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  1. Hello! This is just a polite reminder that A View from the Terrace is on the BBC Scotland channel this evening at 10:30pm. We've been told there are "a lot of laughs" tonight and you cannot turn it down in this economy! We'll see you later on!
  2. Ryan Watters in a left-back? Queen's Park 5-0 Stenhousemuir! I said it on the Annan Athletic match thread but the lack of depth in the squad was badly exposed; losing just one player from our back four or midfield has a big knock-on effect for the rest of the team. It's great to see Creag Little and Tiffoney are back in but Callum Yeats has been a very important player for us and asking a jobbing striker to fill in won't work. I didn't really fancy our chances before the match; less so now.
  3. That was a disappointing afternoon. I think a draw might have been the fairer result - we certainly a lot of the ball but only occasionally did something worthwhile with it, while Annan Athletic had the better of the chances, and you really cannot fault their finishing. Max Wright's winning goal was well taken and laser-guided into the bottom corner. We've dropped points through last-minute goals twice now this season, a worrying trait after so few games played. I think we're also seeing the perils of carrying such a small number of senior players. Jack Hodge was game at right-back but he didn't give us the same kind of thrust that Jonathan Tiffoney does down the wing, and I think we missed Tommy Muir clattering into people up front; Mark McGuigan isn't quite as mobile. Fielding Greig Spence as a midfielder didn't really work either. I think it was a case of sticking all our best available players out into some kind of formation and seeing what happened. I thought Callum Tapping generally played well, and I though Botti Biabi would have been more dangerous if he was more direct, rather than trying to hold things up and slow the play down. His centre for McGuigan's goal was nice. An opportunity missed, I reckon.
  4. Alright troops, just a polite reminder that tonight's episode of A View from the Terrace is back at its usual time of 10:30pm on the BBC Scotland channel. No old people were bodied in the making of tonight's show. It's just good, clean fun!
  5. That's a pisser. I presume Chris McQueen will come in for Little, but who's our reserve right-back?
  6. I'm hopeful going into this game. Discounting the recent two League Cup ties, where two much-changed Stenhousemuir sides lost to Livingston and Alloa Athletic, we've been in pretty decent form over the past few weeks. Our least league match, the 2-0 win over Edinburgh City, was probably the best performance I've seen a Stenny side in 12 months and if we can play with the same degree of intensity and application, I think we've got a very good chance of winning on Saturday. Tommy Muir's pressing was excellent and his forced the Citizens into playing long balls, none of which stuck, and allowed us to control the middle of the park. Providing everyone is fit and well, we should look to play the same XI: - Botti Biabi - Tommy Muir - Greig Spence - - Jack Hodge - Callum Tapping - Ryan Blair - - Callum Yeats - Creag Little - Andy Munro - Jonathon Tiffoney - - Paddy Martin - I won't pretend to know too much about Annan Athletic but they appear inconsistent and can be got at. Home win!
  7. Bringing this thread back onto topic, tonight's episode is going out at the slightly later time of 11pm. This is because it's Comic Relief or Children in Need, one of the two. So tune in then!
  8. Alright troops, might be worth tuning into tonight's episode of A View from the Terrace - it stars Queen's Park's #1 and all-round top boi Wullie Muir! It's on tonight at 11pm on the BBC Scotland channel. We'll see you there!
  9. Fair play to everyone associated with the club today - I think that was the most complete performance from a Stenhousemuir FC side I've seen since we beat Falkirk in the Scottish Cup two years ago. The work rate, the pressing, the intensity was outrageous and we out-fought and out-manoeuvred a handy Edinburgh City team. We were the better side from the first kick of the ball until the final whistle and everyone who took part today should be very pleased with their efforts. Special mentions to Andy Munro (as dominant a performance from a centre-back we're likely to see this season), Callum Yeats (a future Scotland international) and Tommy Muir (much maligned but willing, able and selfless throughout). It's been a very decent start to the season so far - long may it continue!
  10. This is a friendly reminder that tonight's episode of A View from the Terrace is starting in 10 minutes on the BBC Scotland channel. I do hope you can tune in!
  11. Ah that's a damn shame, he's been a very good player for us over the piece. That sounds like a horrendous injury and it's hard to imagine someone of his age coming back from it.
  12. I watched the highlights from Saturday's game and couldn't believe what I was hearing - bring back the lads from last season!
  13. I presume you were the cameraman and that's why you've taken this all to heart, but I'm not sure what wider point you're attempting to make here. Just because the service was free and it was a first attempt, it doesn't mean it is above criticism! The camera needed to be much wider to show more of the action - it was too tight and jerked around a lot to follow the ball, making it difficult to watch. It did get better as the game went on, right enough, and it followed the action more smoothly. I'm sure it will get better as the season progresses. The commentary, as mentioned, was very good - it was well-informed and mindful that other supporters would be tuning in. It is night and day compared to the horror show of Falkirk TV, for instance.
  14. I missed both goals because I was looking at my phone, and then my wheelie bin blew over. A draw was probably a fair result on the balance of play. It was a dreadful game of football and I never want to talk about it again. Cowdenbeath's YouTube coverage was a mixed bag - the commentary was excellent, but the camerawork was poor and I felt a bit ill during the first half.
  15. I noticed on Saturday that we changed from a 4-3-3 to a 4-2-4 when Biabi came on, with Biabi playing on the left wing and Hopkirk playing on the right. It might be a bit reckless to start a game in such an attacking formation but it might be worth considering given how well it worked against Stirling.
  16. This should be an engaging encounter against two teams who'll fancy their chances of a top-four finish this term. In their two league matches so far, Cowden have lost the game they were expected to win and won the game they were expected to lose, so I really don't know what we'll get from them on Saturday. Stenny, meanwhile, turned in a very good second-half performance against Stirling Albion last weekend and if they can build on that, I think we've got a decent chance of winning the contest. I wouldn't make too many changes from the game against the Binos. Botti Biabi has to start - you could see how big a difference he made to the team after his introduction last weekend - and I'd like to see Mark McGuigan come in for Tommy Muir. It might be worth evaluating Paul Brown's place in the starting XI as the whole thing seemed to pass him by. Is Graeme Smith fit enough to start? - Botti Biabi - Mark McGuigan - Greig Spence - - Jack Hodge - Callum Tapping - Ryan Blair - - Callum Yeats - Creag Little - Andy Munro - Jonathan Tiffoney - - Graeme Smith - Don't see why we can't win this, but I reckon Cowden will be eyeing us up and thinking the same thing.
  17. I would kill to record another pop-culture podcast. I'd even watch Crash for a second time if that's what it took.
  18. Has Grant Gallagher's tackle been edited out of the highlights package?
  19. It's really hard to see what Brechin City have been trying to achieve over the last few years. Dunning1874 above has posted a handy timeline from 2017 onwards and it makes for confusing reading - why was Dods not punted midway through the Championship campaign? Why was he allowed to start the new 2018/19 season when almost every supporter had lost faith in him? Why was he eventually sacked when he looked as though he was turning things around? Why was Barry Smith kept on after the relegation to League 2? Why was he binned after just five games? Why has the same thing happened to Mark Wilson when he's spent the last five months putting his team together? The thinking is so fuzzy!
  20. I would agree with this - a lot of the commentary I've listened to over the last couple of weeks has generally been enthusiastic but, at times, it's verged on insufferable. I appreciate it's a difficult skill to master and it should improve across the board as the season progresses, but there's nothing worse than paying £10 to an opposition club's stream and listen to someone insinuate your team is a bunch of cunts for 90 minutes.
  21. Grant Gallagher's tackle was a goddamn stinker. How on earth could the commentator say it was an "honest attempt to play the ball"? Jack Purdue was striding way ahead of him before Gallagher dived in. I'm sure Gallagher didn't mean to injure Purdue but given the manner in which it happened and where it was on the pitch, there was definitely something in it - it was cynical and nasty and the red card was deserved. I wish Purdue a speedy recovery, and I hope Gallagher has a long, hard look at himself.
  22. Can't quite put my finger on it but Buzz Smith no longer seems as impenetrable as he once was.
  23. Although I'm very disappointed with the concession of a late equaliser, I thought a draw was probably the fair result overall here. Stirling Albion were the better team in the first half, while we dominated the second. We started poorly and only showed any impetus after the interval, but that point on there was only one team really in it; it was desperately frustrating to see the Binos get a point at the death through one of their rare forays upfield. Stirling looked good in the first half and won most of the second balls and aerial duels, with Div Wilson central to a lot of their positive play. They looked sharp on the ball, even if Graeme Smith (and then Callum Erskine) were rarely called into action. The opening goal was a sloppy one to concede - Smith shanked a backpass straight to a Stirling player and Creag Little pulled him back, giving away a free-kick, which WIlson scored, curling the ball low into the net from 25 yards. Careless stuff all round. Our play involved whacking balls upfield for Tommy Muir to battle for, which didn't work at all. Stenny were miles better after the restart. Callum Tapping and Ryan Blair got on the ball more (the latter made some gorgeous long-range passes with his left foot), Callum Yeats became increasingly influential at left-back and Botti Biabi, who replaced the anonymous Paul Brown, was able to keep possession further up the park and all the team to push forward. His goal was well-taken, thrashing the ball high into the net from close range after good work from Andy Munro, and Greig Spence added the second late on from the penalty spot. It was disappointing to see Jack Leitch rescue a point at the death; maybe Erskine could have done a bit better. If we can perform to the same levels as we did in the second half over the course of the season, we've got a decent chance of getting into the top four. There aren't many midfielders in the division with the quality of Tapping and Blair and it is crucial we get them on the ball whenever possible. Biabi should start, probably at the expense of David Hopkirk, and I wonder if Mark McGuigan might be a better option up top ahead of Muir. Yeats is going to be a smashing wee player and we're lucky to have him for the time being.
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