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  1. I'm almost certain that Khabib is staying retired and was pretty steadfast to that end in his meeting with White. Dana, being the scumbag promoter he is, has just asked if he can at least delay it and add some intrigue to increase buys for the PPV, and Khabib has shrugged his shoulders and said why not. If the options for a return fight are only McGregor, Poirier, Hooker or Chandler then I just don't see that piquing his interest tbh as all four would be light work.
  2. Watching Thiago is pretty much the only reason this is still on my tv. An absolute baller. There really isn’t much else of interest here at all.
  3. Max is just so, so good. There’s a very real argument to be made that he’s the greatest featherweight of all time. Didn’t think I’d see a better performance from him than the merking he gave Brian Ortega, but that absolutely was. Volkanovski trilogy fight next please.
  4. Dana and Khabib meeting just now, wonder how much money White is trying to throw at him to fight the winner of McGregor v Porier? If he is going to fight again, either GSP or a title fight v Usman would 100% be my preference.
  5. Yeah, Roman Simakov. Stopped him mid-rounds, but guy was still conscious, went to the hospital, deteriorated, lapsed in to a coma and died 3 days later. Absolutely brutal.
  6. I haven't watched this fight in years, and I can still vividly remember big Kov roaring "WHO'S RUNNIN NOW???" at him as he lay splattered on the canvas near hanging out the ring. At that point he was potentially the scariest human being alive. I think his drinking has probably shortened his career significantly, and was apparently wildly excessive long before the Ward fights. Ward basically destroyed his aura though, and a combination of physical and mental deterioration happened almost immediately after the stoppage in the second. One of my favourite ever fighters to watch in his prime, just utterly ruthless.
  7. The last few pages of this thread have been absolutely batshit mental, but this is 100% the wildest [emoji23]
  8. You’ve been on P&B too long, m9
  9. Could be wrong and it might erupt in to violence, but from the photos I’ve seen, the “Patriots” that’ve managed to get in to the building, remind me a lot of that Friday night game when the protesting **** were trying to get in to the Ibrox front door, a couple of them managed, and then had no idea what to do, glaikitly looking round like a kitten chasing a light. Similar levels of intelligence and bigotry between the two groups too.
  10. I unfollowed him on there and Twitter this morning. Just too much stupidity to deal with. I know we've all said it before, but it makes it so difficult to invest in the guy. I was a huge Ricky Burns fan, and it was easy to be. A hard working, fairly talented Scottish boxer who wrung out every last drop of his abilities whilst being a genuinely great guy, and who became a 3-weight world champion. Taylor, on the other hand, has absolutely every physical and technical advantage over Burns, is in the top 10 p4p list in less than 20 fights, and should conceivably be on his way to being Scotland's equivalent of Conor McGregor (not in terms of charisma, etc, but someone a whole small country can get behind and be a legitimate household name), and yet, he's not, because he's just so fucking unlikeable. Someone in his management team or at matchroom needs to take his phone off him and change his social media passwords as a minimum.
  11. Never seen a player drop their darts on the floor as often as Price has here. Must be close to double figures. It’s absolutely bizarre.
  12. As we’re painfully aware, pretty much every blue tick and centrist da and ma for the last five years have claimed that any centrist labour leader would be absolutely skooshing ahead of this wildly incompetent Tory government. Now that they’ve got their Beige Knight (of the realm) at the helm and it’s not resulted in “the adults in the room having a frank, open and honest exchange of ideas whilst reclaiming the discourse” (or whatever blue sky, middle-management bullshit phrase is de riguer), and Sir Keith is abstaining and gaffing on a daily basis - hilariously disproving their West Wing fantasies - it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he was quietly ushered out the back door (family issues having arisen, NAP) before doing any real damage in the hope that everyone who backstabbed and undermined Corbyn et al will avoid having significant egg on their face and can continue their cushy roles on select committees, focus groups or writing columns for whatever rag will have them. England is a right wing country that simply does not want a labour government, and I think the children of Sorkin might be finally starting to realise that. That, or the Jess Philips bandwagon restarts in earnest. Some laugh either way, tbh.
  13. My guy Bernie just being an absolute swag daddy shagga yet again What might have been.
  14. Whether they need it for maintains warmth I don’t really know, I do 100% know that it keeps they dry and considerably less dirty, especially with the amount of running she does in muddy parks / woods, so from that perspective alone it’s much needed. Seems to be getting more and more used to it being on, has no problem once it is on. We weren’t sadly, no. Was just at the in-laws along the road. Had considered it, but too much hassle with me working Christmas Eve and the restrictions coming in from Boxing Day. Were you up? Rosie the dog had a very enjoyable Christmas, and hopes you all did too.
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