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  1. You can scrub Petershill v Port Glasgow from Wednesday's list. Why is that ?? If the games off would it not be good to let us at port glasgow know about this ? Especially as its the same week the games start and we need to now try and rearange stuff ??
  2. Hi due to a few factors, Port Glasgow now require opposition for games on Sat 13th away if possible, and Wed 17th July at our park. If any teams are interested in these dates could u PM me on here thanks.
  3. Right mate ive bit ma tounge here right what happened happened and its done and will be sorted out by relivent authorities n ats it but your attempt at petty point scoring talking utter shite about a man who i have no doubt u kno of his personal circumstances is bang out of order and you can take your pish back to your own wee PA15 town ya cretin too many clowns with to much to say hiding behind user names on here !! Why where u not watching the team from PA15 yday anyway ?? Your own teams at home but u prefer to spend your giro to come up watch us and shit stir haha well played
  4. Cracking footballer, a real goal threat from midfield and can change a game in a flash, you'se have got yourselfs a cracker because there was alot of clubs after him over last 2 years.
  5. Cumnock signed a 20 a season left midfielder top player, he'll be a standout for them next year.
  6. All the best to Ronnie great lad and top player also been a great servant to the ants over the years. Happy retirement Jamesy canny see u staying to far away from it tho haha ðŸ‘ðŸ¼
  7. Heard you'se have signed a new gk, and hes an absolute cracker at that should be back playing senior but hes only a young boy and im sure he will be back at that level soon, great signing for Arthurlie
  8. Heard a wee story that beith are interested in the big guy boyd from winton rovers
  9. Not sure mate i jst hit the links on here and used to be able to watch no problems atall now it jst comes up a blank page.
  10. Good luck to muddie at blantyre, top guy and im sure he'll do well
  11. Any idea why i cant watch some highlights from my phone anymore when i used to be able to jst fine ? I cant watch any of lokforevers atall any help would be appreciated.
  12. Can anyone tell me why i cant watch certain highlights on my phone anymore ? Something has happened when my phone updated i think, now i constantly get logged out of p&b altogether and as i said cant watch certain videos. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Im having same problem on my iphone, i did an update and now i need to login constantly its annoying. Any help would be much appreciated im naw very good with all this technology hahah thanks in advance.
  14. Great player would be a massive signing ... Obviously already played at largs under different management but im sure also played at talbot with the current management
  15. Grant Hay Maryhill best goaly sorry joint best goally ive ever seen the other 1 is now retired stevie connick so in my eys hes the best should be playing much higher has everything top class
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