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  1. I'm a baby penguin. Right.

  2. alright andy, how's things?

  3. Your highlights are exellent mate! keep up the good work & you'l be taking over bankies tv :P

  4. clydebank 3 petershill 2 - top ae the league yer havin a laugh! :)

  5. Auchinleck Talbot 2 Clydebank 0. b*****d.

  6. Away tae auchinleck next week, easy fuckin peasy mon the bankies!!

  7. Funny how polloks highest league gate was against us because we take the biggest fuckin support and nobody else does !!
  8. Pollok average around 500 - 600 a game and take around 200+ away from home. Clydebank get a good 350-400 a game and take around 200+ away from home. Irvine meadow get about 350+ at every game and take alot away with them, same with auchinleck, arthurlie, cumnock, bo'ness, linlithgow, and alot of others. Berwick are nothing special, your support is rather pish poor.
  9. Clydebank 5 Pollok 4 :D Mon the bankies!

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