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  1. We had two Golden Retrievers when I was a bairn, and our current dog, Rosie the Dog, is a Cocker Spaniel. Both are brilliant breeds of dogs, and perfect as family pets. Cockers obviously require a lot more exercise (especially the working variety), but they are so much fun. Mum has a Golden Retriever up the road and Belle and Rosie the Dog were born a day apart and are genuinely best mates. Great laugh when we go home to visit. Dogs are the absolute best.
  2. 18 holes played this morning, played ok, could have been better but could have been a hell of a lot worse. Was just absolutely glorious getting out, especially with the weather being as good as it is. Course is in surprisingly good nick as well: Will definitely try and get a few evening swings this week as well.
  3. Just watched the first episode and I enjoyed it. Probably helped that I didn’t expect too much in the way of subtlety going in. Fred Willard’s cameo as the dottled dad was the highlight of the episode. That man was funny in everything. Think it’ll nicely fit in to the “mindless and entertaining background television in the evening whilst I play football manager” role.
  4. Christopher Livingston Eubank is one the most entertaining men on the planet. An absolutely stupendous entertainer. Also, an absolute bastion of sartorial elegance. What a man.
  5. This is an actual statement that Carl Froch made in an interview (sky website). He will have been deadly serious too. Fucking hell, he is such a penis.
  6. Fear not, even if he takes the huff and sacks Twitter off, there’s still an absolute patterfest available on his Facebook page. This was shared by the President of the United States yesterday for example: [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] absolutely outstanding.
  7. Speaking of kits and watching this Dortmund-Bayern game reminds me of the glorious time that the **** thought they had signed Mats Hummels, but it turned out that Hummel were just away to make their strip. @joeygarner98 and @6footlovesdaflute wondering out loud if he’ll partner Conor Goldson or Grant McAuley at the back. By christ that was fucking hilarious [emoji23]
  8. As I still play football on a Saturday I've not really been able to justify a membership down here, but joined the Sport Aberdeen monthly pass this year, which lets you play the five council courses (Kings Links, Nigg Bay and 3 x Hazelhead) for £25 a month, and joined one of them for £100 so I could get the handicap back and play in tournaments. Club's opening on Friday as with everyone else, but as it's ostensibly a council course, and they're allowing pay-to-play bookings, it'll likely be a nightmare to get a tee time for at least the first few weeks. Fingers crossed can get something for the weekend, but not confident.
  9. ‪Remember when we all thought Theresa May was the worst Prime Minister in history? That was a laugh eh. Halcyon days.‬
  10. Peston asking a completely separate second question to give the c**t a way of snivelling our is so on brand. Fucking useless.
  11. ‪There’s yer Tory Prime Minister there bemoaning the lack of cooperation between countries during the pandemic, when his Government ignored multiple invitations for the EU to pool resources on a purely political basis. Makes sense.
  12. ‪“I believe he (Dominic Cummings) has acted legally, and with integrity” - Boris Johnson‬ ‪Just liquidate the UK now. It’s an utter fucking shit show.‬
  13. This would almost be an acceptable line of argument if she had directly quoted Cummings and was neutrally passing through *his* rebuttal. That’s not what’s happened here. Kuenssberg has written her own rebuttal, defending the PM’s head advisor based on information from “sources”. The information has clearly come from him, but that’s not how it’s presented, and with the government themselves having not released a response, her tweets are the closest there is to an official denial. That demonstrably shows Kuenssberg working as the governments mouthpiece when the entire premise of her job is to hold the same government to account. That the story didn’t even appear on the 10 O’Clock news is also an utter disgrace, and you can be assured had it been the likes of Corbyn, Abbott, Sturgeon or Blackford it would have been the lead story. It’s quite simply a dereliction of duty. This should be grounds for resignation for both Cummings and Kuenssberg, but neither will face any repercussions, the bold Laura will get her multi-million pound a year editorial role at the Spectator in a couple of years, and all will be right with the world.
  14. The prevailing logic that Warren wasn’t nearly as progressive as she made out and stayed in the Primaries as long as she did purely to kneecap Bernie looks more correct with every passing day. The fact she’s getting absolutely nothing out of it is fucking hilarious tbh. Amy Klobuchar [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  15. Rosie the dog got a good run about the dunes of Balmeadie beach this morning and then saw some nice positive art work in Victoria Park this afternoon. A good day for Rosie the dog.
  16. Assuming the testing has been ramped down during the pandemic, and therefore can only imagine what’s currently swimming in Overeem’s blood stream right now. Fair play to him for making it out of the first round mind.
  17. He might be (is) a dangerous, thick, narcissistic lunatic, but the patter is absolutely unrivalled. Howling at this video he’s shared [emoji23]
  18. Wife turned in to a StandFree03 esque jigsaw enthusiast (copyright Perthshirebelle) tonight and completed this present we got from my brother at Christmas: Rosie the dog wasn’t much help in its development though:
  19. I haven’t started playing yet, but apparently if you go on to “play now” and select 2KU (as in University) that’s all the tutorial / practice sections there. I’m going to finish RDR2 before I play that. Think it’s the best game I’ve ever played, to the point I’m not even wanting to play the main story just so I can make it last longer.
  20. I had an old boss that used to do this constantly. Would make a statement in an email but finish it with a question mark so he couldn't be held accountable for anything, was notorious for it, and like Donald, an utter incompetent who had no business being in the role he was. Was also a total snake. I fucking hated that c**t. Absolutely buzzing to see what bizarre accusations start surfacing regarding "OBAMAGATE". Reckon we're less than a week away from accusations of paganism.
  21. J_Stewart


    NBA 2K20 is on the Playstation Store for £4 reduced from £49.99. Not really a huge interest in basketball (although I like it well enough and have been to a couple of games), but I've bought it anyway just cause it's so cheap. Hopefully the Story Mode will be a good laugh.
  22. NBA 2K20 is on the Playstation Store for £4 reduced from £49.99. Not really a huge interest in basketball, but I've bought it anyway just cause it's so cheap. Hopefully the Story Mode will be a good laugh.
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