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  1. Not sure Cadden is ready or even suitable for premiership football actually. I believe Mackin has another year on his contract plus last season quite often we weren't even able to fill a subs bench so why pay him off early?
  2. I think its the scrawny beard that does it - pretty much like the first one I grew when I was 17.
  3. At 28 i wouldn't really call him young in a footballing sense. Actually I thought he was very good laying in an experienced defence. It was the form of the rest of the CBs that limited his time rather than any real frailties. I'd like to keep him but appreciate at his age he needs to be assured a starting position.
  4. I was a bit mystified about the Ryder hype; as far as I can see he's done moderately well in a country with less than half the population of Edinburgh which has 76 clubs in four divisions and his last team is sitting third in the second tier. Seriously he may end up being great but I'm not sure his current pedigree would indicate anything more than a mid table 1st division side.
  5. You forgot to mention that the £700k debt was effectively directors loans mostly from the previous board i.e. not operational or trading shortfall.
  6. If he knuckles down he could probably still make it but he'd likely need to shine if he was put out on loan again.
  7. Wont go to Falkirk; not with that hairstyle
  8. I believe Knox will be 19 in December. Griffiths was a regular when he was 17; kept winning MOTM champagne when he was under age.
  9. For those senior games where he was involved he seemed to always involve some showboating which invariably didn't end well; either losing the ball cheaply (ans unnecessarily putting the rest of team under pressure) or simply falling on his ar5e. Unfortunately it did seem sometimes that he felt he was a whole lot better than the opposition. That being said for a couple of games at the beginning of the season he appeared to have grown up a bit and developed a bit of a battling edge. Unfortunately for him his appearances were subsequently limited by the arrival of Penrice on loan. His father apparently being a one man publicity campaign and keep leaking stories to the press that one EPL side or other was looking at him certainly never helped his profile and people ended up getting fed up with all the hype.
  10. Hopkins was Birchill's assistant for a year before he took over himself so he got to know the team pretty well. Then taking over a failing side for a few weeks we lest in the play-offs and got demoted. It then wasn't until several weeks into the next season that we started to click and eventually the side started to pull away from the rest of the pack. He's performed miracles and managed to maintain a winning ethos amongst the team but obviously it wasn't achieved over night and he really knew each member of the team well before getting them to move forward and up their game. Would he be allowed that length of time at Morton; without Brechin and Dumbarton in the league I would suggest the Championship is going to be a lot more challenging this year with some sides prepared to splash the cash for success.
  11. There was apparently a wage cap of about £250 - £300 pw although I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some on-loan players were on significantly above that. The two sevco players were apparently being funded by their parent company but I'm unsure if we were expected to make a contribution (probably). Remember this was based on the assumption that we would probably end up in seventh or eighth position with the prize money being significantly less than that of 2nd. Also not taken into account is the variable such as win bonus etc. Next season I would understand if players were looking to double or even treble their income; after all a footballer's career is short.
  12. Season ticket prices

    Probably whole of North Stand plus part or all of East Stand depending on travelling numbers.
  13. Its a wind up; and a pretty poor one at that. Sean has already indicated in an interview that he is waiting to see if Hopkins renews his contract with Livi. I think a number of his team mates are in the same situation.
  14. And Steven Boyd. Nice enough lad by all accounts but too greedy and not really positionally aware