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  1. Craigie do give players a small signing on fee and petrol money for away games. Also did try to run a weekly lottery with players contributing to that.
  2. Just need my balls (lottery that is) to drop and i'll do it
  3. Costs include monthly lease of park etc, maintenance of machinery. Also had 2 lots of vandalism to repair and pay for which you cant budget for
  4. Might be to late for Craigie, but hopefully might stop others going same way
  5. Feel for Jordyn. He has been so enthusiastic since joining. Been getting good turnouts at training and at games despite our results. If we do fold hope he gets a good job somewhere
  6. Your not the only one to have had run ins with Youngie
  7. Let's hope so. Plenty people been in touch just need rich benefactor to step forward!
  8. You have summed up our problem exactly. Difficult to attract sponsors especially new ones. No mentionable support so little income costs increasing and our local vandals. Hopefully something can be done to help us survive
  9. Just checked who ref was. Can see why so many cards. He is little hitler totally unapproachable
  10. Doesnt want to play. Not easy trying to get players in to replace those he was left with
  11. Same method that they use in major soccer league in america before play offs
  12. Was wondering that as well. Think it's because Dalkeith & Haddington could be playing in Football Nation Qualifying Cup that day
  13. Don't think there is. Players just sign for club so can play for any side they are eligible. Sure manager played for under 20s last year.
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