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  1. You can't be the better team and lose at the same time.
  2. Winning without playing well is a good thing. I'm sure we'll get better, but I'd rather be in our position that the Accies or the Pars.
  3. Call me what you will, but I'd love to see the Ayrshire badenage continued in the top flight. Sadly, it seems, only one team is ever likely to be back there.
  4. Bread and butter for a front man. We have left backs and right backs putting in decent balls now. Admittedly it's all happening the the 2nd half of games, but that's a different issue.
  5. Also calling Miller "shite" is just nonsense. At times he lacked the composure and technique required, that's true, but he also burst a gut in a Scotland shirt every game. And there were some great moments: "That's the value of quality"
  6. I don't think that's entirely true. Seems to me he had a clue enough to see a fast cross coming into the box and made contact with it. Getting the touch is more important than the defender getting there first.
  7. Besides all of the above, it's also been called a dirge for good reason. It's too slow, and the acoustics in the stadium don't work. The singer and the crowd have to be more in synch. It often isn't, and ends up like calling relatives in Oz circa 1980.
  8. McTominay will play as one of the back 3. Everyone, including the manager, knows that Gilmour now starts, with McGinn and McGregor.
  9. That's his gigantic doctor. Only a titan can assist a fellow titan.
  10. Also: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/sports/scotland-defeats-israel-3-2-with-last-minute-goal-in-world-cup-qualifier-681525 Nope. https://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-scotland-at-2-2-after-mid-point-of-world-cup-qualifier/ Nope.
  11. Willibald Ruttensteiner? Nope. No results from all the various search engines. ?
  12. No. He plays. Got used to the idea that I wished he would f**k off for good, but the guy has turned it around in great style. Same shape as Us v Moldova. Expecting some calms words about finishing chances this time. It's coming together now. 0-3 Scotland.
  13. All history now anyways. Good to see Sir Alex get his cap last night, and his glee at the end was a picture.
  14. Fair do's. Would you have Souness before Dalgish is nonsense.
  15. Quite agree. Like one is set up to expect the worst, and then there's Ally, who is basically just an uber-fan now. Like Faddy. Works for me.
  16. Much as I love King Kenny, that's not a fair comparison.
  17. Anyone who gets positions confused. I'd have both of them back in an instant.
  18. I'm already looking forward to the return fixture, when our revenge will be enacted. Last time was some cup game where the Killie horde missed most of the first half due to poor management. Looking forward to the same and no pies aleady.
  19. Exactly Flood. He seems keen to do it. But that will take games, and time. I mind Boyd's first few games. It was like watching Bambi on Ice.
  20. Agreed. He's far from clinical enough yet, but hopefully that will come. At least he's getting into the places where chances will come. Give him time.
  21. But then it isn't inaccurate is it? The song refers to the major trophies in available in Scotland. The Top League. The Scottish Cup. The League Cup. Killie have won ALL of of these trophies. What about Ayr?
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