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  1. A View from the Terrace will return to your screens at the end of the month, all things being well. And thank goodness! It's the only thing I've got to look forward to in "these unprecedented times".
  2. Marky Munro made 12 appearances for Stenhousemuir last season, more than double the number of times I thought he played. He featured regularly enough in the early stages of the campaign but was injured in late autumn and we only saw him the once in 2020. He can play in the middle of the park, wide right and at right-back. Munro didn't make much of an impression on me - while he's tidy enough on the ball and can put himself about, he's quite a slight boy and has no real stand-out attributes. I'm surprised to see him joining a team in League 1, to be honest. I don't think he's quite got what it takes to make it in the SPFL although I'm happy to be proven wrong! I hope he does you a good turn.
  3. That's fair enough. I was more thinking about players like Mikey Doyle and Grant Gillespie in that regard. Now are you finally going to explain to us what George Galloway was doing at Palmerston or what?
  4. I think it might have been the manner in which the BBC Scotland commentary team and pundits talked up this Queen's Park side like they're the new third force in Scottish football that rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way last night. It might have been James McFadden who described the team as "Championship-ready", while the most animated Michael Stewart got all evening was when Jai Quitongo hit the crossbar. Queen of the South, who were very good in the second half, seemed to be an afterthought. I said it before but I think this group of players (and possibly the manager too) are a means to an end. They're good enough to win the League 2 title, but what else beyond that? How many of them would supporters want to see kept on beyond the summer? How many of them would get full-time contracts elsewhere in Scotland? Not many, I'd wager. Given the transformation Queen's Park have gone through over the last 12 months and where they are compared to everyone else in this division, this kind of scrutiny is something everyone associated with the club will have to get used to.
  5. You have to say fair play to Queen of the South, they were probably the worst team in the country this season, pound for pound, but they've been very impressive in recent weeks, from the win over Raith Rovers onward. I bought a stream for that match expecting to have a big laugh at their performance but they were organised and committed and deserved their victory. They looked good against Ayr United and they've been streets ahead of Queen's Park tonight, the second half especially.
  6. Connor Shields has been tremendous this evening. That was a lovely finish.
  7. I suppose the fascination with this Queen's Park side is the fact they've recently changed from a part-time amateur club to a side with aspirations of playing in the Championship but the commentators and pundits tonight are talking them up like they're the third force in Scottish football and a fairytale, for some reason. This team of players are too good for League 2 and they'll win the division comfortably but they're also a bottom-of-the-barrel gang of jobbers who probably wouldn't play full-time football elsewhere. Other than Jai Quitongo and Simon Murray, I can't imagine even the likes of Falkirk and Partick Thistle would be interested in any of their players. They'll be good for Queen's Park in the short term and help take them where they want to go but let's not kid ourselves here! This is a promotion-chasing League 1 side we're watching losing to a poor Championship team who appear to be getting their act together over the past few weeks.
  8. It's a good question, because all of our forwards can do something different but given Davie Irons' predilection for a 4-3-3 formation, I think his preferred players are Botti Biabi on the left, David Hopkirk on the right and Tam Muir through the middle. That, of course, leaves Mark McGuigan (beloved), Greig Spence (underwhelming), Tam Collins (who's just been interviewed saying the only reason he's here is because he'll play) and Cammy Graham (a back-up who's probably featured more than anyone expected so far). Seven into three just doesn't go!
  9. This is quite a decent interview with Tam Collins, he talks well and I like the cut of his jib.
  10. Even so, how on earth are we going to accommodate so many forwards into the team? Sadly, I think this could spell the end of Mark McGuigan's time at the club. I certainly hope not, I absolutely love him.
  11. Thomas Collins has indeed signed on loan from East Fife. I hope he can offer us something different but it is a signing that doesn't make any sense to me - unless we're intent on shipping out a forward!
  12. Very pleased to hear Adam McCracken has regained consciousness - I don't think I've seen a player sparked out for as long as that before. It looked as though he clattered into big Creag Little when the pair both went for a bouncing ball. I hope he makes a full recovery and is back to his best soon. Even despite the fact the pitch was freezing up, it probably should have been abandoned anyway. I don't know how a player could continue after seeing his team-mate like that. There's no real point in analysing the match but I thought it was a really entertaining encounter with both sides playing well. Some of Ryan Blair's passing was just lovely.
  13. Jonathan Tiffoney scored a 35-yard screamer at the weekend and the camera somehow missed it! It was facing the opposite direction. It's also quite difficult to get invested in the game, the Pixellot camera is quite disembodied from the action on the pitch and it can be hard to identify who's doing what. I've been lucky enough to attend the games in person but I reckon some of our fans won't have a clue who the likes of Josh Grigor or Paul Brown are, for instance.
  14. Our chairman has written up his end-of-year review and there are some interesting comments about the current streaming services. It looks as though we're inviting someone to control the camera manually, which should stop it from missing goals and hopefully lead to a more engaging experience going forward.
  15. Tam Collins would be a fine signing and add some much-needed depth to our striking options.
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