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  1. It's a long running joke with the Olympics with people musing that they should just have a separate competition for all the PED users where they're all drugged up to the gills and just see how fast a juiced up athlete can run, can throw, can swim, etc whilst the clean athletes compete with each other fairly. I think they should do the opposite for Trump and Biden. No medication, coaching or video-prompter whatsoever prior to their debates and just see what level of utter drivel will be spouted by two clearly dementia riddled old men.
  2. DJ at 22/1 on an e/w definitely has my interest. Lot of value in that I think.
  3. Only one I’ve put on so far. Was going to do it Wednesday night when he was 35s, completely forgot, and by the time I’d come to put it on he’d been cut massively. Still decent enough. See how things are looking in the morning, may stick another couple on.
  4. The decline in Suarez in the last 18 months or so has been sizeable. For a good 5 years or so he was comfortably the best “number 9” on the planet, and now he struggles to make 3 yard lay-offs and doesn’t have the legs to move the least mobile of centre halves about. Leading him to the glue factory and finding a suitable replacement should really be their number one priority.
  5. Cannot wait for the absolute SCENESfest when McInnes tests positive and it turns out he's caught it shagging Ash Taylor's wife again. Will be like an episode of Dream Team.
  6. There's so much gold in that 63 second clip. The first "COME ON MAN" is incredible, but it's the first little wheezy laugh that kills me. It comes out of nowhere and there's absolutely no context to it, no one has said anything, it's too long after he's completed his babbling sentence to apply to it. It's wild. Give it three years and post-grads will be writing papers on the foreboding of that laugh in connection with Sleepy Joe announcing his legislative cornerstone for 2023 will be a "no dinner served after 4:30pm and only semolina with the lumpy bits for pudding" bill.
  7. I know it's been said a few times, but I cannot stress enough how excited I am about the possibility of live televised debates between these two mush-brained old duffers. There's not a PR team or Campaign Manager alive that can stop dementia riddled rants when the cameras are live. It could be, nae, will be, utterly astonishing TV. The Presidency itself will obviously be neo-con horror for all whichever of them gets in. Is it worth four years of that to see "and I tied an onion to my belt, which was the fashion at the time" muttered by the future President on live TV? For me, yes.
  8. I'd equate Salmond now with Brian Clough and Nottingham Forest. A charismatic, polarising leader, and undeniably the most important and successful figure in the organisations history, but due to ego, stayed / is staying involved for far too long, caused / causing significant disruption within the organisation itself and the support, and eventually led to them going backwards. Salmond has done more for the Scottish Independence movement than any other person past or present, I just wish he would ride off in to the sunset, re-appearing sparingly to troll the f**k out of the Tories. No one does it better.
  9. The way it’s shot makes it look like a “The Office” style docucomedy. The content makes it sound like a “The Office” style docucomedy. It continues to be absolutely fucking wild that this is real life and not satire, and that that’s the actual President of United States. What a world.
  10. My mate’s a member, so hoping to get a game there in the next couple of weeks. Got my handicap through last week after joining and doing my three rounds in Golspie. 15, so not too bad. Was wee brothers 30th yesterday so was up again for the weekend and managed a round yesterday and today. 87 yesterday which wasn’t fantastic and would have been a nett 72, but an 81 this morning for a nett 66, which was a lot better. Played “sensible” golf for possibly the first time ever today (i.e. taking a 6 iron from the rough and leaving it 60 yards on a tight fairway rather than trying to flush a 3 wood and potentially fucking it up) and seemed to make a lot of difference, driving was a lot less erratic today too. Won’t be up for a bit now so back to the shitey (in comparison) council courses of Aberdeen for the next wee while. Least I can stare at the photos and count the days until the next round up at home:
  11. Only put this on half way through the 8th, but some laugh watching Eggington and Cheeseman consistently block punches with their face.
  12. A pathetic child. A pathetic, insecure, egomaniacal, moronic, lying child.
  13. If you ever wanted to know how much of a busted flush Mourinho is, Wildly celebrating scraping 6th place in the Barclays pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Minter.
  14. Took the dog up Clachnaben this morning, was a lovely walk, especially with the sun shining
  15. Good man. No surprises in my answer I’d imagine, but if you’re on the east coast then Golspie, Brora, Struie (Dornoch) and Tain (in that order) are a must, first two especially. If you can get the Championship course in Dornoch then it’s obviously number one, but tee times can be difficult at short notice and it’s about £190 a round, but it’s one of the best courses on the planet.
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