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  1. Think fury would be too big for Usyk as his movement is also very good, but not convinced AJ would be. Totally different fight to this as Joshua wouldn’t just be pressing forward throwing wild haymakers (majority of which missed by a distance or been blocked), but have more of a jab fest. That would suit Usyk far more than the fight tonight. Joshua is a cautious boxer now and his footwork is levels below Usyk’s as well so there’s every chance he could get in and out of range without being landed on. Worth remembering that it’s his second fight at the weight. He’s only going to get heavier and stronger as he continues, same way Haye did, same way Holyfield did.
  2. There is just absolutely no basis in reality for this.
  3. 10-2 Usyk. He’s an astonishing boxer. That score makes it sound like a whitewash, which it obviously wasn’t, Chisora was game the whole way through, but Usyk’s angles, speed, variation of shot and footwork had him taking rounds. Enjoyable watch.
  4. Almost refreshing to see that it’s not just the Politics forum that H_B consistently makes a complete fool of himself. 6-2 Usyk. Some of his combinations and footwork in the last 3 rounds have been gorgeous. Just so, so much talent.
  5. Nope. This is exactly what Usyk did against bellew. Slipping punches or catching them on his arms and gloves, taking very little damage and landing counters, exhausting Chisora in the process. Usyk is landing his left hand almost every time Chisora comes in.
  6. Big deek is going to be exhausted by round 4 [emoji23] what a man.
  7. Setting off the #KLAXON even with no one in the arena. Unbelievable commitment to the gimmick. What a worker Eddie is.
  8. This is just demonstrably not the case in any way shape or form. Alex Salmond’s priority number 1, 2, 3, 4, 76, 592, and 417,862 is the reputation and ego of Alex Salmond. Now, there’s nothing particularly wrong with that, the vast, vast majority of people in his situation would be the same, but let’s not pretend this is some sort of 9D chess being played for the benefit of Scottish Independence, especially when we’ve just received 11 polls on the bounce with a positive reaction for that outcome under the current Scottish government. As has said many times before, when the inevitable occurs, perhaps no one will have done more towards it than Salmond. He’ll - rightly - be remembered overall as a giant of the movement and likely the finest politician of his generation, but right now, he’s doing considerably more harm than good.
  9. Is the “Sup-er Man, Sup-er Man” video the most unintentionally funny thing I’ve ever seen? You better believe it, brother!
  10. I have no idea what they were up to (too busy laughing at idiot dog to notice) but can thankfully confirm it's not a school, just a street of houses. Still looks creepy af, mind you 😂
  11. "Fucking hell, has Rosie the dog impaled herself on that massive stick?" you may be asking yourself. No, she’s somehow managed to get it stuck in her collar, because she’s a complete moron. All internal organs are in working condition.
  12. This could legitimately be a scene from The Simpsons with Joe playing the role of Abe, and the reporters walking away from his dementia riddled mutterings being literally everyone else. It's absolutely fine that he's likely to be the President though.
  13. It doesn’t even make sense either because Khabib has plenty of charisma and is wildly entertaining. This is the guy that would have conversations with his promoter at ringside whilst still inside the cage beating f**k out of his opponent. *punch* *punch* “you have to give me shot Dana”, *elbow* *punch* *punch* “you know I deserve title fight” *elbow* *punch* *elbow* “we talk after fight” *applies rear naked choke, victim sleeps*. Watch literally any video with Khabib and DC and tell me that man isn’t charismatic.
  14. I don't think it's particularly "wild card" to predict that both candidates will have died before the 2024 elections, tbh. They're both pretty old, neither are in peak physical condition (Trump especially) and their brains have degraded to varying degrees of mush. Biden will win, Trump will tantrum, and after a few clashes in the first week, the MAGA boys will get bored and everything will proceed as normal to the inauguration. Biden won't see Year 3 in his Presidency.
  15. Yeah, it’s a crying shame, but then, unless he moved up a division, what’s really left for him? He’s absolutely decimated lightweight, Gaethje was on paper the most difficult challenge for him stylistically and he just mauled him. Maybe for the best he goes out at the absolute top rather than hanging on for too long. In saying all that, would have been really interested to see how he got on at welter, with his technique and freak strength I wouldn’t have put it passed him clearing it out either.
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