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  1. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    Thomas Halleran has signed on for next season.
  2. A View From The Terrace.

    Thank you very much for the comments and feedback about the show over the last few weeks - it's great to read it's struck a chord with supporters and we're delighted with how it's been received so far. We're still learning as we go and trying to make each episode better than the last. Working on the show has been the best fun I've ever had in my life and I'm delighted to have the chance to continue up until the Scottish Cup final. We hope you keep on watching until then!
  3. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    It's not been confirmed that Greg Hurst has signed on, but he'd be a definite priority - he's really been excellent since he joined the club in January. I imagine Mark McGuigan will be relatively well paid, more so after the season he's having, and I'm sure it's been mentioned elsewhere on this thread but one of the sweeteners when he first joined the club in 2017 was the free use of the Ochilview pitch for his striker coaching. I think he quite likes playing for Stenhousemuir - the past two seasons have been the best of his career, certainly in terms of goals alone, the system we play is designed to get the best out of him, and he's adored by the supporters. I'm not naive enough to imagine Stenny has some kind of emotional pull on him but, at his age, there are a lot of factors to consider. I recorded a podcast with Grant Anderson last May and he spoke about how "football has to work for [him]" in relation to how it fits around his work commitments and family. He said when he was younger he went the extra mile to accommodate football in his life but now that he's older, it's the other way round, and playing for Stranraer suits him. That might well be the case with McGuigan and Stenny.
  4. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    I don't know about Greg Hurst but David Marsh has been signed up on a two-year deal. And why not!
  5. Keep/punt/undecided

    I'm making this mark list on the proviso we're still in League 1 next season, alright. Signed on for next season Graeme Smith - probably the best goalie we've had at the club since Greg Fleming. There have been one or two shaky moments this season but, on the whole, he's saved us on numerous occasions and is probably a decent shout for our Player of the Year. Andy Munro - it's not exaggerating to say he's probably been the most important January signing since Eric Paton in 2011. A hard player, a good organiser and communicator, he's marshalled the defence well and brought a new-found solidity to our backline. I'm delighted he's signed up for next term. Kieron Gibbons - Gibbons was signed on a two-year contract from East Kilbride in the summer but it's fair to say he hasn't made all that much of an impact. A red card against Brechin City on the opening day of the season set the tone and I don't think the manager or the supporters have ever really trusted him since. Mark McGuigan - the best of all time. I still can't quite believe the big man's staying on until 2021! Keep David Marsh - Marsh has proven himself to be a very useful player since returning to the club from Cowdenbeath. He is 100 per cent meat and potatoes but we look far more solid with him in the team. Morgyn Neill - Neill has played well in fits and starts but he's looked a lot more capable alongside Andy Munro. I'm not completely sold on him but I believe there's a good defender in there; they're hard to come across so I'd want him around next term. Ruaridh Donaldson - Donaldson started the season well, fell away and lost his place in the team, but regained it and has performed very decently over the last few weeks. I thought he might be looking to play at a bigger club than Stenhousemuir next term but another season at Ochilview might serve him well. Alan Cook - one of the most frustrating players I've seen at the Warriors but when he's on form he's tremendous. Cook offers great drive down the left and can occasionally whip in world-class crosses - I just wish he'd do it more often! That's why he's in League 1 and not in the Champions League. Greg Hurst - what a signing he's been! Hurst offers us something different in attack and he's already formed a formidable partnership with Mark McGuigan. I like him a lot and hope we can convince him to stay on for next season. Punt Lewis McMinn - the reserve goalkeeper hasn't really been called upon during his time at the club but he hasn't looked too clever when he has. He was really poo in the 4-1 defeat to Arbroath in January and I wouldn't really feel comfortable seeing him in goal again in the future. Mark Ferry - "Punt" is far too harsh when discussing Ferry - he's been a really good player for us over the past two years - but I think a third season might be too far. He's slow and a little immobile and his short passing, the strongest facet of his game, has looked a little wayward of late. Ryan Watters - signed as back up to Mark McGuigan and Greg Hurst and never likely to be anything more. Undecided Alan Reid - a player who looked rubbish over the first half of the season but has quietly developed into a good presence at right-back. He might have done enough to convince the manager he's worth keeping on for 2019/20. I don't know. Thomas Halleran - a very tidy player with a good range of passing and good dead-ball delivery, he's a little lightweight for the rough and tumble of League 1; he still looks like he's 11 years old. Sean Dickson - a fine player for Stenhousemuir during his first spell at the club but I don't think it's really worked out this time around. I don't think the manager knows what his best position is or exactly where he fits into the starting XI. Conner Duthie - probably one of the most skilful players at the club, who can dazzle with his mazy runs, but he lets himself down by running into cul-de-sacs or with a poor final ball. Worth persevering with, right enough. Loan players Conor McBrearty (St Mirren) - he isn't much of a centre-back but he's been very effective as a destructive midfielder. Energetic, tenacious, someone who gets wired in, McBrearty has been great over the last few months. He might not be what St Mirren are looking for but we could certainly do with him going forward. Russell Dingwall (Ross County) - I'm not quite sure what he brings to the team or how he's better than the likes of Sean Dickson or Thomas Halleran. Red carded against Brechin City a couple of weeks ago and I've been suspicious of him ever since. Seb Ross (Aberdeen) - highly rated by his parent club, apparently, I haven't really seen enough of Ross to suggest he's capable of making it at the Dons. He's been out for a long spell with injury but other than a well-taken goal in a win over Dumbarton, he hasn't really done a lot.
  6. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    I see Cameron Breadner is playing for St Mirren's reserve side today - does this mean we're likely to see him back at Ochilview at some point soon?
  7. Keep/punt/undecided

    Dunfermline Athletic's side of 2014/15 are the worst part-time side I've ever seen. They brought in guys like Gregor Buchanan, Andy Stirling and Michael Moffat and looked like they had a group of players who would win the division but instead they finished in seventh place. At least this Rovers side are pushing for promotion, that Pars side were horrendous.
  8. How on earth could you possibly tell?
  9. Not a classic match by any means but one we probably deserved to win based on the opening five minutes alone. We could have been two up before Mark McGuigan sclaffed in his goal (and if David Hutton hadn't given up, he could have saved it, such a poor effort it was). As I wrote in this thread's opening post, the partnership between McGuigan and Greg Hurst has been excellent and it's good to see it paying dividends again. Not much happened after that. Airdrieonians passed up some very presentable chances, most notably when Alan Reid's bad clearance was hit straight to Leighton McIntosh, but they didn't take them. In the second half, I was worried when the referee and linesman were in consultation following McGuigan's goal-line clearance but relieved to see play waved on. Results elsewhere were disappointing (Raith Rovers can really get lost for the second week running) but over the last few weeks, we've seen this Stenhousemuir side are pretty handy and I fancy them to avoid finishing in 10th place. Three wins over Airdrie this season - again!
  10. Mid table mediocre Pars vs Falling oot the bottom Bairns

    That was some game. Rangers celebrated Armed Forces Day that afternoon, and at half time a bunch of pissed-up squaddies wandered around the pitch, waving at the daft marks in the stands, before piling into the Blue Order for a giant sash bash. Bilel Mohsni scored an overhead kick in injury time to make it eight.
  11. Set your Sky+ boxes to stun - it's the biggest game of the division this weekend and it's live on BBC Alba at 5:15pm! What this means for the crowd, I don't know, but it should be a decent match all the same. We've got a solid record against Airdrie this season (again!) with two wins out of three, and I hope we take the three points again tomorrow. Airdrie have hit a decent run of form over the last few weeks but I think we have the wherewithal to give them problems, particularly in attack where Mark McGuigan and Greg Hurst have formed a sound understanding. Providing the latter isn't injured (he went off at the wekeend), I'll go with the same XI that should have beaten Raith Rovers: - McGuigan - Hurst - - Donaldson - McBrearty - Ferry - Dingwall - Reid - - Neill - Munro - Marsh - - Smith - As long as we cut out the nonsense at the back, we have a good chance of winning. The goal we lost against Raith Rovers was incredible and it turned three points into one. The same outcome against the Diamonds is no good to us, not at this stage of the season, and we really have to go for it. I think we will.
  12. Stenhousemuir v Raith Rovers

    You're bang on, it's actually a brilliant headed pass to put Hurst in on goal. That Rovers equaliser, my word. What a goal to lose.
  13. Stenhousemuir v Raith Rovers

    In the Wee Bar before the game, I said I'd be delighted to have picked up a point but my goodness, that was a sore one to take. Losing a 93rd-minute equaliser is always going to be horrendous but the goal was such a calamity, especially how steadfast we'd been prior. I hope we don't look back at this, the draw at East Fife and the 2-2 stalemate with Dumbarton back in December, three games in which we conceded last-minute equalisers, as definitive moments in the season. I thought we were the better team for long spells, particularly in the first half and the midpoint of the second when we scored our goal. Our 3-5-2 got the better of Raith Rovers' 4-4-1-1 - Mark McGuigan beat David McKay to every ball and with Greg Hurst buzzing around off him, moving from flank to flank, we really seemed to cause them bother. We had more bodies in the middle of the park, with Connor McBrearty snapping around, and our three-man defence meant that any time Kevin Nisbet did get a break of the ball, someone would be there to clean up. The goal was great, with Ruaridh Donaldson's long clearing header suddenly putting Stenny in a two-on-one situation - Hurst clipped the ball to McGuigan to deftly lift it over Robbie Thomson and into the net. As others have mentioned, Hurst's substitution saw us lose some of our energy up front and McGuigan became a little isolated as the team dropped deeper. Was he injured? If not, it didn't make sense to take him off as he'd been fantastic. Regardless, I couldn't really see us conceding. The Rovers had got in behind a couple of times but I don't remember Graeme Smith have a serious save to make. Then, all of a sudden, Morgyn Neill slices a clearance high into the air, spinning towards goal, sending the goalie backtracking... Smith did well to keep it out but he punched it straight to Liam Buchanan to finish from six yards. Christ. Our next three games are doable before the ultimate showdown at Brechin City on the final day of the season but we can't keep chucking away points like this.
  14. Stenhousemuir v Raith Rovers

    Best Stenny goal I've ever seen, frankly.
  15. League One Highlights 2018/19

    Someone liquidise the Dumbarton defending for Connor McBrearty's goal and inject it right into my goddamn veins!