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  1. Get this chat about McKinnon to f**k. He was sacked just 18 months ago after some absolutely brutal and abject performances. McKinnon, FFS.
  2. Liam Dick has stayed constant, it's us who've dropped below his level.
  3. We're Falkirk. We'll put the wrong wheels on, appoint 13 drivers and crash the wagon.
  4. They're trying to hire a low-loader to bring in the trebuchet.
  5. The one thing all decent managers have is an incredible belief in their own abilities, spilling over into outright arrogance. They won't be troubled by the amount of sackings that have gone before because they'll believe they're better and it won't happen to them. At the very least they'll negotiate a healthy termination clause in the contract.
  6. The one constant in this entire shitshow is that even when things are at their worst, Arbroath continue to be our bitches.
  7. Hahaha - f**k off Holt. 1 point out of 12 - what the f**k gives YOU the right to choose a manager?
  8. Paul Paton with the closest thing to a Falkirk shot on goal there.
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