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  1. Ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Fucking YAAASSSSSSSS!!!! Inject her tears directly in to my heart. I want to mainline that shit!
  2. IT dork Douglas Lumsden getting a complete shoeing. Lovely stuff. Welcome home, Aberdeen South.
  3. These results are like a dildo in Thatcher and the UK’s dead arse, and I fucking love it. Nicola to harpoon Davidson half way across Loch Ness tomorrow morning and declare UDI there and then. Fucking magnificent scenes.
  4. 8:17am and I’ve already been able to put a big “X” in a box for Kirsty Blackman of the SNP twice this morning (one proxy for a mate). What a wonderful, wonderful start to a Thursday!
  5. Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday. Tomorrow you get to vote. Please do vote. I cannot stress this enough though, please DO NOT vote for the Conservatives. They are genuinely evil. They believe you are beneath them, and they despise you for it. Their leadership believe that inequality is not just an inevitability but a good thing, and the suffering of the poor is a price worth paying so corporations can increase profits. They believe that racism, homophobia and all other forms of bigotry are acceptable (unless they can politically point score from them), and that immigrants are second class citizens. They do not believe in looking after the most vulnerable members of our society. They do not believe in employee or human rights, and if you work, your current entitlements such as the working time directive, will be eviscerated. They do not believe in the welfare state in any way, and people will continue to die as a result. The public services in the UK have been run in to the ground over the last 9 years because Tories fundamentally do not believe in the greater good and do not care about the well being of the populace. If you’re in a marginal seat, vote for the most likely candidate to beat the Tory, if you’re not, vote for whoever you like. Just please: DO NOT VOTE FOR THE FUCKING TORIES!
  6. Thirty minutes gone, two off target shots, two corners that came to absolutely nothing, and f**k all else. This game is woeful.
  7. Rangers commitment to never ending the Banter years is the most commendable thing about either the original club or the new club. An absolutely unrivalled dedication to patter. Morelos provided more genuinely laugh out loud moments in that 90 minutes himself than most clubs manage in a decade. Absolutely fucking hilarious [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  8. As sadly one of these bigoted arseholes has to win it, and although I utterly fucking despise Celtic - a vile, disgusting football excuse for a football club - I sincerely hope they absolutely fucking batter the **** today. A bodying of hugely embarrassing proportions. Firstly, as I have a bet on them, and secondly, and most importantly, because it would be really fucking funny. Would assume their disgusting fans will be singing their hideous sectarian shite the whole way through, so as they’re going to embarrass Scottish football anyway, fingers crossed they do it with unadulterated violence as well and just kick the living shit out of each other for the full 90 minutes.
  9. Lionel Messi is the top scorer in La Liga. He missed the first 7 weeks of the season. He has scored once every 68 minutes, and has 5 assists on top of that. Utterly peerless. We will never see anything like him again.
  10. He’ll fight Pulev as his mandatory next and blow out the ageing, over the hill, old Bulgarian. The hype train will explode in to life once more. That wasn’t exciting, but Joshua boxed well. I posted earlier that the big question was whether Joshua could keep moving and successfully jabbing for the full 12, and he proved he very much could. The few occasions he got carried away and came inside he got caught though and there were still some concerning moments. A good display, but nothing to change my mind in favouring Wilder, Fury and Usyk against him.
  11. Champions already decided in early December. What a shambolic, tin pot, one-team league.
  12. It had almost nothing to do with disrespect, and everything to do with Ruiz style and skill set being all wrong for the obvious flaws that were in Joshua’s game at the time of the first fight. Joshua alphas always kept his right hand low, especially after throwing it, and has pretty plodding footwork. Ruiz ability to pressure him, throw combinations and throw big, accurate counters was Joshua’s downfall. The question tonight is whether one camp will have been enough to address the gaps. Ruiz weight gain appears to be a red herring as he looks more toned this time round than last. Could go literally either way, especially if Joshua’s cardio is good enough to keep Ruiz on the end of his jab, but think Ruiz by KO has the most value in it.
  13. Ryan Kent cost the **** seven million pounds. Seven. Million. Pounds. [emoji15] Holy fucking christ
  14. Except we didn't. Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom on the basis that we were "an equal partner",. The Scottish Government's request for the vote of each country to be acknowledged and hold equal sway would reflect this. This was rejected, because the UK is not a democratic entity, and Scotland is treated undemocratically within it. What you're suggesting is that Scotland isn't a country, but rather just north Britain, and should therefore do as the rest of Britain decides. This is incorrect.
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