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  1. It's the SPFL. They'll probably have to hop on one leg whilst patting their heads and rubbing their bellies for 30 minutes.
  2. Say what now? Pressley started every game with the attitude they had won a point and needed it protected. The game that should have seen him sacked - 9/2/13 Cowdenbeath 4 - 1 Falkirk. We thumped them 4-0 in April after Pressley left.
  3. I take your point but think of it as an investment. Possibly it could even be done gradually.
  4. Recipes are just a suggestion. Manufacturer's instruction manuals are just, like, their opinion.
  5. Good article about them - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-ouch-23061676
  6. Those things were death traps though.
  7. Her step mum used to work in a car dealership and told me that the most commonly requested motability car with them was a mazda rx-8. Basically instead of the scheme being used to give disabled people the mobility to live a more independent life it was largely folk using it to get/subsidise a midlife crisis car that they would never normally be able to afford. That should be stamped on - it's sons and daughters-in-law blagging a car and abusing the system. Should be the same penalty as abusing the blue badge
  8. Bound to have mentioned it before but it's astonishing how many disabled people drive taxis, workmen's vans and high end sports cars judging by the disabled parking bays at Tesco.
  9. Wemyss Bay Station is quite a surprise if you go in
  10. At least 7 of the 10 teams have a good shot at making the playoffs at least so you'd think they'd vote for continuing. What happens to the £150k the clubs got if the season is null and void? That was for running costs so if there's no running costs, will they have to give it back?
  11. Maybe he thought concentrating 100% on the first team during his maiden season as a manager was more important?
  12. Really good chance if (big if) the season re-starts it'll be 18 games so they wouldn't face us again.
  13. I'd imagine Partick would be quite keen on this. Sitting 5th after royally fucking up the season start.
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