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  1. I never indicate and change lanes at random. Never had an accident myself but I've seen hundreds.
  2. Never understood this "dying for sins" bit. Basically, he had to prove he was a god to make everyone pay attention and do as they were telt. So surely he should have not died when they nailed him up? Just hung around whistling. When they stuck a spear in him, he should have healed it up right away. I reckon a god going around that the Romans couldn't kill would get a lot more followers.
  3. In the beginning there was nothing. Then god said "Let there be light!" And there was still nothing, but now you could see it.
  4. I'm sure I read somewhere that there's a link between literacy rates and religious observance.
  5. So voting against this is voting against a share issue for the fans?
  6. I think he meant parallelograms of efficiency.
  7. He's an actor. Pay him money and he'll say lines to a camera.
  8. They're estranged. He once said she had serious mental problems.
  9. Without wanting to go all MacGlashan, Pontious Pilate was Scottish. From Fortingall, near Perth.
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