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  1. Like this - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-47117177 you mean?
  2. They used to call me Mister Lover Lover until one night I had anal sex with a girl that had cerebral palsy. Now they call me Mister Bum Spastic.
  3. As I see it, there's two issues. 1) The BBC - after consulting with the family of the victim, reported in full the remarks made by the assailants in a racist attack. These remarks were witnessed by at least 15 people IIRC so there's no doubting the veracity. According to the BBC - I think people have become inured to euphemisms like "racist language" and "the 'n' word" so they chose to report in full to get across just how vile this attack was. 18000 people heard the word "n*******" and pished their frillies but to my mind it's no different to the media showing images of dead babies face down in the sand to illustrate the plight of refugees. That drew a lot of complaints too. 2) The second issue is a disk jockey taking offence, not at the words but at who said them. Specifically a white reporter. That's the road to having white reporters reporting on white issues and black reporters reporting on black issues.
  4. Which was the whole point of the news report, to emphasise that this was undoubtedly a racist attack.
  5. What he said was "But the BBC sanctioning the N-word being said on national television by a white person is something I can't rock with." Isn't segregating language, deciding who can say what according to race a racist endeavour in itself?
  6. Was he not shagging a schoolgirl in Falkirk?
  7. How come Accies were able to let their normal home crowd in?
  8. This. I couldn't give a shiny shite about any of them. The highlights tonight will only be mildly interesting if I do a Likely Lads and avoid the news all day (harder in the social media age).
  9. It doesn't matter if they get ill, by contracting it they become infectious. They can then pass it on to other players, coaches, staff, partners, kids who can all in turn pass it on to people they meet who can in turn pass it on etc etc. I've no doubt that the fit and healthy people they pass it on to will mainly suffer no ill effects but at some point they're going to pass it on to someone with asthma or a chest condition or who just isn't as healthy and they're going to get ill. Maybe seriously, maybe even die. TL:DR, Dawson Park Version - if people smear themselves and everyone they meet in cat shit, they might not catch toxoplasmosis themselves but someone they smear the shit on might.
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