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  1. Maybe Tynecastle will see it more as a victory as I see there goalie was given Man of the Match on twitter
  2. I'll take a stab in the dark and say that Chris Humphries is signing and Jardine is going on loan to an EoS side like a Preston
  3. Was told by a manager of one of the teams last night he believes Mussy may be next as they have lost 3 or 4 players in the last week, maybe Casey Jones would know more about that ?
  4. Mr Harvey getting the Nitten job with Chris King as assistant 👀
  5. Seen this on Facebook and thought it deserved its own thread, well done Leith and hopefully get a few numbers through the gate for it 👏
  6. Typical Jambo getting cocky before a game to get your trousers pulled down and sent back up the road 😚
  7. "He's better than Ally Adams", a hope you're just fishing for bites with that comment pmsl
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