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  1. Foden already Is* …a better player. I’ve been watching that exact Messi goal for around 17 years now. I will never, ever tire of it. Absolute art from the greatest to ever do it.
  2. There’s not enough made about just how truly fucking abysmal a co-commentator Martin Keown is. He is quite unbelievably stupid and boring.
  3. Was just coming on to post exactly that. Quite simply the funniest cartoon character / man that has ever lived.
  4. The yanks are so far ahead and confident that they’ve let JT wear bowling shoes on the course. Unreal.
  5. Nah, Fury is the only boxer on the planet that is capable of beating Usyk. His movement and footwork are good enough to keep up with him, and he is so, so long. Usyk wouldn’t hit fury anywhere near as easily as he did AJ. Usyk is though, without question, the biggest shagger in boxing. An absolute fucking hero.
  6. That was absolutely sensational. I have told anyone that would listen for years that Oleksandr Usyk was coming for the heavyweight division, and I am so pleased (I assume) that I was right. He was absolutely fucking sensational and if this is anything other than an Usyk decision it’ll be disgraceful.
  7. Joshua only wins this by 12th round knock out or robbery. Usyk has been sensational
  8. If it goes the distance, AJ gets the decision regardless of how the fight goes. If it’s stopped in the mid rounds, AJ has won it, but i genuinely think Usyk might gas him with his footwork and pressure and finish him around 10. Could go anyway though, unreal potential. Cannot fucking wait for this!!!!
  9. Even by Sevco's standards of providing banter to the masses, that pipebomb this afternoon is a fucking goldmine of hilarity. How could it possibly got this far without one of their directors or legal team saying "here lads, we might have undermined our position here slightly? Is bringing this to the public eye a good idea?" I can only assume their legal representation is being led by Staunch Donald and Lionel Hutz . Cannot wait for the official statement.
  10. "Just wanted to ensure that everyone knows that this is directed purely at them fackin' foreigns what ain't got any clue 'bout are history anyway, and not the top, top English lads what know all about are Greavsie. Who won the fackin' war anyway? #Greavsie #GSTQ" He's about a billion levels below, but Sir Al is the closest thing we have to the Donald on this island in terms of posting entertainment.
  11. This is, bar none, the finest thread title in P&B history. Please provide it with the immense praise it deserves.
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