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    Rosie the dog is a complete Moon Unit [emoji23]
  2. Boxing Thread

    To prove that he's the best heavyweight on the planet. Is that not the whole point for guys like Joshua, Fury and Wilder?
  3. The Hibernian Thread

    Soz m8, but “how I dressed it up”, is actually just “Contract Law”. Happy to explain I (sic) to you in greater detail if required.
  4. The Hibernian Thread

    As is The_Kincardine: Hibs capping their liability in the event of termination for poor performance doesn’t change the term of the contract. For example, the compensation another club would owe Hibs if they wanted to appoint him their manager would be reflective of the 3.5 year period, minus whatever time had been served to that point, so it absolutely is a 3.5 year contract. Buffoon.
  5. When will indyref2 happen?

    "Snatties" has actually made my eye twitch. Needs more dogs, Phil.
  6. Bob Mortimer

    Bob Mortimer is a fucking treasure and should be cherished. His appearances on Would I Lie To You are some of the funniest television ever made, and the Chris Rhea Egg in the Bath story may be the best 10/15 minutes of "comedy panel show" in television history. He just brings a childlike glee to everything he does, and seems to have a natural inquisitiveness so that even the most absurd sounds entirely plausible. His twitter is consistently brilliant as well. His "Cat names for sale" tweets are maybe the highlight of the existence of social media. Long may he and Vic Reeves continue to make comedy for our consumption.
  7. Premier League 2018-19

    At what point do footballers stop being human beings? There’re people in my work who aren’t happy with decisions that are made by management and the direction the company is going, they’ve become demotivated, and I know for a fact that they half ass their job a lot of the time as a result. Footballer’s are no different. If they aren’t happy or motivated they simply won’t be capable of performing to the same level as they would if they were enjoying their work. It’s human nature, and they shouldn’t be held to a higher standard than all other people just because of the money they earn, or because it’s a job you’d like to do yourself.

    Rosie the dog is a massive fucking poser!
  9. MMA Thread

    Just watching the UFC card, De La Rosa v Kassem: Silva v Adesanya was really good fun, and the right result. I had it 29-28 giving Silva the second, just. A good passing of the torch fight. Adesanya has a great future ahead of him.
  10. MMA Thread

    The absolute state of instating an interim title in the division during Khabib’s suspension and not having Tony Ferguson fight for it [emoji23]
  11. Boxing Thread

    Was reading earlier that Richard Commey is injured and won’t be able to fight by April like the WBA mandated, which means there’s a very good chance that the best boxer on the planet could be fighting on these shores very soon. Obviously he’d box rings around Crolla, but I would 100% be there to see big Vasily do his thing live and in colour again.
  12. Premier League 2018-19

    https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/47125542 The victim mentality is so deeply enshrined in Liverpool, that even when they’re given a dodgy decision, they can still find a way to be hard done by because of it. Quite incredible [emoji23]
  13. Premier League 2018-19

    Iwobi [emoji23] How is he still at Arsenal? An absolute imposter.
  14. Boxing Thread

    Kovalev was very, very good last night. His jab and feints were brilliant, and as a result, Alvarez just couldn’t get off. I only gave Alvarez the 7th, rest was all Kovalev. Most intelligently I’ve seen him box since the Bernard Hopkins fight. If he’s recaptured his focus, which last night seemed to suggest, the Bivol and / or Beterbiev fights could be really interesting. Teofimo Lopez is clearly a talented kid, but he’s a classless little w****r. Celebration was unnecessary, but much worse I don’t think he even went to check on Magdaleno after the fight, or not that I noticed anyway.