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  1. Those lanes aren't wide enough for a car.
  2. Yeah nobody knows what that means, mate. Ukrainian for FTOF
  3. Aye, common to see folk going right around them in the outside lane at full pelt.
  4. The 60,000th Russian soldier to die will be killed today.
  5. Same situation as late as 82. IIRC arithmetic was the practical day to day application of maths.
  6. Trying to work out if you're at it or just thick. Tough call.
  7. I've discovered folk in Inverness have a very avant garde approach to roundabouts and lane discipline on them. Also the road up by the BBC is so covered by lines and cycle lanes it ends up giving the impression it's single track and cars veer around trying to avoid head on collisions.
  8. For most of WWII, the Soviets had little or no aluminium production. Between 1941-43 they had absolutely none until they managed to get one plant running (their 3 main sites were dismantled and moved East of the Urals to stop the Germans getting them). Aluminium is essential for aircraft production hence the huge number of planes sent to them by the West. The US also supplied over 300,000 tons of aluminium directly. Without Western support, the Soviets would have had virtually no air force at all. Western support was key to the Soviet victory. In essence, the West supplied the kit, the Soviets supplied the manpower. This time around, the Ukrainians are supplying the manpower and the West are supplying the kit.
  9. Does this mean we're not getting a right back then?
  10. He has to wait for his handler's instructions
  11. US Interest Rates - 3.25% EU Interest Rates - 1.25% UK Interest Rates - 2.25% (was 1.75% last week) Japan Interest Rates - minus 0.1% Guess where investors want to put their money?
  12. Hey Sarge, you and old Granny Danger could get a gig with Putin's glorious army
  13. There was analysis of this done on the use of drones back in March. All the impressive drone footage we saw came from drones that lasted no more than 2 or 3 flights. The Russians knocked down 90% of them within a fortnight. Cheap drones that fly high are beyond the range of cheap countermeasures and not practical for long range expensive missiles to hit but they're far less useful as they can't carry a decent payload. Note how high the drone footage is of the SU24 bombing run upthread. Cheap, expendable drones are certainly attractive but they're far less capable. The Iranian ones have a high failure rate before they even get to the target and are extremely loud, alerting everyone around of their presence. They're not far removed from WWII German V1s. The Ukranians are knocking a lot of them down.
  14. FFS, nobody tell him about the sharks with frickin' lasers.
  15. Never mind, he'll always have a couple of supporters on here.
  16. I presume he'd want to hold what he's got for now, sit out the winter and go for it again next March. One thing we've seen so far is Ukraine is so big, it's difficult to defend the whole front in strength so a concerted effort in one place coud succeed.
  17. We desperately, urgently need a right back. Yeats was skinned again and again which meant both McGuffie and Donaldson were dragged over to try and cover.
  18. When was the last time Morrison hit his man with a cross?
  19. Mcginn got away wth a tackle very similar to the one that got Benedictus booked in the first half. Second half, Falkirk player wiped out trying to break on the halfway line right hand side, foul - no booking. Two minutes later, McGuffie wipes out a Dunfermline player trying to break on the right hand side - booked. Benedictus then (after taking out Burrell off the ball a few minutes earlier) wipes out a Falkirk player breaking on the halway line right hand side - no booking. Tired defenders often foul players about to get past them on the halfway line. It's deliberate, it's a "professional foul" and it's a yellow card
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