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  1. Plus points - it gets me back and forward to TFS from Stirling no problem - about 30 miles. I've also used it to go to Clyde, Airdrie and Alloa games. It's great for buzzing around town and wee trips up to Carron Valley which involve hills I'd normally baulk at. Minus points - it's heavy and I've had it back to Halfords a few times getting the electrics looked at because they keep cutting out. I think if I were to get another one I'd spend a bit more money and get one with better build quality.
  2. I just do what I feel comfortable with but the racing snakes are all about the cadence - keeping a regular rhythm so using the gears extensively to keep the pedals turning at the same rate. IMO better to set up a Strava account and compare your times on sections - you'll see yourself getting fitter. Think there's a few from here on Strava.
  3. As The Rangers are the most successful team the world has ever seen, surely Bayern & Real should be emulating the methods they and the Sellick employ - hoovering up the vast majority of money in the game and buying any player who has a good game against them then putting them in the reserves to rot.
  4. So Sally James likes to take it in the face eh?
  5. A very nice Rioja is smooth, like velvet. Warm, rich and very difficult to stop when there's still some in the bottle. This Camp stuff is sharp, acidic and just plain nasty
  6. b*****ds. Never use P&B for wine recommendations.
  7. Today, in the interests of science and on the recommendations from here, I shall mostly be trying this -
  8. Yes. I walk past it to every game and the slope from Left to Right (in the picture) is pronounced. When it rains there's a huge puddle covers the right hand side of the pitch for almost it's entire length, but biggest at the far right hand corner.
  9. Who were the geniuses who installed that pitch? Slopes to one side and floods in the rain.
  10. NewBornBairn


    Last two episodes of the series were astonishing tv.
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