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  1. Would have thought they would have wanted as many games played as possible
  2. How would it look if it was ppg just on own conference?
  3. Just to confirm Craigroyston will definitely be continuing next season
  4. Hopefully not but current situation may change things
  5. Sorry, Preston game they played a player without international clearance
  6. Dont know if Arniston would get points. They had points deducted but Preston weren't given them. H.O.B may have protested v Sauchie to get points awarded to them
  7. 2-2 ht according to ek twitter
  8. Already said i preferred 2 divisions but think it has to be conferences for next season as any change should have been decided at start of this season
  9. Personally in favour of 2 divisions with any new teams starting in second. Decision should have been made at start of this season, but i guess difficult to do so, as if teams dont move you could have a smaller second division meaning clubs playing each other three times which isn't ideal.
  10. That is the reason for withdrawal. Couldn't guarantee having team especially for midweek game
  11. Battled hard for each other and didn't let heads go down after equaliser unlike previous weeks. No game this week so friendly arranged with Edinburgh Harps and chance to.get more in
  12. Think he means you said they were finished when Jordyn left
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