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  1. There's going to be fireworks when Chris Iwelomu's wee brother gets his jacket back. All the stitching ripped to bits.
  2. Sure, if you miss out the bit where Kalajdzic managed to rise, under pressure, and powerfully skew in one of the best headers I've seen in a long time. Sure, that was avoidable, and totally McGregor's fault.
  3. Pity there's no extra time. Quite enjoyed that game.
  4. Who suggested "VAR-light"? Oh, and 2017 is still new.
  5. It's not working properly, and agree that it should be nowhere near our game. For two reasons: 1) It's not working properly - yet; 2) It's too expensive to consider at the mo. Both of those points could be answered in time though, yes?
  6. Should we suppose that VAR will replace referees and linesmen entirely? The vagaries of ref + linesman decisions could be nullified by it.
  7. That's fine JTS98, you have your view. I'll say it's still worthy, albeit still nascent and not quite there yet. I agree that having a delay or even letting play continue whilst a decision is made is just confusing to everybody. And that new "wait till the phase has completed before raising the flag" rule? That needs to be put in the sea before another ball is kicked!
  8. Not so fast! VAR was introduced to essentially enforce the rules of the game that a referee may, of often will, miss. There's zero fun in being robbed by an infrigement. Let's take a random example...where's the fun in this, sauf si vous êtes français?
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