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  1. Is this the time to tell everyone that I have a big, heavy 78? I'm quite attached to it.
  2. Hibs have blipped, but still I'd be happy with a point from this game. Interesting to look at the where both teams are now. Mind this huge tussle to avoid the drop? Quite a lot has changed! Sad that the visit to ER won't be happening for the fans.
  3. I have it from a good source * that Tommy got waylaid by lockdown on his way home, yet has used the time to become the unquestionable dictator of the Isle of Man. If correct, Tommy is actively putting plans in place to erect a new Chancellery, carved from local stone in the shape of the Scottish Cup. Talks of mobilising an army have also been mooted. Both NI and Scotland would be foolish to ignore this threat. * not verified yet
  4. Is this Plan B or Plan C? Of course that "no-one" is not true, and will become increasingly so.
  5. Another way - to clarify for you: More of a Poundland than a Waitrose.
  6. Well put. I once heard a swan say that it was its own master and that no amount of ancient legislature nor The Queen was ever going to change that. Never challenged in court of course, so here we are.
  7. Maybe he doesn't leave the hoose and just stays in his nightwear? Not unique these days.
  8. You have too many clauses here, and it's strange that you're making an effort to combine them. Dyer will or will not be sacked based on his record. That's it.
  9. I reckon both clubs will be safe enough in this league and then we'll have the party next year.
  10. Spot on GAD. Usually marked out as a "must attend" with all the exiles back from wherever they were for the festive break. One of those is a Saints fan who basically spammed me after that cup victory over The Rangers. Was looking forward to a few pints there. Oh well.
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