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  1. The players were paid by the company that existed at the time. Any guarantees to the players (if they existed) were from the company. That company is no more. Much as some would like it the current company has no relationship (legally) with the old company. So in essence despite what Murray or anyone else promised in the past, the players are on their own. Can see the domino effect into bankruptcy will be kicking off soon.
  2. For those blinkered Rose supporters who couldn't be arsed finding out the names of Penicuik players, referring to the 'wee number 10', here are the teams. (No programme today, or were they just too expensive?) Penicuik: Allison, Forbes, Williams, Hume (c), Young, Jones, McCrory-Irving, Barr, Lough, Kateleza, Montgomery Subs: Trialist, Connolly, Reid Linlithgow Barnard, Gray, Turnbull, Thom, Leiper (c), Sloan, Ronald, Ru MacLennan, Malone, Coyne, Ro MacLennan Subs: Batchelor, Strickland, Shields, Devine, Hill The short match report on the Penicuik web site refers to 'Rose's Coyle' being sent off. Hopefully they mean Coyne, who moans and whinges to officials and team mates alike undermining any chance of creating any team spirit.
  3. So satisfying to see all the warnings from the less delusional BRALT posters about the s**tstorm that was Rangers before and during Sevco being confirmed in the Craigie Show at the High Court. Murray trying to save (some of) his skin, a board made up of plonkers totally out of their depth, Lloyds pulling all the strings, with fantasy deals being discussed even at board level that were never going to happen. Meanwhile misleading the paying supporters totally without ever a hint of a reality check. All the bluster at the time about real 'football people' or even proper 'Rangers people' we can now see as stupid people telling people even more stupid than themselves what they wanted to hear. But then again the non loyalist blinkered BRALT posters did warn about this at the time. Look forward to seeing Martin Bain, John McClelland and John Greig give evidence in due course. Especially Greig in the witness box will be especially good for a laugh. Can only guess that when the curtain comes down on the Craigie show, it will be closely followed by the Sir David show. Same venue, date to be announced, tickets at similar prices.
  4. I presume if you buy these calendars you won't get the full year's worth immediately. Every 3 weeks or so you will get the pages for the next few weeks, but sometimes just for one week. Except when it is a trades holiday or a local holiday weekend, when you won't get anything. Keen to buy one, merely as a collector's item. Anyone know how to get one?
  5. Lasswade rugby club ground could be ideal! 5 minutes along the road.
  6. I know I am thick, especially on matters such as being a part time student, and living a high life by dating 'next Wednesday'. But where are we on the Bonnyrigg Rose game being played at Tynecastle? As I understand it the Rose would want it played there, Hearts are all for it, and Hibs would also prefer it as it is a ground they already know. The fans of both clubs seem mainly to prefer Tynecastle, although a few who are not fans and bumping their gums on P&B as to why not. The SFA as ever are trying their best to avoid making a decision, which seems to be their specialist skill. However if they have already offered the Spartan's ground as an option in discussions with Bonnyrigg Rose, it would appear they are not against a move in principle. So what is the hold up?? As the SFA is still searching for a non racist Performance Director ( and ideally non arrogant, not lazy, not rude, good communicator, and not against women's football), and trying hard to avoid creating any form of enquiry on paedo coaches etc they could at least get this relatively trivial issue done and dusted and out of the way.
  7. Depends what you mean by 'highest level'. Given Bonnyrigg beat a championship team (draw at home, then beating them away) doesn't say that the top junior teams are better then most Championship teams, but there could be a discussion worth having on the subject. But that is just the football side of things. But we are comparing apples and pears here. The junior clubs are owned and administered by their supporters run on a not for profit basis, most can't even go overdrawn without the express approval of their members, and also with their strong traditional community identity they are different from most senior clubs, which are run for profit. Some run well, some poorly, some illegally, and others dodgy as whatever. So by joining the pyramid, that is what you join. Clubs should enter those portals at their peril. Are the SFA, the SPFL and their member clubs 'fit for purpose' which I believe is the current term for organisations which are effin useless? No, of course not. How do you sell the membership the fancy awards and badges on offer, when they are all based on a dodgy structure with questionable goals. I accept this is my opinion, but definitely not exclusive to me. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/hearts-owner-ann-budge-bites-6990097 (Add Deloittes to this list) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-36428309 https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/active-scotland/supporter-involvement-in-scottish-football-clubs/results/00502435.pdf https://www.sfm.scot/accountability-transparency-brave-sir-robin/ Do you trust the SFA to administer football in the interests of the sport? Around 1500 took part and the percentage shares were as follows No: 95% Sort out and clean up senior football and then, and only then, should junior clubs move to this 'higher level', on ethical and playing levels.
  8. I am sure those junior clubs whose ambitions include playing the likes of Selkirk, Hawick Royal Albert, Vale of Leithen, Civil Service Strollers, Clyde, Montrose and the mighty Edinburgh City already know all about SFA Licencing. After all the SFA have so many salesmen (club development) staff who will batter your door down if you so much as hint at being interested in Q mark, community club, pyramid stuff. And then the bribes commence! It all sounds very exiting, but we all know the reality of where Scotland stands in world football, nationally and at club level. I am sure HibeeJibee will provide some coefficient that helps in any resulting meaningless discussions. No need to discuss it, we all know the reality. And of course it has been Irish managers who have taken Scottish clubs to what little successes they have had in Europe over the last 10 years or so. Given the pile of soggy smelly stuff that the SFA oversee, despite the large sums of money spent on youth development, centres of excellence, quality marks, academies it is still just shuffling more costly deckchairs on the Titanic, carried out by well paid, arrogant ex pros. Tickets anyone?
  9. I thought the guy who ran the drugs business is no longer a director at East Fife?
  10. I know HibeeJibee loves a rule book, especially the parts that no one else has ever read. If you have a look at the strategic plan for the SFA it includes a part on improving the profitability of member clubs. This seems to be at odds to them as HJ says to "give permission to move a tie to get a bigger crowd and make more money". Maybe ok for member clubs but not junior clubs? Tynecastle would allow a bigger crowd than New Dundas Park could handle, especially with police requirements being met. I know many neutrals (ok, Hearts season ticket holders) who intend to go along, especially if it is at Tynecastle. Not sure what team they will support on the day. With Tynecastle you get a ground that has the facilities in place for such a game, including suitable TV camera positions. All helping to provide a better experience for the crowd, and for TV viewers live or recorded. The benefits of moving the game is demonstrated by what Whitehill Welfare achieved 20 years ago by moving their cup tie against Celtic to Easter Road. http://www.scotsman.com/sport/it-was-all-about-a-fantastic-whitehill-welfare-team-1-1489570 Articles in the Scotsman 15 years later. This tie from 20 years ago still lives on. http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/lower-leagues/the-day-whitehill-welfare-gave-mighty-celtic-a-fright-1-4013775 Or does the SFA (vice President Rod Petrie) just want to minimise the impact and the media coverage of the Bonnyrigg minnows against one of their 'big' clubs?
  11. Just hope Dunfermline isn't still shifting any prize money they win into Swiss bank accounts. There were so many accounts set up in such a smoke and mirrors way that the administrator and the accountants involved with Dunfermline AFC couldn't make sense of it. Sustainable isn't a word I expected to hear from a Dunfermline supporter. Have a tantrum on me parsforlife. You deserve it given how you club has treated you.
  12. Bonnyrigg are clearly keen to use Tynecastle for their 'home' tie against Hibs. Hearts are happy to provide the ground and no doubt all the security and infrastructure. I am sure Tynecastle would sell out. So what do the SFA say? http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hibs/bonnyrigg-rose-hoping-sfa-will-grant-their-tynecastle-wish-1-4311711 Spartans for God's sake? Same capacity as at Bonnyrigg, if not less, only totally soulness. A terrible place to watch any game. As a main board director of the SFA I would guess Tom Johnstone is doing everything in his power to influence the decision to ensure Bonnyrigg can maximise both their exposure to a wider audience and their income from the Hibs game. It can also be a significant showcase for junior football. Come on Tom, pop along the corridor and speak with your chums who can make good things happen for the junior game.
  13. Easy answer to that one. Every senior club that has gone into administration or liquidation has been unable to generate enough income to survive. Then you have teams like Stenhousmuir who obtain public funding through various means including the Lottery to build 3/4G pitches, which they then rent out to local clubs to generate income to keep their club running. There are many clubs in the senior ranks/pyramid who operate on this basis. Why? Because they are unable to pay their way just on gate income, sponsorship and prize money for league position or cup success. They also get substantial Government money which is laundered by the SFA first of all, and then passed to clubs. Cashback for Communities, Midnight Leagues etc. I know one SPFL club was clearing £250k per annum on a youth employment and training scheme, for which they did no work other than to run an initial PR launch event, and then farmed the kids out to others to do the work. And that was just one of their 'initiatives'. Problem is junior clubs are not crafty enough and do not have the resources to exploit the system they way senior clubs do.
  14. Hopefully Barton in his admission "As someone who communicates directly I accept that some of the things I said were inappropriate and for that I apologise unreservedly " sets him up for his exit. With any luck he also invited Andy Halliday or Warburton outside to discuss things with their fists. Given his "previous" (cigar stubbed in colleague's eye, medically confirmed anger management issues, his series of assaults not all of which ended up in court, charges incl criminal damage, West Ham not signing him because the players said no) Rangers would have every justification in getting rid of him because of their legal 'duty of care' to their other employees. In other words if Barton is in the same room as any other Rangers employee then they are at potential risk of being assaulted without warning or reason. And from his history his assaults can be life threatening. The more damage he causes people the prouder he becomes. If Rangers hang on to him and at any time in the future he assaults a team mate or any other Rangers employee with the club knowing the risks involved, the club will be liable financially and legally. Very very messy and costly. Just to be clear why he didn't go to the US on the pre season tour. Media commitments is bollocks. The US would not have allowed him in because of his criminal past. So tell us the truth Joseph.
  15. Should Joseph Barton not just shut up for the next three weeks? Or is the "I will be back" drivel part of his tactics to show his commitment to the cause, while he calculates what his pay off will be? Or as the Rangers dressing room is saying "Just shut up and feck off".
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