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  1. What if both teams breach a protocol, does that go down as a 3 each draw?
  2. If the expression “too much nous” is a euphemism for “let’s go in over the ball hard and repeatedly” then I’d agree with you. You know, even though it was over 40 years ago, the bitterness lingers: it’s impossible for me to think Motherwell without also thinking dirty, cheating bar stewards.
  3. Unnecessary use of a change strip rips ma knitting. A couple of year ago St.Mirren who at the time had basically white tops and black shorts played Hibs, green tops white shorts. Inexplicably Saints switched to red tops. Ehhh hello people, don’t you know that about 10% of guys have a least a bit of red/green colour blindness. So it’s not just me, statistically a couple of the players would have an issue distinguishing a teammate from an opponent and It was clear from the ref’s decision making that he was one of the one in ten. So if you are reading this, strip decision making guy - get your brain in gear and get it sorted. To put this in a contemporary perspective, I find your decision making offensive!
  4. According to a very reliable source of information which we now call the internet, St.Mirren was the first team in the world to adopt black and white stripes as a kit design. Self evidently, we are not including teams who may have cut about a bit in the 1870s/1880s but are now forgotten.
  5. Between Love Street, Albion Street, Springbank Road and Caledonia Bowling Club.
  6. United missing the early penalty at Saints park in December was a turning point in the season for arguably both clubs.
  7. Why not announce two figures? 1: Valid tickets. 2: People in ground.
  8. I expect McLean will come in for some abuse. Hang on a minute, that's not right. He's our ex player not their ex player. We're several levels of classiness above that. If he's back there next season; that's when the vile stuff will be directed at him.
  9. Big team gets benefit of doubtful refereeing decision when playing smaller team. Not exactly news is it?
  10. I'm quite sure the guy deserved it. Adam wouldn't done it without good reason.
  11. The only time I've had a car broken into was in Dundee. I've only ever been there about five times and I've been driving for forty years.
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