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  1. TBH - if given the choice I would think a permanent move to Partick would probably suit him best; particularly if it included a regular start. Top flight or not; warming the bench is not a career aspiration at his age.
  2. That's going back a bit - Rivals days. You'll be mentioning Jamie's Maw next - funnily enough that was the same person as well.
  3. Doubt it - he only ever hangs around here like a leftover haddock curry. Neither he of his pseudonyms seem to post on anything football related or in relation to other clubs.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt this is the same Sky Sport that cant be bothered to change the Celtic wallpaper when covering a non-old firm game? Should probably be Doig for his persistence of ripping us a new one but will more than likely go to one of the old firm.
  5. Unfortunately that reference will be totally lost on anyone under late fifties. "We stopped having kids when we found out what caused it"....
  6. Ross County have (had) the best pies in the league - end of story.
  7. Agreed - I let myself be carried away by the hype earlier and our fantastic winning and unbeaten runs; at one stage we dared to dream of challenging for third and maybe even second and maybe another cup to show for it. If view in isolation the last two months have been decidedly disappointing but, looking back, we started the season in the height of a pandemic and a big question mark on how many clubs would likely survive. For all the ups and downs of this season though; my greatest disappointment has to be my inability to watch my home team live in the stadium on even one occasion.
  8. For a club with the lowest/second lowest budget in the division to finish in the top half of the league two seasons running (plus a cup final appearance) is more than decent in my opinion. Next season is going to be a challenge with predicted changes in the summer but "predictable" is not the Livi way.
  9. I'm sure those were club options and Davie already said they'd be taking them up Think there was a hold-up with the paperwork - well according to Callum Carson anyway.
  10. Rumour is both Guthrie and Devlin will be the next to activate their extension options.
  11. A leopard cant change his spots even if he changes his name - but a dick will always be a dick.
  12. I've seen them all live with the exception of the Ibrox game; but cant whip up the enthusiasm to watch this and that's not actually a comment on Hibs; just end of season malaise.
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