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  1. League Cup Group H

    You're pretty much guaranteed kudos from Killie fans for sticking with and being positive about your team. We now have the Steve Clarke effect to explain the good turnout and a team we can put our hopes in. And if Monty says good luck to you, I doubt you'll get anybody arguing with that.
  2. League Cup Group H

    Photos that make you wish you had been there, part 1:
  3. League Cup Group H

  4. League Cup Group H

    Every player could, especially defenders in Scotland. Boyd's now 34 and considered quitting last year. Quite a phenomenal return, really. The best finisher I've seen.
  5. League Cup Group H

    Exactly. He's a raw 19 years old, the season has just started! Pretty sure Sir Steve knows what he's doing. Time will tell.
  6. League Cup Group H

    Kilmarnock manager Steve Clarke gave an update on Stuart Findlay and Greg Taylor after both players were hurt in a horrible clash of heads against Dumbarton. Both players had to leave the field after a terrible collision when the score was 0-0. While neither player suffered concussion, both required stitches and lengthy treatment in the dressing room. "It was quite a sickening thud but thankfully they are both OK," Clarke said Killie's 4-2 win. "There's no concussion. If they're fit to play against Spartans they'll play."The boys are both very sore."Greg wanted to stay on the pitch but the doctor said his cut was too big. Stuart's eye swelled up and closed and there was no way he could carry on." Head Knocks
  7. League Cup Group H

    Sons very much still in this. A result against Saints and you're laughing. With Queens Park and The Spartans to play we're now looking good for top spot.
  8. League Cup Group H

  9. League Cup Group H

  10. League Cup Group H

  11. League Cup Group H

  12. League Cup Group H

  13. League Cup Group H

  14. League Cup Group H