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  1. No they aren't, and you've also explained why.
  2. Keep, Punt or Undecided

    Well that was easy. D'accord!
  3. Hearts v Hibernian

    Had a long lie, cleaned the sick out of the bath, a trembling breakfast at 5pm? It's cool man. Everybody has to cut loose wance in a while.
  4. Pity, that post was going so well for you.
  5. Stephen O'Donnell. Might give you a fighting chance.
  6. Hibs vs Kilmarnock

    A much better view up there TBF
  7. Hibs vs Kilmarnock

    A decent save, though the finish was poor. Should've been low and hard into the big end. Zero composure. Jones is playing like a player that doesn't want to to get injured.
  8. Hibs vs Kilmarnock

    A draw would suit both, but we'll win this tomorrow. Predictions: 1-2 for me. Hibs will make the top six, and the rest of their season will be taken up by the drive to finish above the Jambos.
  9. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Sure is. Best news of the day so far. More of a Dicker man myself. Make of that what you will :-)
  10. Offensive behaviour

    I was referring more to its bowling club mentality, its walled-garden, its lack of vision tbf
  11. Offensive behaviour

    A cabal.
  12. Offensive behaviour

    Yep. They're waiting for this weekend's games and for everyone to forget about it aren't they?
  13. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    There's always a booth. You buy a ticket at the booth and hand it in at the turnstile. Last time there was a queue though, same at Livvy, where a lot of folk missed the kick-off. So get up there by half past I would say.