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  1. Think you might be reading too much into this! I assumed he's just scunnered the football's postponed indefinitely!
  2. I think they just borrowed the tune. I think their ire was aimed in the direction of Falkirk. In that case: fair play to them!
  3. Ah well, I guess we'll need to see it back when the highlights go up!
  4. Regardless of who put the ball in the net, the offside was given against whoever cut the ball back into the box.
  5. I think a draw might have been the fair result but Queen's Park might feel aggrieved not to have won the match based on the balance of play. They came at us like a snapping alligator in the opening 10 minutes and should have taken the lead - I couldn't really see an offside in their "goal", and their forward should have done better when he was playing in on goal; credit to Graeme Smith, once again, for the save. Big Buzz was tremendous today. They couldn't maintain their high-octane start and the game settled into a stuffy, occasionally exciting affair. Stenhousemuir should have scored midway through the second half when David Hopkirk (I think) forced Wullie Muir into a double save. CRaig Slater made an arse of himself at the end with his daft red card. I thought Stenny were alright without ever being great. Jonathan Tiffoney had a frustrating game at right-back and some of his touches and passes were askew. Jordan Armstrong on the other flank, meanwhile, is not a full-back and he didn't really offer much in an attacking sense. Greig Spence worked hard without really contributing and I wonder why we didn't make a change sooner - perhaps Mark McGuigan might have offered something different with 20 minutes to go? Ryan Blair was our best player while Scott McLaughlin showed some good touches in the middle of the park. Given how poorly we've done against Queen's Park in the previous three matches, I'm satisfied with a point. With Brechin City narrowly losing at Cove Rangers, it's another little step away from the foot of the table. I couldn't hear what the so-called Stenny Bois behind the goals were signing but did they break into choruses of "Hello! Hello!"? If that was the case, get it packed it. No place for that kind of stuff at Ochilview.
  6. We were played off the park that day and scored with our chance of the match. It would have been a travesty if Queen's Park hadn't taken something from it!
  7. I'm going into this one with low expectations. We've been thumped every time we've played Queen's Park this season and given each team's form, I think it'll be more of the same on Saturday. I wasn't at the match against Stirling Albion but we seemed to acquit ourselves alright (albeit against a side that had lost their last six matches at home). Can we build on it at the weekend? Will Gary Harkins come back into the starting XI? Will Mark McGuigan maintain his position in attack? I, for one, cannot wait to find out!
  8. It's early days and I don't want to be too harsh at this stage but I think you might be right about Gary Harkins. Other than that word-class assist against Cowdenbeath, he's been rubbish and we really are not getting value for money from him at all. I thought we competed well yesterday until the first goal went in. The second made things very difficult for us and the third (a definite penalty) killed things off entirely. From that point on, we could barely get the ball off Cove Rangers and Fraser Fyvie completely dominated the game. He was tremendous yesterday, and that's exactly the kind of performance we should have be looking for from Harkins. Sean Burns has been a decent-enough player for us but he turned in one of the worst individual displays I've seen from a Warrior in some time and he was directly responsible for the first two goals. The second in particular was criminal. When he was substituted in the second half, however, everyone, from supporters to players on the park, had no idea what was happening or who was fitting in where. I have no idea what formation we were supposed to be playing. In some ways, it must have worked because we didn't concede again but it was just garbage. I agree with the two boys above me: this campaign has been such a disappointment. I just want to make sure we're safe and then never speak of it again.
  9. A massive "fair play" to whoever uploaded Stranraer highlights from the 2005/06 season onto YouTube. Found myself bewitched watching these old Football First videos last night!
  10. Some schmuck pointed this out to me on social media, which is fair enough. If I could turn back time, I would! However, you can still make the move from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to Friends via Goodfellas: Rod Stewart's Young Turks features in the soundtrack to San Andreas. In San Andreas, there is a character called Officer Tenpenny. He is voice by Samuel L Jackson. Samuel L Jackson stars in Goodfellas alongside Robert de Niro. Robert de Niro stars in Meet the Parents alongside Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller starred in an episode of Friends as Tommy the Screamer. Regardless, we can all agree that Young Turks is a sensational song and one of Rod Stewart's best.
  11. An intriguing encounter awaits on Saturday between a team that cannot win at home and a side who may or may not have "turned a corner" this season. Stirling Albion are superb away from home with five consecutive wins but they've lost their last four at Forthbank. Stenhousemuir, meanwhile, are on their best run of the campaign after collecting 11 points from a possible 18. The last time the sides met, the Binos scored right at the start and right at the end of a dispiriting encounter. I'd like to think we're a better side than we were eight weeks ago and can build on last week's fine win over Albion Rovers. I'm not 100 per cent sure who's available (if Ryan Blair is fit, he should start) but I'd go with: - Greig Spence - Botti Biabi - - Callum Moore - Ryan Blair - David Hopkirk - - Scott McLaughlin - - Sean Burns - Jordan Armstrong - Robert Wilson - Jonathan Tiffoney - - Graeme Smith - Don't see why we can't win this one, to be honest! Top four, here we come!
  12. Getting in won't be a problem, it's the getting back out you need to worry about. Stenny rat b*****d. Keep it clean mate, I'm using a text-to-speech function here and your bad language startled my pets.
  13. How easy is it to buy tickets for a Falkirk match? Can I pitch up this evening with cash or is there something more complex at hand?
  14. Aye, I've liked the look of him. He's done us a good turn and he's been streets ahead of jobbers like Dylan Dykes or Russell Dingwall.
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