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  1. The goals were scored by Robert Thomson, Sean Crighton, Declan Hughes and a trialist (and you won't believe who his last club was!) Stenhousemuir fielded two different XIs in either half.
  2. Hard to say - neither of them were fantastic during their 18 months at Stenhousemuir but I put that down to poor management as much as anything else and I think they could be good players in the right environment (and I appreciate I am giving them both a massive benefit of doubt with that statement). Ryan Blair is the best long-range passer of a ball I've ever seen at Stenhousemuir. He's at his best when space opens up for him and he's able to pitch 60-yard diagonals into the channels for an onrushing full-back, or switching play from one flank to the other. He's also good at keeping possession and recycling the ball in the middle of the park. Blair is not, however, the kind of player who is comfortable with the rough and tumble of Scottish lower-league football and there were too many times last season when bigger, stronger, more committed opponents steamrollered over the top of him. He won't get stuck in and his body language can look off at times. He's not much of a goal threat and his set-pieces were generally poor. If I was to sum up Ryan Blair it would be: frustrating. The same word applies to Botti Biabi. He's quick over short distances, strong, capable of playing out wide and through the middle (and, weirdly, he's actually a decent target man up top, when the ball's worked into his feet). Conversely, his decision-making is poor, he's a one-trick pony who'll always want to take the ball onto his right foot and won't provide much by way of goals or assists. His performance in our 2-0 win over Elgin City at the tail end of last season was one of the worst I'd seen - although he scored at the death, he gave the ball away so many times, made daft mistakes, or simply fell over. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Both players have something about them (and, as a lot of people have probably said, you don't move to Swansea City's academy unless you have some degree of talent) but not a lot of supporters were sorry to see them leave Ochilview at the end of the season. If they do end up signing for Greenock Morton, I hope they both do you a turn.
  3. The club physio estimates Graeme Smith will be back around October. He's able to run and has spent most of the last few training sessions jogging round the pitch, and he was able to take part in a handling drill recently, so it's looking reasonably positive. Regardless, I think Buzz will have a job on his hands getting into Stephen Swift's plans. Ryan Marshall will be the undisputed #1 for the time being.
  4. Here's the team for the upcoming season to reflect this evening's latest signing: GOALKEEPERS Ryan Marshall (signed from BSC Glasgow) Graeme Smith DEFENDERS BJ Coll (signed from Forfar Athletic) Adam Corbett Sean Crighton (signed from Airdrieonians Ross Lyon (signed from BSC Glasgow) Jamie Mills (signed from BSC Glasgow) Jordan Tapping (signed from East Stirlingshire) MIDFIELDERS Michael Anderson (signed from BSC Glasgow) Adam Brown (signed from Alloa Athletic) Ross Forbes (signed from Dumbarton) Declan Hughes (signed from BSC Glasgow) Euan O'Reilly (signed from Airdrieonians) Nat Wedderburn (signed from Dumbarton) FORWARDS Darren "Daz" Christie (signed from Pollok) Cammy Graham Thomas Orr (signed from Stranraer) Robert Thomson (signed from Alloa Athletic) OUT ON LOAN Josh Grigor (Syngenta) The squad is looking a little light and I reckon we're three or four players away. We've signed a goalkeeper too, and it can't be long until he's announced.
  5. I had actually quoted you on the "Sons' Sorrow" thread. My thoughts on David Hopkirk: I think a quick scan through the previous pages of this thread will give you a decent indication of how he was rated amongst the Stenny support.
  6. David Hopkirk was midway through a two-year contract with Stenhousemuir before it was mutually terminated, allowing him to join Dumbarton. I don't think anyone was particularly fussed to see him moving on from Ochilview - his 2020/21 season was blighted by injury and inconsistency and, off the top of my head, I don't really recall him turning in an outstanding performance. He can be a capable player, good at running with the ball down the right flank and chucking in crosses, and he was one of our better players in 2019/20 (although that really isn't saying much) but he's guilty of drifting through matches and can be a frustrating player. Who knows, maybe a change of scenery might do him the world of good! I hope he does Dumbarton a good turn.
  7. In what is no doubt an enormous blow to Stephen Swift's squad building for the upcoming season, Thomas Collins has joined Kilwinning Rangers.
  8. David Hopkirk has left the club: I'm not too fussed about this, to be honest. I was surprised he was awarded a two-year contract last summer and I think he only flickered over the course of the season. I'd like to think we can reinvest his wage in another forward, ideally someone with a bit of SPFL experience. I wish Hopkirk well.
  9. Callum Erskine is the very definition of a "back-up goalkeeper". There must be thousands of goalies like him that have kicked around the lower leagues over the past few years - the kind of 'keeper who would only ever feature if your first choice is sent off or injured, but would never play the next week because you've gone straight to Motherwell or Dundee United for a loan of one of their youngsters. Erskine's arc follows the same path. He didn't play much at all for Stenhousemuir last season, making just three appearances. He saved some penalties in our League Cup group-stage shoot out against Edinburgh City, which was pretty neat, but he only made one league appearance, coming on to replace the injured Graeme Smith in our match with Stirling Albion early in the campaign, and it was his weak parry that set up Jack Leitch for the Binos' injury-time equaliser. Two days later we brought in Paddy Martin on loan from Hibernian and Erskine didn't play again. I hope he does you a turn when required but I cannot envisage him getting ahead of Sam Ramsbottom.
  10. Callum Erskine has joined Dumbarton: It's probably for the good of his own development. If he had stayed at Stenhousemuir, he would have been our back-up goalkeeper, and then third choice whenever Graeme Smith retains fitness, so I'm pleased he's moving somewhere he's likely to feature with greater regularity. (That said, if Sam Ramsbottom stays on at the Rock, Erskine will most certainly be their reserve goalkeeper for the year ahead.) It's a pain in the arse for us because we need to sign up a goalie for three or four months but I'm sure we've got the very best people on the case!
  11. I thought his contract might have had the option for him to walk away if Stenhousemuir failed to finish in the top four, but who knows!
  12. The new "Inside Ochilview" newsletter has just been published. There's nothing revelatory in there other than the author doesn't know Darren Christie was signed from Pollok (not Pollock) and we're still in talks with Paul Brown and Callum Erskine about new contracts for the season ahead. I'm not sure why it's taking so long to get kiddies to agree to sweetie papers for a year but fair play all the same. I'm still intrigued by the details of Callum Tapping's contract that allowed him to walkaway midway through a two-year deal. I wonder if we'll get an explanation at some point.
  13. Option two appears to be the runaway leader at the moment. I'm not sure why you'd want to have a maroon home strip and a black away strip, two dark colours, but crack on!
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