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  1. Dana going mental, thinking he's booking a mid-90's Street Fighter computer game and hiring his own private island to hold it is the sort of fever dream shit this lockdown badly needs. Madness. Ferguson v Gaethje will be a bloodbath. I have a bad feeling we're never getting Khabib v Tony though.
  2. Even by Westworld's high standards, episode 4 is very, very, very good. Thoroughly enjoyed this season so far, as I did with both 1 and 2. An exceptional television show. Fingers crossed Aaron Paul gets even more screen time as the series develops, he's a very good actor, especially in something like this where things are only going to get darker.
  3. You know it’s fucking mental when the most sane, rational and relatable people - by a distance - are the lassie who had her arm bitten off, the meth head straight lad who married a homosexual man for seemingly no reason, and the drug dealer that literally inspired Scarface. Nothing but respect for Joe Exotic’s commitment to the gimmick when “his people” were there in the audience at the park. Lost your entire fortune in a law suit? No bother. Under FBI Investigation? Zero problem. Husband’s just killed himself? Who cares. There’re people to entertain goddamnit! What a worker.
  4. J_Stewart


    Ruth calling Wendy a “fucking bitch wolf” is an utterly astonishing piece of television. That was the best season yet. A brilliant programme. Jason Bateman’s continued ability to wear his sleeves rolled at all times is absolutely unrivalled as well.
  5. It really is, in a similar vein, Life In Pieces is also a very enjoyable watch for the vast majority of it.
  6. It's essentially just like the Wasteland we had on here a few years ago, but with less chaos and fewer deaths. 100% behind it also, the P&B version of the 42 team Scottish league.
  7. Worth the price of subscription for “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” alone. What a fucking hero that man is [emoji7]
  8. Paddington 2 Like the first one, an utter joy from start to finish. Plenty of laughs and heartwarming moments, and Hugh Grant was excellent as the eccentric villain. Paddington is an absolute top boy, and I wasn’t crying at the end, you were crying!
  9. Fight 100% shouldn’t have been planned to go ahead anyway, but if this is true it sounds like it’s well and truly fucked
  10. Lockdown is tough on us all, even Rosie the dog, who has now taken to wearing a Russian hat around the house to get through the days One of the stranger coping mechanisms.
  11. Jon Jones arrested for DWI yet again, along with shooting off a firearm (which he tried to hide under the drivers seat) in the middle of the night. A complete and utter fanny. I have no doubt he’d be the undisputed heavyweight champ (with his size and talent he’d have breezed it) and the biggest star in the history of the sport if he wasn’t such a self-destructive, rip-roaring c**t.
  12. Rosie the dog got a new bed yesterday. She’s a fan.
  13. ‪All this is missing is the David Brent “you’re not going to lose your job, you’re not going to lose your job, you’re... eh... you’re not going to lose your job” but with “you have to leave” at the end, and the curb your enthusiasm music at the 8 second mark when seeing the journalists expression for this to be the greatest moment in news coverage history, IMO. Top, top authoritarianing from our boy, Donny.
  14. Enjoyed a bit of social distancing by taking Rosie the dog to Glen Tanar in Aboyne with the wife. Nice place for a stroll.
  15. How do you possibly improve Barry Homeowner / Train Guy on social media I hear you ask? Add in Matt Berry as Jeff Linton, that’s how. An idea right out of the isolation inspiration station. Ciao and, of course, bella-ella-eeessseemo
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