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  1. Best of luck to big sean wherever he ends up , one of footballs good guys on and off the park i for one am sad to see the big fella go.
  2. A wee while back some cretins from a home in the village caused damage at beechwood, i posted it on facebook urging the people of Auchinleck to do something about it as the police had no control over them, what happened next was their social workers contacted the police who turned up at my work as they wanted me charged, luckily it all blew over and the vandalism stopped apart from a few local yobs tanning the pie hut.
  3. Hope the boy who got the head injury is ok it looked a sore one
  4. Do you think we should just play the same eleven every week and leave the other boys to sit and fester on the bench, they are all good enough and after a long hard slog you have to use your whole squad.
  5. Townheads not yours anymore it belongs to the enterprise, Ayr utd u21s have more say in there than yous
  6. Didnt show on the highlights but he did have a fly kick, if you listen to it you hear the lino being questioned on it
  7. Maybe if the 2 cretins on the social club side of the park with the grey clydebank jackets on were not claiming Talbot to be just a wee junior team while their club had reached THEEE scottish cup semi final as they called it then maybe all the airdrie stuff would never have started, if you give it out then you must be prepared to take some back, as for vezza he could of walked for kicking out at the wee tussle at the first penalty.
  8. One more than them would do me nicely #eekapeeka
  9. A great big well done to Arnie and the largs boys see yous on the 2nd of june #eekapeeka
  10. It was defo a pen, it looks on your status as if you are saying samson was offside at the pen , i agree gee was offside for the first goal
  11. He was clearly onside look at the left back he plays him on and it was a pen
  12. I was behind the goals it was a stonewaller even the goalie admitted it
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