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  1. Eric Nicolson @C_ENicolson Right - apologies for last tweet. Preston were miles short and there was no prospect of a deal but have now upped their bid to just over £1m. Over to the chairman.... Quote Tweet The Courier Sport @thecouriersport · 14m BREAKING: Preston North End up their bid at the 11th hour for St Johnstone star Ali McCann http://dlvr.it/S6hgKx 11:21 PM · Aug 31, 2021·Twitter Web App 7 Retweets 8 Quote Tweets 7 Likes
  2. Thanks....My son in Mallorca is going to the pub .....Not sure if it will be broadcast there. I think that Aus could be a bit iffy but hesgoals and vip seem to be be a good standby if all fails.
  3. Question! How can you watch Cup Final in Australia and Spain. Asking for my kids!.......I'm guessing on BBC via VPN.
  4. As long as there is a Pie and Bovril site this post must be pinned to ensure that every new member is aware of how a comment can so quickly come back and bite you.
  5. Pub league players behaving like.......pub league players! Why should anyone be surprised..!!
  6. We need smart football oriented people...........With the greatest respect to Roddy, even he knows his limitations.
  7. Problem is also hat there is no real football men on the board who can advise Brown. Steve looks like a duck out of water....He needs someone of knowledge beside him and he needs to take advise.
  8. Too many clowns on that forum...thanks for the link though!
  9. Can't disagree with anything he says......Jocky Peebles...Telling it as it is!!
  10. Just goes to prove O'Halleran made a big mistake going to Rangers. He's going to run riot for the next 4 months and get a transfer to a decent team.
  11. No chance of me going ....SFA making it very difficult to support a mediocre team.....Better things to do!............I can't even imagine that I would waste my time watching it on tv. I've not even looked if this game is on pay tv or free to view. SFA have got to get real here!
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