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  1. 1 hr waiting for baggage last night. Despite paying £50 an hour overtime, only 2 baggage handlers on duty and they were on the other side of the airport. Amsterdam flight had already been waiting an hour when we arrived.
  2. More about the Amnesty report that Field Marshall VT drooled over - https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/08/13/amnesty-ukraine-civilians-at-risk-why-i-quit/
  3. The Moulin Rouge in Paris. Wow! Spectacular. I worked in theatre for years, both backstage and as a house manager. I've seen great actors, great musicals, great dance acts from the Fringe to London's West End but nothing, nothing compares to the show I saw tonight. OK, I paid a lot for the tickets but the staff were exceptional from start to finish, really treating us as VIP's throughout and the show itself - wow - magnifique! I urge everyone visiting Paris to see the show at the Moulin Rouge. Fabulous night and there's titties!
  4. Is the USA version the colouring in one?
  5. Raining in Paris just now, the kind of summer rain girls in flimsy dresses go out to dance in. I hope
  6. Walking in Paris yesterday and it struck me that there are far more c***s on the pavement. Can you imagine what the roads would be like if these c***s drove like they walked? Wandering all over the road at random, suddenly stopping on the motorway for no reason etc?
  7. 1hr after landing at CDG, still waiting on my wife's wheelchair being brought to the plane.
  8. The flame of a candle smells like burnt nostril hair.
  9. "Saw a skull implode once. Great days"
  10. Talking of Poland, did anyone notice them buying 1000 tanks, 48 4th gen fighters and nearly 700 howitzers from South Korea the other day?
  11. How will I cope without four days of junk mail?
  12. Russian tourists causing traffic jams as they try to get out of Crimea
  13. Incidentally, did anyone notice the English media reporting that Australia were the top country at the Commonwealth games? No, me neither
  14. What you going to do about it? Send a STRONGLY WORDED email to Putin?
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