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  1. That would have been funny if Peterhead had scored while the camera was fo.lowing a crisp packet.
  2. That looks to be a poor travelling support. Last time I was there, that wee stand was full.
  3. Aye, too busy to attend a sold out event right enough.
  4. More socks on this thread than under Philpy's bed.
  5. I wonder if this propensity for Holt and the Board to stick the boot into and slag off current and ex-players is the real reason behind players not coming to Falkirk. That kind of bitchiness creates a really nasty atmosphere in the workplace and players talk. Would maybe go some way to explaining the complete collapse in form after Holt arrived and why getting 2 points was an impossible task for him.
  6. Gary Deans switching on the internet this morning
  7. He's found his natural home - "Falkirk FC - when you're not very good at it"
  8. Thought that was Gary Deans with the microphone tbh
  9. If the PR boy had half a brain, that video would never have gone on the net because of "technical difficulties".
  10. Ridiculous and embarrassing. The absolute minimum to be expected from the chairman is professionalism and to show courtesy towards customers. They don't even show us the respect any business would show customers - we're "fans", which they believe means "muppets who can be milked and insulted at will". Didn't particularly have a problem with Deans before but, when everyone else in the non-playing side has been changed and things are still terrible, maybe he's the problem?
  11. Thought Deans, Colburn and the PR guy were confrontational and looking for a fight. Holt came out of it a bit better surprisingly enough - I think he would have been prepared to discuss things in more detail. I gave up when Sheerin stood up after being asked what he's going to do to stop the rot and said "I don't really know". I gave up at that point, might go back to it again later.
  12. Gary Deans straight out said he isn't up to the job and that he can't change things. He has to go on that basis alone.
  13. At this rate it'll be 5 seconds to say hello and wave
  14. I've mentioned it before, but what the hell is our supposed "expert" PR guy on the board doing? He himself came across as an arrogant p***k at the last Q&A and the PR side of the club has been an absolute shambles for the last year or so. Board Q&As are the ultimate PR exercise and yet again, they screwed it up.
  15. No good chanting and singing abuse at Holt - he's had it his entire career and doesn't care. What's clear though is the board very much do care and it gets to them so start aiming the abuse at them directly.
  16. Why would I want to put money into a club that seems to think it's a cashpoint for their families?
  17. What kind of reception did he get to that pish?
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