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  1. A lot of work been done on the park, the ducting and the chambers for the floodlights got delivered today, onwards and upwards eppp
  2. Its because of p***ks like them that i will need to wait a while longer before i get to see my family and get back to a normal life, sitting there enjoying their wee bottle of beer no a care in the world no better than the other yobs roaming the streets, and for the club to sit back and allow it to happen just shows they think they are better than everyone else, and before anybody says it,,, aye im raging,,,, p***ks
  3. Seriously, give it up. It's boring now. Do as your told Andy pmsl
  4. RIP Frannie a true gentleman of the game
  5. I cant believe so many people have taken the bait, a really good fishing trip by the o p 🎣
  6. Its all about opinions i just dont think the boy was strong enough
  7. These pictures prove nothing, why dont yous just admit your keeper had a nightmare
  8. Because thats where all the shite your smelling is coming from
  9. A wee question how did the Broughty keeper stay on the park when he lifted the ball outside his box, the ref gave the freekick but no as much as a warning i couldnt understand it
  10. Took in this game today it was played on a park that was unplayable, Darvel were fortunate to go in 2 up at halftime then never came out for the second half Broughty deserved the draw at the very least
  11. Why does everybody keep saying if it was a so called smaller club it wouldnt happen, it did happen to a so called smaller club last season Cambuslang Rangers did the exact same thing against Talbot and no a word mentioned on here about it, so maybe read some earlier posts before spouting the same old pish over and over.
  12. Who the feck dug this cnut up
  13. Hope you are of the same opinion when it's announced that the game will now be played at a neutral venue behind closed doors. No fans, that will just be like a normal game for yous
  14. Wrong, it was an italian trialist we had over he did alright but he didnt have the right sick line
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