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  1. In what way is she a true believer? She's gone from a "guillotine the lot of them" Lib Dem, to a One Nation Tory Remainer, and now a hard-brexit loving fascist. She doesn't 'believe' in anything. She's an opportunist and careerist who only has the interests of herself and her immediate circle in mind when undertaking any action whatsoever. She's a dangerous cretin because she has no morals, no empathy, and no long-term hope of continuing as the prime minister past the next election. Means her brand of corruption, obliteration of public services, and general misery making for the poorest in society will be accelerated even past the majority of what these scumbags would be willing to gamble. She's on borrowed time, she knows it, and she's going to take advantage of it.
  2. God forbid there be evidence of classism and preferential treatment for anyone whilst queuing to see the coffin of AN ACTUAL FUCKING MONARCH. There's not a group alive that perpetuate the divide between classes more clearly than the woman they were all waiting to weep over. The pair of them are quite blatantly horrible tory c***s, and he's almost certainly a groomer, so string them up for those actual offences against society, not this meaningless shit. The whole island is fucking insane.
  3. They currently have a degree of public support and sympathy, and the likes of Mick Lynch and Eddie Dempsey are able to speak to the media primarily on the subject at hand. As fucking ludicrous as it may be, had they continued striking during the collective lunacy of grieving time, not only would they have been branded "disrespectful" and lost the majority of that support (which helps their bargaining power), but every media appearance would be nothing but queries and derision about haunted old Liz, derailing (pardon the pun) their actual objective. Whilst it would have certainly been funny to see a bunch of union jack clad paedos greeting all over tv about not getting to w**k in the bushes within 200 yards of her coffin, continuing the strikes wouldn't have benefitted the RMT cause in any way shape or form.
  4. Are Scotland the greatest nations league team of all time? For me, it’s a resounding yes, baby!
  5. Can see why the ref hasn’t given the red, must have been absolutely dumbfounding thinking you’re refereeing a game of football and one of the players lands a perfectly timed clothesline from hell. Enough to momentarily confuse anyone. VAR, as usual, is fucking awful.
  6. Astonished that someone can watch that multiple times on a replay with VAR and come to the conclusion that it’s not a straight red. Even discounting whether or not it’s a clear goal scoring opportunity, it’s quite simply a fucking assault. Amazed they’ve got away with that. Excellent from Adams though. More of that please.
  7. Wishing a happy “Lizzy’s in the ground” day to all who celebrate.
  8. Someone said on twitter earlier that when the COVID pandemic started, Nwaneri was 12 years old. Fucking insane.
  9. Saw a tweet the other week that was along the lines of “it’s a shame that the funniest person that’s ever lived is also one of the worst”, which is absolutely bang on. An abysmal human being? Absolutely. Demonstrably hilarious? Undeniably. Was howling laughing being reminded of these two clips earlier Equally, can’t help but fear the Mar-A-Lago documents are going to go the same way as the russiagate stuff. Yet another “he can’t weasel out this time”…*weasels out*…”ah well, nevertheless”moment. He’s a crook, but has always been a pretty unimaginative one. Rangers esque not paying the facepainter on a grander scale (lawyers mainly)has always been his bag, and I’m genuinely not convinced he has the intelligence to be covertly selling state secrets and nuclear weaponry designs to foreign despots. If it has happened, it’s far more likely been under his nose while someone’s distracted him by jangling keys or so. Jared Kushner, on the other hand, I could absolutely believe that little snake was adding another couple of billion to the property investment fund by giving away info on American assets and a variety of other treasonous activities.
  10. I will be putting all my money (allocated for this bet) on Canelo on points. Golovkin won the first fight, absolutely zero doubt in my mind, and the second you could make a pretty good argument was a draw, but sadly I think too much time his past and Canelo will be too much for him and win it fairly comfortably. GGG will still have that monster chin, so I don’t see him getting stopped, but I’m thinking at least a 116-112, maybe wider.
  11. Don’t be daft. The real banter timeline is Fury stopping Joshua half way through the second round having dropped him twice in the first and getting to see Fast Eddie’s facial reactions in real time. Worth the ticket / PPV price alone.
  12. Fingers crossed UEFA fucking hammer them for disobeying the “no anthems edict” they’ve stated all week. Double delight at getting to laugh at their embarrassing, boot licking, forelock tugging cringefest and then seeing them get a hefty fine. Hope Napoli fucking pump them as well.
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