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  1. A setback for Ukraine and Detournement's all over it like a tramp on chips.
  2. Build it by Stirling, easy for everyone to get to.
  3. My slattern of a daughter in law put plastic grass in her garden 3 years ago. The clatty cow has never cleaned it and the stink is awful.
  4. Has any P&Ber eaten live monkey brains?
  5. Dunfermline City Ha Ha Ha Athletic Football Club.
  6. Reading that virtually the entire US fleet of military supply ships is at sea in the Atlantic heading for Europe. Far more than just huge amounts of equipment for Ukraine, they're building up US forces in Europe.
  7. There would have been whole stadiums worth in Glasgow.
  8. Isn't that the name for the old RSAMD? If so, it's students, probably pished.
  9. Unless it's caused by monkey spanking...
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