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  1. I was seeing a lassie in Guildford when I was in the Navy. One night whilst doing the deed, she dug her nails into my back between my shoulder blades and slowly dragged them down. It stung a bit but I was a bit distracted at the time so didn't object. After the post-coital ciggy, I got dressed and jumped on the train back to Portsmouth and HMS Sultan. It was only when I was in the mess and taking my shirt off that I realised things were a bit awry because it was sticking to my back. As I gingerly peeled it off, whimpering and yelping, my messmates gathered round to ooh, ahh and take pictures of my completely shredded skin. I had 8 deep gouges about 18 inches long, all bleeding like f**k. The blood had soaked my shirt and into my jacket. When I spoke to her about it she was mortified and admitted she'd seen women doing it in Hollywood films and thought it was what guys liked (we were both 17 and inexperienced). Where do I claim my compensation?
  2. Do you really think a nursing degree would take 3 years? 2nd year students sent to Japan to study under Geishas.
  3. If you go private, she's giving you a blowjob to distract you.
  4. Did they say half a billion has been spent on this Everton team?
  5. In the money - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-50643625
  6. Well Corbyn makes it easy for them https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/election-2019-50626860
  7. Just watched the Conversation, very good. Thanks for the tip
  8. Had time to think on it now. The bad - as pointed out, the "de-aging" effects were distracting and they couldn't mask the fact that De Niro is an old man. Watching him try to beat up the shopkeeper in the street was cringe-worthy as you could see he had difficulty moving. There was none of the caged violent energy shown when he was a younger actor. The scene where he gingerly steps over rocks to throw a gun in the river was like watching your grandad - I was scared he was going to fall and hurt himself. Pacino didn't have the physical limitations of De Niro, but he wasn't asked to do anything strenuous. At times with the ensemble cast, it was like going to watch the Rolling Stones. Standard humdrum fare lit up now and again with a recognisable guitar riff - De Niro's self deprecating smile or Pacino's wide-eyed astonishment, mannerisms that we know from a dozen classic films. The good Whilst the women in the film were very much peripheral characters, I thought Frank's daughter was used to remind the viewer - and Frank - where normal human behaviour starts and stops. Throughout the film Frank constantly seeks her approval and it's his daughter who shames him into calling Hoffa's widow - a fantastic scene in itself. The last half hour was, for me, superb. In fact the last hour and a half when Pacino, Pesci and De Niro started playing their actual ages was great. No need to pretend these were violent men to be scared of, but we came to see that as death approaches we all take stock of our lives and find what was really important. Frank's slide into enfeeblement is done well by De Niro.
  9. Not overly fussed one way or the other for defending McShane, but it must be hard to get up for it coming on at 82 on a freezing cold day when 3-0 up. He doesn't look a day over 28
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