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  1. Land Reform

    Solicitors are making plenty money redrawing maps at the moment. I don't see why so called land reform is costing average Joe money to line estate agents pockets.
  2. JK Rowling meltdown

    BT's fine was widely reported, even by the biased BBC. The electoral commission accepted they was no skull-duggery, although one of BT's high profile geezers used be Chancellor of the Exchequer, so personally, I would have expected better. A lack of knowledge of what is required to be reported was a common stumbling block for campaigners. BT used probably the most esteemed accountancy practice in the country which doesn't really fit with a biscuit tin mentality. On the general topic, JK Rowling being conceited on twitter has no real relevance to the polices forum.
  3. One year ago today

    Do you two have real life teenage tantrums or just keep them in here? The lack of believe was in the SNP not Scotland. What was the SNP's strategy to combat project fear and get their message to the older voter?
  4. One year ago today

    I think we all know we are heading for another referendum, which is good imo as it will keep a level of engagement. The engagement is the best byproduct of indyref. Also the fact the "too wee, too poor" nonsense was comprehensively dispelled. Renton mentioned long running engagement with the public, I'd like to see the SNP have something like this in the upcoming manefesto. It's the best way forward. I've got a Scottish Green standing this time so will most likely vote for them. I know a lot of people will give Green their list vote if they can but if more people voted Green and put SNP as list would that make the Independence platform stronger? SNP will still be the majority government with their opposition being pro Indy.
  5. IndyRef2

    I don't have a party buddy. But you seem like a with us or against us type so it won't matter to you. As you well know my point wasn't about the freeze itself, it's about the failure to meet their pledge in successive terms. Which is abject failure.
  6. One year ago today

    Seriously? LOL. The bitterness in your posts suggests otherwise. The Yes campaign focused far too much on Westminster and other parties rather than Scotland. Not that surprising after "the blue-print fro Independence" was so poorly received.
  7. IndyRef2

    The reason there is a freeze is because the SNP said the council tax was unfair and they would replace it. This was a manifesto pledge 8 years ago. Total fail. Seeing as it's unfair I should just stop paying it in the hope a future government will write off this unfair debt for me.
  8. One year ago today

    One year has passed and Confi and John Lambies Doos are still in the huff like teenagers. A few voices from SNP are starting to realise their campaign wasn't that good but most are still shouting it's the medias fault and some still believe the vote was rigged. I think the next time indyref comes the SNP should try a positive campaign.
  9. IndyRef2

    If only it had been on the ballot paper then the ball would have been in our court.
  10. It's all there in black and white. Nothing to dispute.
  11. Degrees

    Success is best measured by the individual. The result only tells the end bit of the story.
  12. Scottish Labour are in ruins

    Unemployed chef doesn't fill you with confidence.
  13. David Cameron - No need for another referendum

    That's what I think we should have been voting for last year instead of ending up with "the vow" as a booby prize.
  14. Unionist Seethe

    Much ado about nothing really. No votes will be cast. It's just political manoeuvring. Cameron will have much more than this to worry about in his tenure which will inevitably be cut short after he is murdered by his own MPs.
  15. Gideon's All Singing, All Dancing Budget. 8th July

    Lots of bitterness towards fellow citizens on display here. The whole ethos of "if you're not with us you're against us", apart from being very Old Firm like, doesn't really do much good when the people being grouped in a way to point the finger at for the Yes campaign's shortcomings, are the people who you still need to negotiate with or vote with you. The amount of, mainly men, in their 30s 40s and 50s still huffing around like teenagers amazes me. Pretty embarrassing for them.