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  1. Yes - the Gateshead exercise was pretty pricey for pretty much no benefit at all in my opinion. If we were looking at giving some of the fringe player and development squad a run then maybe but most are now out on loan.
  2. Just looked at Berwick's official site and it looks like they only have 6 senior player; the rest are presumably made up by the development squad. Not sure what your strategy should be in that circumstance - is it better to try and keep the numbers down by sitting in or should you simply go for it; give the boys a decent run out and expect nothing but hope to give a good account of yourselves?
  3. Please stop ribbing the opposition and concentrate on our game at the weekend.... oh wait..... Actually the Ayr v. Falkirk game could be an absolute cracker or a complete damp squib. In paper Falkirk could conceivably be happy with a draw however, after their performance in the penalty shootout, I very much doubt it. Also a Draw would be unlikely to be enough to get into the highest runners up section. Ayr will go for it; I don't think theirs any question about it. They will feel unlucky to have lost out on Tuesday night in the last few minutes, at home in front of their home crowd... As for the other match I believe the local accident and emergency services have been put on high alert. There probably wont be much quarter given.
  4. Actually he's a St. Johnstone fan but more importantly only Heart; Sevco and Celtic seem to travel in numbers now. Hibs and Aberdeen don't travel in anywhere the numbers they used to 15 years ago. Last season it seemed St Mirren travelled in greater number than Hibs.
  5. Actually he's correct in saying that's not a red card - whether it should have been a red card is another question. If Devlin had rolled around on the ground screaming, AKA Andy Ryan, then it might have been a different story.
  6. Actually want his injury picked up in the first leg playoff game against Partick Thistle? Ended up out of the game for over six months I think.
  7. Just seen an update from Callum Carson: Shocked... but maybe not surprised.
  8. I suppose so; actually I don't think they looked better than Falkirk in the first half but definitely seemed significantly better in the second. Don't know what was said in the dressing room but it might be the reason the team decided to come out five minutes early. Hairdryer anyone?
  9. Thing is a red card can also punish both sides in such a small "league" for want of a better description. If the offender was one of the key Ayr players and they had him missing for the following game, i.e. the Falkirk one, that would actually benefit Falkirk more than Livingston. Currently Falkirk are second in the "league" with 4 points; wins against Ayr and Berwick will put them on 10. Ideally from a Livi perspective we'd prefer a draw with Ayr winning on penalties. Historically our games at Stranraer havent always been comfortable affairs.
  10. That's almost witty - have a green one
  11. And we dealt with it - some of the offender were identified and received a lifetime ban; I believe another receive a caution by the police. Every club has a few idiots; some clubs however do nothing about them claiming its all to do with rivalry.
  12. Think so - we were all feeling a bit left out with the other arguments going on. And whilst we're about it don't your management ever arrange to clean all the seagull sh#t off the seats? Sorry is this a five minute argument or the full half hour?
  13. Not sure - for the first half it was Pepe on the left and Lithgow on the right. Still next week with Savane in the side we could be a lot stronger playing three at the back and two wing-backs.
  14. As a matter of interest was there was another game in Group G last night?
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