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  1. It'll be a sad day if this guy fucks it up and doesn't get the results. Time to grow into the job Alex. Get results!
  2. A difficult example perhaps, given the various changes that the country has gone through, but Germany. Eins, Zwei, Drei, then a whole system of regionality: Rheinland/Pfalz/Saar and so on.
  3. The Klaxon in your mind. It doesn't exist outside your head. My point makes perfect sense, and is a formula repeated all over Europe.
  4. I'd have one professional league, a mostly professional league below that, two-up, two-down and a playoff for the third place. 10 teams each. The rest in regional leagues.
  5. There is a huge load of cynicism on The National. They want the clicks and the sales, but the last thing Scots need is The Herald's version of Pravda.
  6. Our grass pitch lasted well over 100 years and was always considered one of the best grass pitches in the country. And face it, if you can't grow anything in Ayrshire soil, you're a buffoon. We now have an poor emulation of that, and people are right to complain.
  7. "Unity of purpose". A unity that doesn't include anyone else, ever. LOLZ.
  8. Serge + sideboards? Worth a try I'm sure. Speaking of which:
  9. Spooky! I had an important presentation to do, now postponed of course. Suggested to the wife and my daughter than when it does happen it would maybe go down better if I invested in some new threads. I'm thinking something like this. What d'you think? Ideas welcome as always:
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