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  1. The Israeli Finance minister Bezalel Smotrich literally called himself "a fascist and a homophobe". Now, I'm not claiming to be one of earth's leading experts on either the geopolitics of the Israeli / Palestine conflict, or of far-right political philosophies, but to me, if one state is essentially enacting genocide upon another, and that same state's elected leaders literally call themselves fascists whilst enacting fascist policies, then I'm pretty comfortable describing that state as "a fascist, apartheid state". Starmer is a fucking goon.
  2. This is a complete mess from start to finish from someone who is completely ignorant of the current system and proposed changes (or just a bigot, still on the fence), but the general principle does exemplify one of my absolute favourite genres in online posting: pointing to something under existing circumstances and equating it with some alternative or future law / political system. Americans and Tories are especially great at this while pointing to some level of degradation that currently exists under their exact reality and bemoaning how it's "exactly what communism / Corbyn in charge" would look like. Honestly, the stupidity makes me laugh every time. The reporting of this case though is, unsurprisingly, a disgrace. You would think that Women's prisons are an absolute free-for-all - no guards, no procedures, no regulations - by the way the story has been presented. The truth is that Isla Bryson is a dangerous HUMAN BEING regardless of what gender they are assigned for the benefit of their prison sentence, they're currently in isolation away from the general prison population, and the SPS decides which prison - be that male or female - the convict will be serving their sentence in. Essentially, the proposed GRR bill MAKES NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER IN THIS INSTANCE (or sports, where the governing body for whatever the sport and level may be makes the decision). So, with that easily disproven nonsense out of the way yet again, I'll once again ask, 1888Likktie, what is your exact problem with the contents of the proposed GRR bill please? If it's your belief that "Trans people simply shouldn't exist", then at least have the conviction to just come out and say it, rather than dancing around the point like your bullshit above.
  3. My idea is to not vote for the Conservative Party, who are demonstrably trying to destroy it from both the inside and out. This is the obvious first step. Anyone that suggests they want to improve the NHS whilst also voting for Tory vermin is either a liar or an idiot. There is no other alternative.
  4. Some laugh that DPB is apparently old enough to be retired, and yet has never heard of or paid "National Insurance", y'know, the thing that we all already pay to cover our health care, including GP appointments. Almost as if this isn't a good faith discussion from his end.
  5. I fear there may only be two stops left on "the journey" for the bold Stu. Selling self-improvement vitamins (your herbalife's, your Brain force 5s, etc), and then - citing the aforementioned pornographers', drug addicts, pedophiles', etc - a conversion to Islam and a mega appeal to investigate the Wests' degraded moral values and campaign to bring back corporal punishment. This will be his final form before actually reluctantly retiring, having fleeced his idiot supporters for all they have, or, undertaking ritual beheading on himself having gone completely and utterly insane. No other scenarios available. "and the Reverand wept, for there were no more worlds to grift".
  6. Absolutely howling at that offside decision. He’s at least 3 yards on ffs More of that from the officials please. Really lean in to the comedy, lads.
  7. Can only question Ambrose there tbh. The fact he’s not thought to recoil his right arm up in to his shoulder like a reverse go go gadget in the 0.0003 seconds between it deflecting off another person’s foot and his arm is just careless quite frankly. What a fucking shambles of a decision.
  8. Putting posters on ignore is in direct contradiction to my philosophy of never missing a crumb of delicious hot take in P&B's market place of ideas. Good faith, both sides debate for all.
  9. We’re on to the second episode of the US one and I’m morbidly enjoying it purely because no human being in recorded history has ever dressed or spoken like Alan Cummings is here. This is “Scottish stereotype for yank tv” heritage right before our eyes. The yank contestants all appear to be monumentally stupid, so looking forward to some unintentional comedy as a result of their idiocy.
  10. Leo is currently sleeping on me, snoring away, I fear he may be demented Deservedly sleepy after a good walk up the hills this afternoon once it’d dried up
  11. That is some ball in from Cammy Kerr. Dundee have actually looked like a competent football team second half. NOT what we’re looking for, thanks lads.
  12. “Definitely not a Tory” Keir Starmer refusing to promise more public spending than the fucking Conservative party is it? Want bold, ambitious policy to save the NHS do you? Metaverse bitches: Wouldn’t be one of Sir Keir’s famous speeches without confirmation of a broken promise here or there. Get fucked higher education students in England Can’t wait for Labour to get in so we can have the implementation of Starmer’s socialist utopia.
  13. After "Tory media" you forgot to add "and current incumbents of the Labour Party front bench" who backstabbed and kneecapped Corbyn and the Labour left at every possible opportunity. Would not trust a single word that came out of their mouths, and the likelihood is that they'll be arching ever further right in statements and policy, rather than "just saying things to keep the brexiters onside but actually being really, really socialist".
  14. Barisic being 15 yards deeper than everyone else when Jota plays the through ball is absolutely fucking hilarious. it being the 89th minute and there not being a single booking is not hilarious, however. Where’s the argy bargy you cowards?
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