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  1. Looks like his story has disappeared again.....
  2. Those Surridge strips were quite nice in retrospect. That's a great interview with Geggan. I know its 1 manager & 2 players, but feeling positive already.
  3. The Hosie family line is quite the bit of spin. The cynic in me says of Priorities A-F, the only ones that will remain are 50% of D, and 100% of E. B will be the excuse that leads to D & E.
  4. Goff’s contract basically cost picks in itself. I liked Goff, but so frustrating. I think he was 2nd highest in wins since 2017, but also highest interceptions for the same period.
  5. This Jones persistence makes me think I don't really know much about football.
  6. Samp have went from Joma to Macron. Not sure if there is a sponsor yet.
  7. Has anyone bought a retro shirt from that Dunnottar site? If so, any issues before I purchase?
  8. Theres a promo video of Kupp & Woods wearing them doing lockdown stuff, and Woods has the all blue one on - Now makes me think its the home one. Don't know if the league allows it, but I think the away one would be nicer if they could have the white horns on the helmet.
  9. Also very confusing, is the middle one the home uniform, or the left? Also, the bone grey is apparently to represent the Los Angeles sand......Deary me. It looks like a vikings uniform in that picture. Probably still buy a hat though.
  10. If you buy a Bialetti Brikka, it makes the crema. More expensive than the Moka though
  11. I hate it. There are fan designs on twitter that are so much better. hopefully they don't mess up the uniforms....
  12. Dick Jackson in the dugout at Tynecastle
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