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  1. But only if you're a small town girl or were born & raised in South Detroit. FFS Tony, look up!
  2. Aye. Had money stashed in small amounts all over. Passports and cards separate too. Lost maybe 500 Euros and £250 cash.
  3. Rucksack and a handbag. Cash, keys, odds and ends. Police were useless. Made me wait outside the station in 30 degrees sun for an hour before just stamping a form and waving me away. Asked them for the address of the station and they replied "Google it" as they slammed the door. Ahhh, made me feel like I was dealing with Fife's finest again.
  4. This will go down well here. Glass repair shop did the whole "mañana, mañana " thing until we got talking about Catalonia and Scotland. He was outraged that he couldn't input Scotland on his computer screen as "Everyone has heard of Scotland". We compared Catalonia and Scottish chances of independence for a while, then he said he'd get the car fixed within the hour Said it before but bears repeating, we get treated better abroad once they realise we're not English.
  5. A bit like corner shops where the guy has a mobile phone glued to his ear and just sticks his hand out when you get to the counter.
  6. f**k. Car got hit while having a pish at motorway services North of Barcelona
  7. Proof of vaccination is checked at every restaurant, cafe and hotel in France - even for having a coffee at a table outside. Thankfully, a screenshot of the QR code works for their scanners. As I've mentioned, this trip involves my wife in her electric wheelchair and accessibility is important. Orleans was ok-ish. Obviously a medieval city has loads of cobbles and you can't complain about that but even in the modern parts the "dropped" kerbs were almost impassable. Montpellier is worse. We're in a city centre hotel and literally can't get further than 200m from the hotel without chancing it on the roads with the insane French drivers. Pavements are like bombsites and often at an angle that makes her chair slide uncontrollably. Now that the rain is on and the streets are even slippier, we're just going to push on to Barcelona.
  8. How old is she? I took my eldest grandson to Westfield for his first game when he was 7. When we went to visit the family the next week, he saw me coming up the path and ran to hide behind his mum on the couch crying his eyes out because he thought I was going to take him to see Falkirk again.
  9. Spoke to a guy who runs one of the Aberdeen supporter's clubs about Ruth today. He said when he first broke into the team he looked good, but raw. However he quickly became anonymous and lost his chance. A good player on his day but didn't have too many good days. However he rates Sheerin and reckons if anyone can get Ruth firing, it'll be him. Don't expect fireworks though.
  10. I never said to play anyone out of position. Hetherington and Krasniqi are both defensive central midfielders. Krasniqi's the better player so play him. Worry about January when January comes.
  11. Ah thanks for that. They say they're experiencing 48hr delays so probably too late now as we set off on Saturday.
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