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  1. It was obvious Starmer was a vacuous, charisma free, principle-less, power-hungry scumbag, but suggesting that asylum seekers should be treated like cattle and tracked with GPS is absolutely heinous and as close to the vile authoritarian populism expected of Patel and Braverman. A completely new low for a man consistently plumbing new depths. I absolutely despise the despicable c**t.
  2. If they get past France I’ll start to get mildly concerned, until then though I’ll assume they’ll do what they’ve done at every single other tournament in their entire history (except one at home 60 years ago that they spawned) and make a hilariously massive c**t of it.
  3. Maguire is obviously shit (an actual crofter), but he’s already a joke figure and doesn’t seem too offensive as a human being (although may well be a w**k). “Little Picky” on the other hand, absolutely screams brexit little englander and is as unlikeable as they come. Him being the villain all summer would be delightful, IMO.
  4. Nothing would make me happier in the entire world than England going out to a Jordan Pickford mistake. His slick back is genuinely repulsive.
  5. Josh Kelly has started really well and is definitely 3 rounds up. Would love to see him gas and get sparked again, but think he’s maybe a level above Williamson by the looks of things so far.
  6. Might try and find it on a stream, but 100% will not be buying it. Don’t have much of a problem with it as there were few others available to fight and it’s essentially a last pay day for his mate and a decent, higher level heavyweight over the course of his career, but doesn’t hold any interest as a competitive fight. Came on to say was watching the channel 5 card and Lyndon Arthur was definitely knocking McIntyre out early. Didn’t even get it typed quick enough to beat the finish [emoji23]
  7. Love going to NBA games. Bit of a shame that none of Morant, Bane or Jackson played for the Grizzlies, but game was great all the same and had really good seats. Ben Simmons was really good and KD put up a fair few buckets even if he didn’t play that well. Kyrie didn’t score many, but some of his handles are obscene. Yuta Wantanabe is the boy, Nets fans fucking love him. Got caught up in the protests outside (wife even appeared in one of the videos that went viral). Some drunk white guy next to us nearly got lifted for shouting abuse at them in the queue. Great fun all round.
  8. This was absolutely fucking freezing, but a lot of fun. Got in tow with some boys with a mini bus at the tailgating so had a few beers with them before going in, which was a good laugh. Got to the seats and wife near died within 3 minutes of sitting there, so now the proud owner of a giants blanket. Game itself was entertaining even if the Giants were pish.
  9. This is tonight and really looking forward to it, although gutted that Ja turned his ankle Friday night as looks like he’s going to be missing now and was the player I was most looking forward to seeing along with KD. Interestingly Kyrie is listed as questionable, so could be back in the squad after his suspension (apologised again last night). Be very interesting to see what sort of reaction he gets if he does. Got the Giants NFL game first this afternoon (tip off is at 7), so a feast of sport, and should be relatively well oiled by the time we get to Barclays.
  10. Got to New York with the wife yesterday, so away to the Giants - Lions game this afternoon (and then Nets - Geizzlies tonight…feast of yank sport). More in to basketball than the NFL, but buzzing for both, and watched enough NFL through the years to know what’s going on and keep the wife moderately informed/interested. Atmosphere should be class, and going to go relatively early to get a wander round some of the tailgating.
  11. Playing Horizon: Zero Dawn for the first time at the minute, about half way through and really enjoying it. Good open world without being too big, plenty to do, and story is excellent so far. Would recommend
  12. The Venn diagram between the people sharing that post, and the people that would describe the girl in Photo A (and all other homeless people) as "fucken junkie scum" is the most perfect circle the world has ever seen.
  13. There’re probably 6 or 7 players in the NBA right now that are just much better than everyone else. Luka is definitely one of those, and might even be the top of it. Watched their game this morning and he was unbelievable. This (and even more so) and Wob’s tweet below it are incredible. The oop off the glass after the spin move might be the best assist I’ve ever seen in a competitive game. Unreal.
  14. Penny Mourdant, brash it out and refuse a GE (too much instability...NOW IS NOT THE TIME), there for the full term, and they'll lose to Labour who will gain a workable majority, but not to near the extent the Tories currently have after their performance remains abysmal but marginally less so than currently. They will continue to be corrupt, evil, despicable vermin c***s and millions of people will continue to suffer as a result. the UK will remain a complete and utter laughing stock.
  15. Genuinely hope this permanently breaks the evil c**t and she spends the rest of her days a whimpering, snivelling husk. What a complete and utter shambles the Tory party and UK based politics are. Need to get them in the bin and get out of this shit show asap.
  16. I actually recorded it and watched it this morning before work. Warriors have so much depth. Steph was good without being incredible (his 3-point shooting was fairly rusty early on for example) abd yet still scored 33. They have scorerers everywhere. Poole, Kuminga, Moody and Wiseman could conceivably be the core of their team for 12 of the next 15 years, and all are capable of coming off the bench and producing. The latter 3 are a bit rawer than Poole, but have so much potential, which you have to think with the likes of Curry, Thomson, Green and Iguadala to learn from, and the way Kerr gives everyone minutes, they'll develop. The Draymond - Poole issue seems to have been dealt with pretty professionally, and by all accounts they were more pissed off that the video had leaked rather than the incident itself. Fair play to Poole, someone in his postion - talented, young, contract away to expire - could have kicked up a fuss, but seems to have been very mature about it all. Lakers are such a strange outfit. They've a glaring issue when it comes to 3-point shooting and spacing, but haven't seemed to do a huge amount to try and fix it. Lebron and AD were very good in spells and Westbrook looked like a former MVP at times and a park player at others. He's clearly been a brilliant player throughout his career, but some of his decision making is wild (stupid fouls like the one on Wiggins inbounding, air balling 3s, etc), especially when there's so much attention on him and so many people willing him to fail. I never thought it was a good fit, and it's pretty much proven not to be. Amazed they never traded him. In New York mid-November, so managed to get tickets for the Nets v Grizzlies game. Only one on in either Brooklyn or MSG while we're there, but could be a worse fixture tbf. Will be very interesting to see how KD, Kyrie and Simmons get on this year. All the ingredients of being outstanding, or a complete fucking shambles.
  17. Crispin Cole must be one of the biggest incels in the history of television. Got the royal pussy once, then got the “can’t run away with you, need 2 b queen, lol” treatment, and has been a seething mess ever since. Been an excellent series so far, and 9 was probably the best of the lot. This, like GOT was, is always at its best when it’s high on the politics, scheming and backstabbing and the dragons, battles and shit cgi are kept to a minimum.
  18. 6-2 shields I think. Could maybe just about make a case for 5-3 as the 4th was a wee bit closer, but think Marshall needs both of these for a draw at best or a knockdown
  19. Was thinking could probably give Marshall the fifth, then shields near took her out her boots with a left hook [emoji23]
  20. 4-0 Shields for me. Her counters and body work have been excellent, and the speed difference is leaning when she comes forward first she’s not letting Marshall counter. Great fight so far.
  21. Shields looks so fast and sharp. Some start
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