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  1. Bayo going for 5 million to Watford I see, another few quid for us would say. With the likes of Tierney, Hickey, Dembele all linked with big money moves and a few others we could get our get our cash back for outlay so far this summer without selling a player.
  2. He must have some agent. But as shite as he may be if he develops in to a more central role I don’t think he can be ignored given the utter dogshit behind Dykes and Adams who aren’t exactly world beaters either.
  3. He also effectively guaranteed European football after Xmas with a late winner against Lazio too did he not. An absolutely nonsensical suggestion really and would be a main stay for us if he didn’t run at full pelt for a goal line clearance against the post and f**k his knee.
  4. True but he still was a very effective striker for Scotland. You don’t have to be top class to score at international level tbh, the likes of Healy and Lafferty for NI being examples.
  5. I had a discussion recently on here about this. Montgomery I get being pissed off with as he wasn’t proven at this level or even really highly rated and we are essentially letting him make his rookie mistakes with another team. Christie on the other hand was really already a proven player in this league that Aberdeen would normally struggle to purchase this sort of talent. Scales is somewhere in between.
  6. Can’t help but think the whole relocating thing was a bit of a white lie if said from him. Probably found that Strachan would have been nightmare to work under and didn’t have the heart to say so.
  7. Ah well Ralston in the champions league it is I’m sure he will be
  8. Tbh I was at it as I don’t really find Madden biased and find him one of the better referees in Scottish football.The only time I was really about him was when the **** were skint and had the heating off for their pitch in the championship and it was iced over. Madden agreed to try and play the match saying that he thought the ice would break up over a few minutes but it didn’t and the match was abandoned not long after it kicked off. Bit strange to start a match knowing it wasn’t fit to play on. It was on the TV though so may have had pressure from elsewhere too.
  9. Tbh I’m not sure the use of several emojis on here is the hallmark of a balanced individual but given I have been laughing my tits off over your ‘input’ on the Hibernian thread of late carry on the good fight.
  10. Collum is a terrible ref regardless of team. I have seen him give us a penalty for a blatant dive and give a penalty against us whilst facing the wrong way. However People who get hung up over his place of work says more about themselves than him though tbh.
  11. I’m guessing the ones who don’t want to turn pro in England might be interested. Have no idea though what level the non-pro refs are at though and what cash they get.
  12. I’ve still found it a decent enough watch for a 0-0 so far though. Can feel the tension but not necessarily a cagey game with it being quite end to end. Also does anyone know how there are so many Peruvians at it given it’s in Qatar?
  13. I’m sure someone else claimed he hated Hibs a while back as well. A clear anti-Edinburgh bias imo.
  14. I don’t think Robertson really has the trickery to be a winger tbh. He’s all about creating his own space off the ball and being the overlap.
  15. Tbh I find him quite insufferable now too and the stories about him constantly undermining Mowbray when he was manager probably explains why his tenure was such a disaster.
  16. That is literally how I think Curtis Main was brought in to this world. Some guy was digging up a turnip field and dug him out.
  17. If you have a dislike to Richard Gordon I’m guessing you are quite an unhinged person. Just seems to be one of the good guys in life.
  18. Cyprus winning 2-1 late on against Northern Ireland and the goal keeper claiming to have cramp, yes, the goalkeeper.
  19. You do realise if Clarke gets punted any time soon they will most likely go for Malky Mackay
  20. He’s trying to instil a style of football that really none of his squad play at club level and who are generally championship level players. It was never going to work really.
  21. Sorry but absolutely f**k all of this debate has anything to do with bigotry. Some Pedantic posts perhaps but no different to the usual posts on this thread.
  22. I know Scotland went ahead but even a draw feels like robbery.
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