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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Bobby Barr is very good on the latest episode of Lower-League Ramblings with Danny Denholm. I'd encourage all the good "Sons" to give it a whirl!
  2. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    It was! Make sure you're watching the new BBC Scotland channel at 11pm on Friday 1 March.
  3. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    That's a pain in the arse, he looked really handy during his 30 minutes against Montrose.
  4. Stenny v Mo

    I'm keen to see your working.
  5. Stranraer v Dumbarton

    Let's all hope this match is a horrendous 0-0 draw that sucks the hope and belief of both sets of supporters. Dumbarton Football Club, bottom of League 1 with a third of the season left to go. Who could have imagined it!
  6. Stenny v Mo

    Whereabouts did you get this figure from?
  7. Stenny v Mo

    Here's yesterday's winning goal. My description was way off!
  8. Stenny v Mo

    Absolutely - I thought Alan Reid had another good game at right-back. He's turned in some handy performances over the last few weeks. He doesn't offer a lot going forward but he's defended well, so fair play to him.
  9. Stenny v Mo

    I think a draw would probably have been the fairest outcome but, as the old adage goes, if you don't take your chances, you don't score and today was a bit of ordeal for young Russell McLean. The striker passed up three very presentable chances in quick succession and should probably have won his side the match. But he didn't, Graeme Smith kept him out, and Stenhousemuir moved off the bottom of the table courtesy of Greg Hurst's first goal for the club. And what a good goal it was! Alan Cook's searching pass was controlled by Mark "Mr Goals" McGuigan, who sent a smashing reverse ball into the debutant's stride and his finish was hard and low underneath Allan Fleming. Lovely stuff. The first half was just terrible. Stenhousemuir had a spell of pressure and Montrose had a spell of pressure but other than a long-range effort from Cook that sailed wide of the post, nothing happened. The second half was a bit better - Cook should have scored when McGuigan teed him up but he inexplicably decided to check back onto his left foot and his shot was well blocked, and McLean should have scored for Montrose - but it was all a bit samey. You can't play long-ball football against defenders like Sean Dillon, Andy Munro, David Marsh or Michael Bolochoweckyj because it's meat and drink for them. When we tried something different, it paid off. We could have added to our goal immediately after when McGuigan's header bounced off the top of the crossbar. Cook should have been sent off when he dived into Graham Webster - it looked like a terrible tackle from my vantage point - and I was surprised it only merited a caution. There was some clamour for Paddy Cregg to get sent off for booting Connor McBrearty late on but a yellow card was the right call. All in all, a very good day. We're off the bottom of the table for the first time in months, we've kept two clean sheets in our last two matches (Munro has been an excellent addition) and we now seem a bit more capable going forward. Hurst took his goal well and Cameron Breadner, making his debut, looked the part with a couple of adventurous runs down the wing and a decent effort from distance. He'll be an asset. Have a world-class weekend!
  10. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    Me too! I don't understand why "Alessandro" has to be so unpleasant to other people online, it is most unbecoming. Anyway, we signed young Cameron Breadner on loan from St Mirren until the end of the season. He's a winger, a position we've needed to add depth to, so that's something. He also scored this fine goal too:
  11. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    Not the worst transfer window in the world but not the best either. We strengthened our defence with the arrivals of Andy Munro and David Marsh (although it's quite funny that Marsh couldn't get a game for us in League 2 last season and now he's going straight into the starting XI) and we moved on Jesus Garcia Tena, who, God love him, was pretty rubbish. I thought we could have done with cover at right-back but credit to Alan Reid, he's been pretty handy in the last few games against Aberdeen and Airdrieonians, so there may be hope there yet. I'm looking forward to seeing what Greg Hurst can do up front. Other than Mark "Mr Goals" McGuigan, we haven't had much luck with strikers over the last two seasons so I hope he can make a contribution. We're still stodgy looking in the middle of the park - there isn't a lot of creativity there - and we could have added cover on the wings too but we're probably in a better position than we were this time last month.
  12. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    Is Jesus Garcia Tena one of our worst signings of the last five years? Yes, probably.
  13. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    Not just fallen out of favour but left the club entirely:
  14. Aberdeen FC vs Stenhousemuir FC, Scottish Cup Revenge

    Last night was a bit of a pounding but I think we can look back on our efforts across the two games with pride. We had a small, depleted squad of players and everyone can emerge with credit (although Ruaridh Donaldson won't want to watch back that own goal - probably one of the wildest I've ever seen). This might sound a bit daft but other than the four goals and the stramash towards the end of the match, I don't think Aberdeen had any major attacks, certainly as the game went on. Whether that's down to us holding them at arm's length or the Dons being ultra ruthless, I don't know; it was probably more of the latter. I see comments above saying we went "toe to toe with Aberdeen" but I don't think this was the case. They put us on the back foot almost immediately and there were long periods where we didn't see the ball, with the defenders passing it amongst themselves on the halfway line. The first goal was a poor one to concede with the Aberdeen winger (I forget his name) waltzing into the penalty box through an endless series of desperate tackles before teeing up Niall McGinn to finish. It was like playing Fifa when the opposition player has given up and stopped trying to properly control their team. The second, Sam Cosgrove's penalty, could have been avoided but if Graeme Smith hadn't come off his line to block the shot it probably would have ended up in the back of the net anyway. The third, a good finish from Greg Stewart, must be applauded. The second half was a bit of a non-event. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when Mark Ferry almost scored from 25 yards, leathering a shot into the top corner only to see Joe Lewis inexplicably touch it away. It was good to see Andy Munro scoring with a brilliant header - he's been a good signing for the team so far. For an infinitesimal moment I thought we might make a game of it but Aberdeen took control again, Donaldson scored a wacky own goal and Smith made three superb saves in quick succession. I don't think Stenhousemuir will learn much from the game but I hope we can show the same dig and desire over the rest of the season. Injuries are really beginning to pile up - we didn't make any substitutions last night and I don't think we could have done anyway. Fair play to Colin McMenamin for naming himself on the bench despite retiring a fortnight ago. Stranraer await on Saturday and it's more important we take something from that match. Fair play to everyone who attended the game last night, Ochilview can be a brilliant place to be when it's packed out like that.
  15. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    Disc Potato's report on Greg Hurst doesn't fill me with confidence but let's take a look at him and see how he gets on. It's a bit puzzling we've now signed two forwards who featured for the two worst sides in the SPFL this season (Ryan Watters being the other one) but who knows, they might be alright. Other than Mark McGuigan, we haven't had a lot of luck with strikers this term.