on about some team in Zambia; he also supposedly supports a team that employs Scott "elbows" Brown.
  13. Good news I suppose although you have to question whether it would really be in Celtic's best interest for Dolly Menga to receive a retrospective ban particularly seeing as who we're playing next and the fact that Dolly has a 100% record of scoring against them....
  14. Personally I would imagine The Poppy Appeal are more interested in getting the funds to help those effected by conflict either physically o.r mentally. Whether you wear one or not is, I suppose, a matter of personal choice.
  15. Ahem; "Deary me" should be followed by a semi colon rather than a comma. Just saying; my celtices friend. But, if you really want to wind us up, try referring to us as "Livvy" or, even more hilarious, "Lavvy" - that one never gets old.