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  1. That might be a bit harsh. We don't know how many players turned us down as they don't want to play in the Third Division and how many turned us down because we're a basket case of a club.
  2. Watching women’s football reminds me of when I was learning the controls for FIFA.
  3. Have you considered sending some of these guys on a training course to learn how to play football?
  4. That's the p***k that says L1 and L2 clubs shouldn't get a say in Colt teams.
  5. You need the Chlamydia Kid I was bragging about how good the garden was looking last spring to some pals and never noticed the funny looks my wife was giving me, Wasn't until we were driving home she said "It's Clematis you clown, it's a wonderful display of Clematis all over the fence. Not Chlamydia"
  6. Hopefully we'd see not all supporters are like the small-minded morons at the bigot sisters.
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