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  1. It’s a 17 year old centre half on loan from Dunfermline
  2. FairWeatherFan you do great work with these tables πŸ‘ will you be or will you be able to make a table with the teams from A & B for when they play agaisnt each other ? Think it would be interseting to see how that would end up as I believe A may be slightly stronger and would be able to see from that ?
  3. Heriot Watt 1/7 Draw 7/1 Ormi 7/1 Tynie 8/15 Draw 9/2 Glenrothes 12/5 Dalkieth 4/7 Draw 9/2 Tweedmouth 9/4 Leith 2/5 Draw 5/1 St Andrews 31/10
  4. The same kenny aitchison that said he'd do a Leicester with Hawick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ then jumped ship from Hawick and got his old man the boot from Airdrie πŸ˜‚ The 20s teams have always had to self fund hence the reason the players pay subs and they do race nights etc so you're talking jobbie about funds. No one metioned anything about young players missing out hahahahahaha like you say they'll all go to other clubs and these players will help the likes of Peni, Bonnyrigg, Edin Utd, Civil etc when the first team is struggling with injuries and suspensions, so its the club that misses out not young players, maybe read stuff before spouting pish Tyson Fury you big dosser πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Kevin Waugh is a great signing for you guys πŸ‘
  6. 1st/2nd/3rd EK, Kelty, East Stirling - honestly can't call it - would probably say EK to nip it by a baw hair 4th BSC 5th Bonnyrigg 6th Berwick 7th Cumbernauld 8th Spartans 9th Civil Toss up for the rest - Vale to be relegated
  7. End of the day saying its to focus on Floodlights and other parts of the ground is just a cover up for a shambolic appointment in Aitchison (takes alot of doing to get worse than Sandisson but they somehow managed that, both these guys have ruined one of the founding members of the 20s development league and its a real shame), if he never walked do you think they would of pulled the plug on the 20s ? No its only been pulled cause kenny walked and took his players with him leaving the 20s with next to no players and unable to attract players as all good players will have been snapped up by other 20s
  8. 1. Peni 2. Lithgae 3. Bo'ness 4. Tranent 5. Broxburn
  9. Thee didn't as was said before Kenny Aitchison had players coming in and when he left he took them all to Civil as it was obviuolsy boys he knows and the forms weren't officialy put through when Whitehill announced the new 20s players 😊 and obviously the timing of Kenny jacking it then most players at 20s had found their clubs they were signing for this season.... Should never have appointed Kenny in the first place wouldnt trust him as far as i can throw him and has previous of being a dafty at other clubs
  10. Did i say it cant be done ? No, i just said its not an easy job πŸ‘ Whitehill next season will have to try recruit and compete against Bonnyrigg, Peni, Civil, Edin Utd, Preston, Edin City, Spartans, Hutchie, Tynie who will all be established 20s teams or start a new one from scrach with no youth team below it will be very difficult, as if i was a 17 year old laddie I'd rather join an estabished team than a new team from scratch
  11. Agree with all that Rab has said... Losing the 20s is a shocker and it doesn't cost much as the player pay subs for the pitches, refs etc and the odd 20s race night that has been done most years generates more money which would cover bus for away games, balls, cones, bibs (but only fuel is paid for as i beleive the bus was kindly donated by Lasswade High School when a game was outside Edinburgh at least that was the case when they played up at Lasswade), they get hand me down match and training kits so again no funding. Whitehill now for next year will need to try and locate a 17s or 19s team and try draft them over into Whitehill 20s which is easier said than done especially with no link to any youth clubs now the Edinburgh South link has gone. This will come back to bite on the backside around the 2nd half of the season when players who arent getting minutes have left and injuries/suspensions kick in then theirs no 20s to call upon to help with the matchday squad. Wonder if Meikle had any say in it as he isnt a big fan of giving young laddies a chance maybe he's happy to keep paying older more expereinced players out his own pocket.
  12. Some decent signings by Lothian Vale, particularly James Laing and Barry 'Bonzo' Hogg IMO πŸ‘ PS also wouldn't be surprised if Lothain beat Dalkieth on Saturday, certainly can't see Dalkieth scudding them
  13. Scott Gormley & Wayne Mac up top = scary amount of goals πŸ”₯
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