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  1. Chris Jericho circa 2008-2009 (Superstar of the year time, couple of runs with the Title just in case my timings are off) was easily the best heel of the last 5 years and possibly my favourite heel ever. Utterly fantastic.
  2. Been fairly quiet at work this week and been missing my 'hit' of Jocky madness / genius / everyday behaviour (delete as applicable for personal perspective), so I've been reading through this thread again from the start to the end on and off. Re-reading some of the comments I can honest to Jocky say there aren't enough straight-jackets in the country 65 pages and I still can't decide if this has been the work of a creative comic genius or the witterings of a borderline simpleton...either way, it's "fuckin' teckle likes". A tip of the hat to you Barry.
  3. That was a cracking game from probably my two favourite players. Not often you see Gary Anderson with the better darts at a double, great scoring from both though. I've missed the Premier League.
  4. Arsenal should defintely sack Arsene Wenger. Being 2nd in the League, in the League Cup Final and still in the Champions League and FA Cup is not good enough. Why has he not cured cancer yet? Is there not still a recession we can pin on him? What's he even doing about the troubles in Egypt right now? Not good enough. Wenger out.
  5. J_Stewart


    Predicting a big big year for Ding, he's been on the cusp of true consistent greatness for a while now, seems to have really matured. Think this is going to be his year with many more to follow. Will definitely be putting a cheeky tenner on him for the World Championship.
  6. 'MAURICE MALPAS IS LYING OVER THERE DYING WITH A LEG BLOWN OFF! WHY WAS THERE A LANDMINE BURIED IN THE ASTROTURF?!' 'Eh ken you're a striker, Leigh, but we need a defence tae! f**k sake you, that's basic fuckin' tactics!' Shitty deathy Barry, I near coughed my Special K (athlete) all over the monitor when I read that this morning. Another work of brilliance you mad dwarf fisting delight.
  7. AJ makes for a poor heel I think as his mic work isn't quite where they need to be for a main-event heel, but as a face he's absolutely phenomenal (pardon the pun). I like the idea of the "Monster face-off" with AJ and Joe for next year, could really work well tied in to the Immortal story-line I mentioned in my post above, a who's the better man kind of effort...could be amazing if done correctly with a slow build-up over many months.
  8. Not for a good while I don't think Russel. TNA baffle me, they have AJ and Joe - two guys that basically carried the company from the start - floundering in the mid-upper card. They've got this giant faction filled with newcomers such as Hogan, Flair, Bischoff, Hardy, surely the way to go is to push Styles and Joe to the Moon, put them forward as absolute monster faces and have them battle Immortal week-in week-out. The problem with constantly throwing swerves is that eventually it isn't a swerve anymore, just standard practice and sadly that's what's happening with TNA.
  9. YAASSSS!!! Thank you kindly sir, high praise indeed. If cautionary tales regarding Arabs, Commies and Taxies (not to be mistaken with Taxi Cabs of course, regardless of how deplorable the drivers of such vehicle generally are) don't fall in to the category of 'wise words' then quite frankly I don't know what can. To paraphrase the words of the 'Man in Cherge' - "Nothing to see here folks, it's jus a P&B poster running scared from an Arab, Commie, Tax Man triumvirate undertaking an evil sting operation. We've a' been there".
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-12059475 Doesn't look like you'll be getting any help from the EU either hombre. Seems like only Jocky and his teckle cat could save you now.
  11. With the Commercial and capitalist nature of modern Christmas this is generally when Communists are at their angriest. This time of year usually coincides with Dundee United's inevitable arse collapse and subsequent fall down the table (aside from last year of course) so they're generally fairly angry at this time of year too. Tax men are angry all year round as everybody hates them...sounds like the triple threat to me. Good luck G_man... think you'll probably need it as it sounds like you're fucked.
  12. That was fuckin' marvellous. The bits with Melville and Curier near had me couping off my seat. Another fantastic submission Barry you beautiful lunatic.
  13. My mate's a member of the golf club in the Ferry and they had their presentation dinner last night. Once the dinner had finished there was the usual socialising and he got talking to a group of older boys, one of whom was Jocky Scott. Talking about their golf scores one of the boys stated "he hadn't broken 70 all year" to which my mate then said "I've not broken 80 all year", Jocky started laughing and said "that doesn't make me feel so bad now". My mate fired back with "aye, but you've got nothing else to do now" upon which he received a death stare, a "that was uncalled for" and was swiftly jettisoned from the group... TELT by the man in cherge
  14. 'It's nae bather, pal, he'll regain consciousness in a minute. Knight Rider did the damage every time wi' this move, there wiz nae fatalities on that c**t's shift. c**t saved lives while the motor went ti' perties and shagged burds wha like R&B. Absolutely outstanding
  15. Jocky Scott, Employment Law Bastion...Getting unfair dismissing employer cuntos telt.
  16. I've been reading this since the first chapter was placed up on blogspot, hadn't realised it was here that it had all started, so thought I'd better get myself involved in a bit of P & B banter to keep up with any 'MAJOR BREAKING DEVELOPMENTS' in my ongoing attempts to usurp Jim White as 'the shoutiest man in the know'. Anyhoo, absolutely marvellous stuff Barry, read through this thread the last couple of days during my 'quieter' moments at work and thoroughly enjoyed it. Teckle stuff you mind cripples.
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