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  1. I also don't condone any of the behavior, but it happens all round the world.
  2. That wasn't my point, what i was saying is, 99% of the crowd were in the area and causing no trouble the other 1% were the ones destroying property etc. It looked worse than it was. Vancouver is a place I have been several times, each time in the midst of hockey season and i saw no trouble in any of the times i visited. Coudln't have been anymore friendly a place. Even contemplating moving there once me and the Fiance are married in the summer.
  3. Got a friend who works in the hospital a block or two away from the rioting and he said it was mostly just a handful of people causing the trouble, the rest was people cordoned in by the police making the area look mobbed by rioters.
  4. Also before we were talking about Rome's hit on Thornton. But how come nothing was done about Johnny Boychuck's hit on Mason Raymond that resulted in a fractured vertebrae?
  5. Been at GM Place (Rogers Arena sounds filthy about 7 times, Fell in love with the game 5 years ago and been a Canucks fan ever since. C'mon the Nucks.
  6. It was a cheap shot but the guy should have been anticipating the hit.
  7. just starting season 4 here, had to wait 3 weeks for it to finally arrive from amazon.
  8. I'd watch Ron Pearlman eat an Indian, he is god.
  9. Its the best show on TV just now in my opinion. Don't think its that far fetched as the guy who writes spent a lot of time with several Biker Gangs gaining reference to how how these gangs run.
  10. big_bairn_1876


    Just got the first couple of seasons on DVD and flew through them in a day. Hve to say might be my new fave show. Anyone else watch this ?
  11. I agree my man, Both Sedins have lost their way as of late. Kesler really is stepping up throughout the playoffs. Didnt get a goal for 7+ matches but was still the main driving force behind us.
  12. Both Sedins and Kesler had a bug and missed training the morning of the game so maybe that's why they were off the pace but Kesler did have a stunner.
  13. Seriously thinking of getting a season ticket next year, been to about 14 matches this year so would have been as well getting one, great game last night and like has been said, amazing acheivement making the play offs.
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