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  1. Only has to stop play if possession changes or a scoring opportunity is created because of his touch. Was it either of those?
  2. Yeah you’re spot on there - that should clearly have been a red card. or... That shot tells us nothing. Oh and my ‘agenda’ - I was there as a neutral. Could be wrong, but it may even have been the first time I’ve seen Dundonald! Quack
  3. Not sure what relevance the sendings off are, especially if both for 2 yellows? Were you at both games and do you have issue with any of the cards? Can’t recall his first on Saturday, but the second certainly looked like a dive. Good luck getting Saturday’s ref banned from Camelon or any games! Can’t recall that previous example you gave and even with an extensive Google (missing out his first name, which may be wrong?) found nowt. Not sure what photo you’re refereeing to, so a screenshot may be interesting. However the discussions re the onside or offside goal show that angles and distance can lead to inconclusivity.
  4. Out of interest, what would Camelon be complaining to the SFA about? The first or second yellows for Jay, or the non offside for the much discussed goal, or just because the ref’s a skinny ginger? ETA AFAIK you can’t appeal a yellow?!
  5. That (not waiting to belatedly flag) does still happen regularly from what I’ve seen.
  6. I think if it had been further into the season there would be a lot more dissent - given how glaring that was, the complaints seemed little more than going through the motions and they actually stayed a fair distance from the man in blue, such that the ref didn’t have to g et involved
  7. Surprisingly muted complaints from the Broxburn defence at the third goal! Surely easily offside?
  8. Thanks - that certainly could be her and Marvel rarely include stuff without a reason!
  9. There was a decent dramatisation made of that in 1982 on ITV. More details and a link to the full vid here: Lipton Trophy
  10. Complete lack of class! At least get off the podium first.
  11. With Alberto Moreno following with the winner, sounds like a Carlsberg ending!
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