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  1. Aye he's a complete c**t. On the rare occasion I watch Sportscene he seems to always pick an argument with the other two. And then keeps it going for all eternity, cos he's never wrong.
  2. Just switched to the telly and the schedule says Still Game should be on. How apt.
  3. End-switching? Didn't the fans used to do this at Gayfield? Sure I read that somewhere back when.
  4. Depends on the result tonight of course. But everybody had under-estimated Arbroath this season. They're some mob.
  5. You can already see games lasting 2 hours + cos this Collum tube goes to check the monitor, repeatedly.
  6. A dismal display. But never go into a contest you can't win.
  7. Classic from the Maryhill folk who rarely go to either, or top top up their tans on ths beach.
  8. Nope. As long as naebody gets hurt they're great things. Spectacles.
  9. Ayr dodge the bullet and shove the hapless Pars into the danger zone. Look how important those 3 points at RP have turned out to be. Well done.
  10. Doonhamers no longer giving a f**k. Mad how that happens.
  11. It's taken me a week to recover. Mind you, it's been a while since I was described as an athlete. Cheers!
  12. The club certainly won't. 20 dink (or whatever) to see the club promoted to the top league? How much is that actually worth?
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