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  1. @lichtieforlife No one can convince me that this is 100% parody and not something sleepy Joe has actually said.
  2. Lads, great news, the Banter Years are never going to end, they’ll outlive us all, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Gerard once beat the living shit out of someone cause they wouldn’t play a song for him on a jukebox. f**k that horrible c**t. Doesn’t deserve an ounce of anyone’s sympathy.
  3. ‪Say what you want about US politics, but surely both the Democrats and Republicans fielding a candidate each with long-standing, ever increasing levels of dementia shows that socialism actually really can be accepted in ‘merica ‬
  4. Looks like Warren has sunk the dagger deep in to our boy Bernie. Establishment madness to stay in the race and split the vote when it was obvious to absolutely everyone she had zero chance. On the plus side, if it is Biden, then the debates between him and Trump will be sensational. ^^^this x a billion.
  5. That wee Brexit loving scrote Pickford is fucking dreadful. Really is great to see.
  6. Parker was obviously a lot bigger than Winters, but he seemed to be thicker than usual and a bit more spiteful. Got caught too often, and would still probably place him only hovering about the top 10 at HW, but a good performance. Chocolatito is a first ballot hall of famer in waiting and really the only question was whether he still had anything left at world level. He definitely still does. Yafai is a world level fighter and was made to look second rate. Phenomenal performance from a phenomenal boxer. Systematically broke Yafai down, and there was nothing he could do about it. Simply outclassed. Mikey Garcia is also a phenomenal boxer. Unlike Gonzalez he doesn’t do anything especially flashy, but he does the “basics” to such a high level that he doesn’t need to. His footwork and feinting are sensational and his timing is some of the best in the game. Would certainly prefer him to move back down the weights as I think he may struggle against the elite at 147 purely because of the size. The thought of him v an undisputed Josh Taylor at Edinburgh Castle gives me a semi. Sky’s coverage overall often leaves a bit to be desired, but I really like Matt Macklin as a co-comm. His analysis of the fights and what he’s watching is usually excellent.
  7. You simply have to respect Sevco’s commitment to constantly letting down their own thick, bigoted, mutant fans. It truly is fucking hilarious.
  8. Would pay good money for a genuine translation of a Vladimir Romanov changing room address. Would be fucking mental. That lukas jutkiewicz goal remains an all time great. Wonderful to have Duncan and Duncan back on our screens. That may have been the best one yet. The shock in big Dunc’s face after seeing a boy eat a pie with a spoon was tremendous, but forgetting the Man of the Match’s name in his speech was the highlight. Great stuff.
  9. Sellick [emoji23] Neil Francis Lennon [emoji23] Best fans in the world [emoji23] Get it right up the bigoted c***s!
  10. ‪Zombieland Double Tap is a thoroughly enjoyable film and a worthy sequel, until the point that Bill fucking Murray picks up a steel chair, at which point it becomes utterly sensational.‬ ‪Bill Murray is the undisputed greatest of all time.
  11. Taylor’s first fight as a unified champion announced. Fighting his IBF mandatory. Been to all his other fights in the Hydro so should get along I think. ETA: looks like Taylor will be training with Ben Davidson going forward as well, which should hopefully be a good partnership. Was very impressed with Davidson’s analysis during the Fury-Wilder build-up. Usyk - Chisora should be good, although doubt I’ll pay for it, maybe one to watch in the pub.
  12. If someone told me that he’d been in hospitality pre-game and had won his spot in the team in a charity raffle I wouldn’t question it for a second. Woeful doesn’t begin to describe that first half performance. Ali Dia levels of incompetence.
  13. The only player on the pitch worse than Braga’s LCB, is Ryan Kent. He is awful. Imagine spending £7 million on someone purely because they punched Scott Brown. Some laugh. Bold choice for Kamberi to go to Pippo Inzaghi’s offside school but not the finishing one, imagine he probably regrets that.
  14. Genuinely think I’m a better left back than this lad playing for Braga. He is absolutely minging. Would not be surprised to see the **** nick a 1-0 here, Braga look toothless and their back line is very high and unable to make a pass. Hope i’m wrong and the bigots get scudded though.
  15. Can’t rate him that highly seen as he’s just subbed him at half time, again [emoji23]
  16. Here guys, MixuFixit is right, Bernie is going to win, cause there’re levels to this shit:
  17. Homer helping Mel Gibson re-edit his film is one of my favourite episodes, especially when Bart tries to convince him to start on mental Mel so he’ll get a kicking [emoji23]
  18. ‪Diego Costa roaring at folk from the bench before the game has even kicked off is exactly the sort of thing you want to see. Buzzing for the most box office player in world football to come off the bench and cause chaos.‬
  19. Some absolutely sensational Barry Homeownering here.
  20. True Romance is on Netflix. It remains a fucking brilliant film.
  21. There is no way to frame that argument that makes it difficult to discredit, because it’s a fucking stupid argument, which is of course the whole point of the segment.
  22. Enjoyed it also, nice bit of insight, and as someone who plays / manages in the top league in Aberdeen amateurs I was not surprised in the slightest that Mark Kerr received an email from some moron thinking they could do a job for them up front. I can assure whoever it was though, that they could not. Telfer having to go full-brexit to make an argument was a good laugh.
  23. Was just coming on to do exactly that. For years Hibs were the *** skelping swag daddies, causing cranial detachments from the bigots for a huge portion of the Banter Years, but the second they started stumbling, the bold Killie picked up the batton and have just fucking ran with it, to utterly hilarious effect. Thank you for your service. A great bunch of lads.
  24. Shaughna is so fucking annoying, and the boy Jamie is even more of a fanny than his introduction suggested. What a pair of rip-roaring c***s.
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