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  1. Is this game at guys meadow
  2. Do yous want a loan of a couple to get yous out the mire that Burns got yous into
  3. Me, no im only kidding i dont care who goes down as long as it dosent affect my club
  4. Semple had the ball in his hands he didny need to lift his knee the way he did i was in the perfect position to see it, the pollok keeper was unlucky the cumnock striker got to the ball before him and the ball hit his hand rules are he had to go aswell
  5. What game were you watching Semple is an idiot, the pollok keeper was unlucky but he had to go
  6. Why was the game not switched we still have to play each other twice anyway
  7. I dont know where you saw the 30 mins domination, yous were on top for 10 mins until yous equalised then we upped the gears and went on to win comfortably
  8. The fixtures are out and i hope they stay the same, cant please everyone theres always going to be someone huffed
  9. Im really looking forward to our games under the lights i love midweek football, keep up the good work Kennie
  10. The team has picked its self for a while now, you couldny change it just for the sake of it with the run the boys were on
  11. I dont think geo87 is a Talbot fan lol 😀
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