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  1. Stories from the Courts

    My dad did jury service a few years ago and I asked him afterwards how it went. "Oh I said he was guilty the first day of the trial". When I asked him what evidence convinced him he replied "Evidence? dinnae need any o that. c**t wouldnae be in court if he didnae dae it" Kinda lost faith in the jury system after that.
  2. Stories from the Courts

    The writers must have heard these stories somewhere. It's not like they just make stuff up for comic effect.
  3. c***s At Airports

    Got upgraded to First Class for a flight to NY once. Mother in Law got pished on the free whisky in the lounge then fell asleep on the plane which was a result. Steak and Dauphinoise potatoes with champagne. The seat reclined fully but it took ages to get to sleep because the stewardesses (all 8s and 9s) all ran over to fill my champagne glass when it got below half full.
  4. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I care not a jot any more, I'm sitting at home stroking my lovely new Falkirk phone case.
  5. c***s At Airports

    The daft sods who wave their passport in front of the camera should be killed twice
  6. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Sigh. This is why most clubs keep their mouths shut, because there are so many thick c***s on internet football forums determined to show everyone they're thick c***s.
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I think it was a brave move to release such a detailed statement. They could have said nothing. They could have put out a one paragraph collection of platitudes saying nothing. Instead they've given a long and detailed statement answering many of the whinges raised on here over the last few weeks. If they'd said nothing, people on here would bitch and whine. If they'd said simply "we're doing our best, going again, supporting the manager blah blah blah", people on here would bitch and whine. They've released a detailed statement and guess what, people on here bitch and whine. The Academy was fucked the minute Project Brave started. The bigot sisters and their support acts saw the success ourselves, Hamilton and Livi had and devised a plan to screw us and every other diddy club over. They want it all, they want every kid who can kick a ball without falling over on the off-chance they might make 50p profit. They don't give a shite about Scottish football, the majority of clubs or the well-being of young players - they see fucking money because that's all this business is to them. Screw the fans, screw the diddy clubs, screw their own employees so long as the money makes it's way to the shareholders. That's why we have no Academy, point the finger of blame where it belongs.
  8. Stories from the Courts

    He's a Judge?
  9. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Are you saying it was nothing to do with the wind, it just broke free?
  10. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Disaster in Stirling
  11. The Falkirk FC Thread

    This game on the 20th is shaping up to be the best attended match at Cappielow for years. There's your compensation right there.
  12. Better Call Saul

    I hope not. This is what's good about the whole BB BCS writing, it's ordinary people in relatively ordinary lives much of the time and last night's episode showed that most ordinary of things - two people drifting apart. Kim is moving up into corporate law whilst Jimmy is selling crap out of a van in a shellsuit. The two of them staying together wouldn't make sense.
  13. Wild Animals

  14. The Falkirk FC Thread

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45550817 Oh please, please, please say this was us!
  15. The Falkirk FC Thread

    We've got three under 23 coaches and Alex Totten who were available. Alex Smith also volunteered to come back from Australia until Jan but the BOD thought, "Let's f**k up the Morton fans for the lulz". Gets my vote anyway.