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  1. That won't be necessary. I've found similar from elsewhere. Came across some interesting migration stats just by. Will share when I get things the gither.
  2. Crivvens, that's an ask! A link or even the original search statement would narrow it down. Cheers in advance :-)
  3. A new stats table on me BW. Where was this plucked from?
  4. Only a sozzled fool who lives enclosed in a cupboard would say this.
  5. Cole-Hamilton is the quintessential snake-oil salesman, with one glaring difference: he never moves on to a new town. Or perhaps he's just a snake. His Unionist position is now as untenable as the Tory position. Here's Bernard nailing it and its flummoxed messenger to the floor:
  6. Whether they spent millions or cashed in a few ginger boatles is irrelevant. The SNP are a pro-EU party. I can't believe you are even contesting this. Why? https://www.snp.org/policies/pb-what-is-the-snp-s-position-on-the-eu/
  7. There's only one contributor "kidding on" here and that's the one who's trying to manufacture some ludicrous idea that the SNP are not pro-EU.
  8. Killie fans are all grumpy b*****ds. Ayr's ground is shite. Scottish goalies are keech.
  9. 10am of course means that I'll have to go for a catch-up option.
  10. Good call ICTJ. The rare times I've listened to O'Brien it's been worthwhile. I see he does get a lot of attacks. Mostly from from folk who don't like being asked difficult questions. Will listen more.
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