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  1. They did! Almost forgot about that. Then we had games were folk turned up and the undersoil was goosed. Still, lol, apart from that we had one of the finest pitches going.
  2. Nope. It was amongst the best pitches anywhere for the greater part of 100+ years then they relayed it and for a couple of seasons it resembled the shambolic Fir Park. All sandy and stuff. Then they decided to cover it all of that in plastic. Nope.
  3. We all knew he meant "massive gaps" and "I've nae idea", but he has to limit the damage before the next league game.
  4. Haud oan. We won the away tie, and were all over them in the return. Hit the woodwork several times as well. True, one of our worst results, but in no way a humping. Shouldn't be in the same list as these 7-against humiliations.
  5. First time I've played in years and first time in my life I've played with the rhythm sectiion all going random and swapping instruments and places and the chorus of pawns still doing their thing. Just went gun-ho attack, and you rebuffed everthing. Cap doffed.
  6. Being boring might be a passion for you - and you can do that in your private time - but boring others is unacceptable hubris.
  7. When he came out and started greetin about how much it meant to him after the Serbia game? Excellent tonight. Get in there Wee Man.
  8. Hot and cold, that's why. Keeps trying though, did a job for goal 1 and so happy for him when he banged that pen in. Excellent night's work for Ryan.
  9. In both games. Imagine, just a while back we were all talking about out shite defence. Now we have a couple of ballers in there. And we don't give up.
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