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  1. This is exactly how I always viewed it. He says during the programme that he only ever intended to be at Wernham Hogg short-term, and yet many years later he's still there. Likely imagines that if he steps up in to the role that he'll definitely never leave, whereas he still has an out if he rejects it. Also, I've always thought that as much as Gareth infuriates him, he still considers him a friend and knows how much it'll mean to him so selflessly lets him have it.
  2. Kim’s Convenience is also an absolute delight. Mr Kim saying “see you” is one of life’s great pleasures.
  3. J_Stewart


    Finally got the chance to watch the second season (rewatched the first as well), fucking hell, it’s just absolutely incredible television. Best thing I’ve watched in ages. The writing and acting are top notch and the character development is outstanding, but it’s the fact the story is not only consistent, but everything logically ties together (like Gregory the Eggory saying he was “Team Kendal” in season one and then giving him the paperwork he’d stolen before the press conference) and little things, like when Gregg is telling Logan he might have to quit the company or lose his inheritance from his grandpa and his neck is bright red to show how nervous he was. Amazing attention to detail. Phenomenal programme. Cannot wait until season three.
  4. Always wondered when we’d hear about Waffenthinmint again. Funnily enough, this is almost the exact way I imagined he’d reappear. Only surprise is the lack of mention of a bodysuit from human skin. RIP you Sims loving lunatic.
  5. Waffenthinmint for both, which I assume tells you everything you need to know about the people involved in doxxing.
  6. That's Woodgate been sacked by Boro. Not surprising in the slightest, tbh. Been replaced by Colin w****r, who, dreadful a person though he is, will likely at least avoid relegation.
  7. There was some boys on twitter trying to suggest he was purposely mis-directing what it was about to try and delegitimise the cause, which would be an interesting take if it wasn’t for the literally millions of examples of Raab just being a complete simpleton as opposed to a Machiavellian genius. For those that are still sceptical, ask yourself “what evidence do we have that confirms that Raab is an incompetent idiot?” and the answer will be “literally every action the man has ever taken”. It’s why I’m very much leaning towards moron, tbh.
  8. Life on the Road was truly fucking abysmal. Gareth leaving chasers in the side-car of the motorbike is the finest image in British comedy history.
  9. We finished this last night, really enjoyed it as well. Acting was excellent, Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington were obviously the standouts, but the lassie that played Izzy was really good too (as was everyone in fairness). Not sure if it's because the subjects of racial and wealth inequality are so prevalent just now, or just because the writing and performance were so good (probably a bit of both), but I can't remember hating a character like Witherspoon's as much as I did in this. There have been plenty of spiteful, vindictive, tone-deaf, selfish, control freak characters in TV over the years, but I really, really fucking hated her. Great show.
  10. BigFatTabbyDave, if you ever speak ill of It's a Wonderful Life in my presence again, I will end you. I will f**k you up. I will have no qualms with sticking you. I will equalise you, motherfucker!!! It's a Wonderful Life is perfect and I will not hear otherwise. The Wolf of Wall Street, on the other hand, is vastly overrated. The acting generally is very good, but it's just so, so, so fucking long.
  11. The video he made weaseling out of it, coked up to the eyeballs, is hilarious: Crying shame, was looking forward to watching the videos of the bigoted wee shitebag being bodied all over the city.
  12. Yaxley-Lennon has shat it and decided against his London-based statue protection shift tomorrow. Look at the fucking state of the coked up bigot: Shame, would have been funny seeing him thrown about like an empty tracksuit again.
  13. I would assume their first fight will be very similar in style to the Fury v Wlad fight, with Fury winning it by 5 or 6 rounds. For scheduling, there was a Top Rank card in the States on Wednesday night (Shakur Stevenson won handily in the main event) so there's nothing to suggest that Fury v Wilder and Joshua v Pulev couldn't both happen in Q4 this year. Assuming both win and get through unscathed, the first fight could then be April / May time and the rematch August / September (if in the UK) or October - December if abroad. Definitely doable. Fingers crossed we're back to a degree of normality by the time the first fight comes along and fans can attend. Having that fight at Wembley with 90,000 people in attendance would be tremendous.
  14. Just listened through while working, certainly didn't hate it. The styles change quite frequently, but it doesn't sound like a novelty when it does (as can often be the case) more just a hybrid of influences. Different Place was the standout on first listen. Will likely run through it again, but sounded decent. Good effort.
  15. I will not have her tunnel bandied around this office willy nilly
  16. She was lucky the horse never starbucksed her off the back.
  17. We had two Golden Retrievers when I was a bairn, and our current dog, Rosie the Dog, is a Cocker Spaniel. Both are brilliant breeds of dogs, and perfect as family pets. Cockers obviously require a lot more exercise (especially the working variety), but they are so much fun. Mum has a Golden Retriever up the road and Belle and Rosie the Dog were born a day apart and are genuinely best mates. Great laugh when we go home to visit. Dogs are the absolute best.
  18. 18 holes played this morning, played ok, could have been better but could have been a hell of a lot worse. Was just absolutely glorious getting out, especially with the weather being as good as it is. Course is in surprisingly good nick as well: Will definitely try and get a few evening swings this week as well.
  19. Just watched the first episode and I enjoyed it. Probably helped that I didn’t expect too much in the way of subtlety going in. Fred Willard’s cameo as the dottled dad was the highlight of the episode. That man was funny in everything. Think it’ll nicely fit in to the “mindless and entertaining background television in the evening whilst I play football manager” role.
  20. Christopher Livingston Eubank is one the most entertaining men on the planet. An absolutely stupendous entertainer. Also, an absolute bastion of sartorial elegance. What a man.
  21. This is an actual statement that Carl Froch made in an interview (sky website). He will have been deadly serious too. Fucking hell, he is such a penis.
  22. Fear not, even if he takes the huff and sacks Twitter off, there’s still an absolute patterfest available on his Facebook page. This was shared by the President of the United States yesterday for example: [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] absolutely outstanding.
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