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  1. If George Russell was battering you, would you notice?
  2. Well done to the fat lass climbing on to the tow truck.
  3. Something like 80%+ Americans want women to have access to abortions. A clear majority support gun controls. 63% say health care should be supplied by the state. The problem isn't Americans, it's their political system and corruption.
  4. On 8th July at 11.15am, 99% of the world's population will be in sunlight.
  5. Absolutely the best Scottish keeper ever and arguably better than Shilton & Clemence. Who can forget "Two Andy Gorams" though?
  6. I think the point is the island is indefensible. It's in a strategic position but it's just a lump of rock with nowhere to hide. Both sides can attack it at will, neither side can defend it.
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