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  1. I was watching the game on TV yesterday against Celtic. I noticed a couple of Killie guys getting substituted before half time. Neither looked injured, both looked a bit brassed off. What are these boys like? Are the decent or duds? Is either likely to be back in the team for the Saints game or is McInnes unable to bring himself to even talk to them.
  2. I notice we’re on 41 points after 30 games and it’s sort of acknowledged we’ve a chance of the top 6 after the split at 33 games. Last season at 33 games Dundee United were 4th on 41 points and both Motherwell and Ross County made top 6 on 40 points.
  3. Regardless of all that malarkey, I don’t think there’s ever any justification to suspend someone after a red card for a handball in the box. He gets sent off and they get a penalty. Surely that’s enough punishment. Any more is way beyond proportionate.
  4. Copy and paste from stinkin’ Lincoln fan’s site. I wonder if we have an Erhahon sell on benefit. Happy with points, but we made hard work of it 2nd half. I personally think the mindset was wrong against 10 men, trying to shut up shop rather than take the game to them. For a good part of 2nd half we looked like the team with 10. That said, we’ve come out with a win and though it was nervy at times, Bristol didn’t trouble us too much so it is difficult to criticise. First half, we were good and could have been further ahead of not for keeper and some sub par finishing. Erhahon impresses again, he looks a great signing and I'll be amazed if we don’t make good money on him. Defence very solid throughout and limited Rovers. Thought Diamond had a good game and probably shouldn’t have been subbed. House is an excellent player and I think need
  5. And there’s also a chance that they’ll beat us by 4 or even more. However they’ve no business doing that. The fundamental objective of football is out scoring the opposition, that’s not the same as bettering the other teams goal count by the biggest possible margin. Of course if you’re 1 or 2 ahead you’re entitled to go for more because they might get back into it. Or in the league, goal difference might be an issue at the end of the season, so again, knock yourself out and go for as many as you can. In the cup however, no team should be in the business of humiliation. If it’s near the end of the game and you’ve a lead of 2 or 3, then leave it at that. The tie is over, move on.
  6. Does the new loan signing have a family connection to the Shinnie trackside ad.
  7. I heard Goodwin on the radio after the game describing St.Mirren as the most physical team in the league. Interesting. I hadn’t considered that to be the case, either now or any time in history. But maybe it’s true. Also not sure if he meant it as a compliment or a wee dig.
  8. I noticed Van Bronkhorst has been sacked following a 1 each with St.Mirren. It was the same with Le Guen, sacked after a 1-1 with Saints. I’m quite offended by that. They don’t seem to care about losing to diddy teams, but apparently a 1 each with St.Mirren is beyond the pale, the final straw, a step too far, time to get rid! No. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. Get I’m reinstated Rangers, and sack him after some different result.
  9. I notice that ex Saintyboy Anders Dreyer scored both goals as Midtyjland beat Sturm Graz in the Europa League tonight.
  10. That’s 4 penalties against us in the league this season. All for handball.
  11. We finished 4th in the league. We’d been 3rd the season before.
  12. I remember Aitken got a Scotland cap while he was with Saints, and I’m pretty sure he was the last Saintyboy to get a full Scotto cap.
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