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  1. Maybe you should listen to both sides of an argument instead of being blind sided over your hatred of a football club.
  2. Were you born when this game took place? Reason i'm asking, you're bringing up something that happened 40 years ago. Why would that be, is it because you've such a hatred for a football club and the fans of that particular club? I was there that day, son and i'm the first to state that we have clowns in our support but without going into it all there would have been no problem if there was no provocation from Villa fans. Take that or leave it. Now getting back to today, there was no justification from Hibs fan going onto that pitch today, none whatsoever.
  3. Really I'm not, take it as gospel or not, doesn't matter to me. Enjoyed the game today, would have liked a win but some you win, some you lose.
  4. Aye, very good you f ucking clown. Maybe you should realise what sarcasm is, now do f uck off you're just an out and out gobshite, go and lie in your pish, son. .
  5. It's only a game, son. I've seen many triumphs & defeats over many years to take wins and defeats in my stride, don't worry about that.
  6. Over the years of the SC Final, leaving aside the 1980 riot, when has any fans of any club came onto Hampden after winning the SC to celebrate winning the trophy? There was no justification for Hibs fans to go onto the pitch to celebrate their win, none whatsoever and the Rangers fans who went on had no justification either. However Hibs fans don't go on, Rangers fans don't go on, easy as that.
  7. F ucking hell, are you still alive? Long time since i've read anything from you of any significance from you on here, in fact let me amend that, i can not remember you posting or contributing anything of any significance or interest from you at any time on this forum.
  8. Where did i say that ALL Villa fans wereIRA supporters? Please point that out. However the fact is that a Villa fan, on that day, were chanting about the IRA, a mere 18 months after their city had been bombed by those terrorists. However let's not derail from this thread about the Scottish Cup Final. Quite sad from you, actually.
  9. Oh please, inform us all as to what right Hibs fans had to invade the pitch? And do not try and justify it because of winning the SC for the first time in over a century.
  10. So if it was Rangers fans who went on to the pitch to celebrate a win you'd have no complaints whatsoever, or are you just another hypocrite? Think we know the answer to that.
  11. Does that include the Rangers fans who are Catholic or Jewish, or are you just bigoted against Protestants?
  12. Aye, i was there. Maybe you should look into the provocation by Villa fans towards the Rangers fans and the fact that they were supporting the IRA bombing campaign against the citizens of their own city which happened a mere 18 months earlier before you try and take the moral high ground. Also maybe you should take into account that Villa fans weren't exactly upstanding citizens that day either as you seem to ignore the fact that Rangers players had to get off the pitch pretty quick also, or maybe that bit of revisionism doesn't sit too well with you. Give it a rest, son, ffs.
  13. Aye, jolly craicsters the lot of them, especially those that assaulted Rangers players.
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