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  1. We finished 4th in the league. We’d been 3rd the season before.
  2. I remember Aitken got a Scotland cap while he was with Saints, and I’m pretty sure he was the last Saintyboy to get a full Scotto cap.
  3. Our defender nearest Roofe when he scores has a choice when he sees the ball coming over. He can either challenge for the ball or kneel down. He chooses the kneeling option
  4. Here’s one for anyone at Saints who might be looking in at this. Black and white stripes please tomorrow. Green v red is not a good look for people with a touch of the colour blindness. And by that, I mean 10% of the population.
  5. Nice to see the BBC giving us 10 seconds of comprehensive highlights there.
  6. Annfield sounds a bit like Anfield, and I think there was a time while Bill Shankly was the Liverpool manager, his brother was the manager at Stirling Albion. No wonder people kept getting the two clubs mixed up.
  7. I remember Rangers got 4 penalties in a game against St.Mirren. When asked about it after the game, Gerrard said it should have been 5. And he wasn’t joking, he was genuinely complaining that they didn’t get another penalty.
  8. Here’s one for you fans of Dundee. Are you concerned that, ten months or so from now, you might look back on this point from a game against St.Mirren as being the high point of your season.
  9. I remember him playing at a great level when he was at St.Mirren. And I don’t remember his level being any higher when he was at Hibs.
  10. Cheeky jumped-up pipsqueak. What is it about St.Mirren that he believes we should finish lower than a team from a village the same size of Elderslie.
  11. We should probably sign him once Kilmarnock’s relocation to the diddy league is confirmed
  12. I haven’t seen the penalty but most people agree it was on the soft side and I’m certainly not going to dispute that. I don’t know if it will help your seethe or not but think back to the last game between the sides at Saints Park. Shaughnessy cleared from Ross Stewart who then went down screeching trying to fool the ref into believing it was a bad foul. Ref was having none of it, however fourth official Willie Collum, who for some reason has always hated St.Mirren, told the rookie ref to send him off. We were 1-0 up at the time but with a man short we ended up having to hang on a bit desperately for a 1-1 draw. However there’s more to it than that, we had been on decent wee run up to then. But the preposterous sending off turned out to be a bit of a turning point, not only did we struggle for the rest of that match, we weren’t really at it for next few games and it began to look like it was going to be a tough season. However I’m sure Willie Collum was happy.
  13. For a good few weeks last year this game was in the record books as a 3-0 win for Motherwell.
  14. You’re right, when I read it I never saw “in-law”. Never mind a health check, it’s an eye sight check I need. And before you ask, the answer is yes, I am a grade one referee.
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