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  1. Loved the Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace quote on the board this week....
  2. Cannot wait. Even the piano is awesome.
  3. This was on twitter recently, apparently it’s 89/90, a 5-1 home defeat to Berwick.
  4. This. At what point do managers start taking the job for a quick megabucks payout?
  5. Only just realised that itv3 shows classic episodes at 6am. Simpler & happier times.
  6. She then followed it up. She’s had a nightmare.
  7. I like the Barry Robson shout, i’ve also heard that Kevin Thomson has a good coaching attributes. Other than that, a Flannery / Mooney dream team.
  8. My personal favourite was the fellow who swaggered past the home crowd, eyeballing pensioners and generally getting laughed at before being punted out. I’m sure his social media story of his day out will embellish it slightly.
  9. Eleven Sports take the rights from BT. I liked BT’s coverage, shame.
  10. Samp bringing some old school collar, shame it will end up with a sponsor.....
  11. Special shout out goes to your man Div for his man child tweet yesterday.
  12. “Something is inside this clubs bones, like elephant tusk and volcanic stone” That’s phenomenal.
  13. The iplayer radio has the on the hour episodes up just now if anyone hasn't heard them.....
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