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  1. Can see us trying out a 4-3-3 next season. Chris Kane sitting in front of the defence, Callum Tapping and Ryan Blair doing things further forward, Botti Biabi and David Hopkirk wide forwards and Greig Spence, Tommy Muir and Mark McGuigan battling it out for the number 9 position!
  2. Here's how the team is shaping up for the new season: Goalkeepers Graeme Smith Defenders Creag Little (signed from Queen's Park) Andy Munro Jonathan Tiffoney Midfielders Ryan Blair Thomas Halleran Chris Kane (signed from Edinburgh City) Callum Tapping (signed from Forfar Athletic) Forwards Botti Biabi David Hopkirk Mark McGuigan Tommy Muir (signed from Annan Athletic) Greig Spence Ryan Watters Another defender and two or three more strikers and we should be good to go.
  3. Callum Tapping has joined the club from Forfar Athletic. This could be an interesting piece of business - there's no doubt Tapping is a tremendous footballer but he's had some terrible luck with injuries. I reckon every supporter will have said this whenever he signs for their club. I hope he does well.
  4. Judging by the manager's comments on the website, I think Chris Kane has been earmarked for that destructive midfield role going forward.
  5. I'm not sure what kind of footballer Conor McBrearty actually is - he's fit as a fiddle and he'll bomb around the park all day long, but is he any good? He's too chaotic to be a central defender and he's not good enough on the ball to be a central midfielder. His second loan spell was pretty inconsequential and I don't think he added much to the team but who could forget those two goals against Falkirk? A living legend!
  6. Nothing has been confirmed yet but it could be mid-October, when the jobber leagues are up and running. I haven't seen Craig Fowler or Joel Sked since mid-March but I understand they're both alive and well. They're alive, anyway.
  7. Not fantastic, to be honest. Marky Munro played a handful of games over the first third of the season before succumbing to injury. He's quite a versatile player and can operate at full-back, the middle of the park and the right-hand side of midfield, and he can put himself about a bit, but I didn't really see anything from him to suggest he'll make it in SPFL, let alone St Johnstone (although I'm happy to be proven wrong).
  8. Callum Moore was one of the few positives of a thoroughly mediocre season but, even then, he didn't particularly stand out or deliver an earth-shattering performance during his short spell at the club. We played him on the right-hand side of midfield, a position I don't necessarily played to his strengths, but his fitness and his tenacity saw him do well enough. He's a tidy passer of the ball and he's prepared to get stuck in but I think he'll need a bit more about him to make a go of it in the Championship.
  9. Scott Booth released Nicky Devlin for "not being confident enough" - he subsequently went on to captain Ayr United, play in the English lower leagues and join Livingston in the Premiership. Robbie Duncan, who he preferred ahead of him, meanwhile... any ideas? Scott Booth was a terrible manager. What a laugh that all was.
  10. Not sure what point you're trying to make here - are you saying Stenhousemuir made a mistake in releasing Salim Kouider-Aissa in 2014? I don't remember anyone making an issue of it at the time and I'd say the management made the right decision. He looked miles off it during his time at Ochilview and his failure to make a subsequent impact at Queen of the South and then Stirling Albion probably suggested he wasn't good enough for the SPFL. The player deserves enormous credit for the steps he's taken since then, dropping down to amateur level and then second-tier junior football before winning his move to Queen's Park last summer. I thought he was the best striker in the division last season and he looked a thousand times the player we had six years ago. I hope he's a big success at Livingston. I think we made a mistake releasing Nicky Devlin, which was proved immediately when he signed for Ayr United, but not in the case of Kouider-Aissa.
  11. Fair play to Salim Kouider-Aissa on winning his move to Livingston. I thought he was tremendous last season and deserved a move to a higher level, but I didn't think he'd go all the way to the Premiership. I hope he's a big success there.
  12. Sean Burns was with us for a couple of games in the latter half of last season and wasn't very good. We'd been struggling at left-back all season and I was pleased when we brought him in from Forfar Athletic but he didn't really make us any better. His performance in the 3-0 home defeat to Cove Rangers was poor and I wasn't surprised we let him go last month. I think his disappointing spell at Ochilview might have been something of an anomaly because he's been generally okay everywhere else.
  13. We have signed Chris Kane from Edinburgh City. He's not a player who's ever really stuck out but going by Davie Irons' comments on the website, he's going to anchor the middle of the park and give the better players the insurance to get forward and attack.
  14. Were the two strikers Craig Malcolm and Jamie Longworth?
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