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  1. That’s a blast from the past I can vaguely remember being at a Stirling Albion game in the 90s and remember him getting it tight and had no idea as was just a kid. Possibly the worst set of fans I have seen at CP also.
  2. Admittedly I know little about Airdrie or Livis history but Airdrie do come across as the bigger scumbags in all this and that’s before you even look at their fans.
  3. A Dundee Derby in the play off final would be tremendous viewing.
  4. Can see the safety car getting in on the points for this one
  5. Regardless this Tory government won’t be particularly interested in money laundering especially in the current climate. This free port bollocks was a hotbed for that stuff and they are reopening them again.
  6. He (yon twitter gadgie) is surely at it? I can’t see anything other than a blatant penalty.
  7. I think it’s hard to figure out who’s really at fault for the first goal so both should really shoulder the blame. I don’t think you can blame him at all really for McGregor card, he gets told to act as a sweeper keeper and the fault is all on Hatate for me. I’m not arsed if people think he or Gordon is the best in the league as he was a decent keeper for us also. I don’t think Gordon would be able to fit in with the way we play now however, a great shot stopper but he gave me the fear playing out under Rodgers. Trying to get change the way a keeper plays to a more mobile/technical type when they were in their mid-30s was pretty ridiculous though. His shot stopping ability allowed us to over look that part .
  8. If you just casually ignore what I actually said and create your own narrative then yeah your spot on mate.
  9. I literally just said there isn’t much between him and Gordon, I think you are trying way too hard to be controversial here.
  10. We can all have our opinions, (I don’t think there is a great deal between Hart and Gordon tbh) but I think we can file ‘not even in the top 5’ in the moon howler category.
  11. It’s a subject that gets brought up at just about every game when your at home by somebody. Decent/Shite turn out by Team X today, it’s nothing new. A bit of an overreaction for me.
  12. I do and it’s insufferable which is why I post on here rather than a dedicated club forum. Hart seemed to be at it a bit but the first was challenge was most likely a foul when you have your hands up like that against a keeper. If Sportscene wish to scrutinise it fine but the match had better talking points. I here Celtic fans being called ‘victims’ on here but when you see desperation over things like this I think the irony is lost on those claiming it.
  13. Well he didn’t even get a free kick out of it so It’s hardly worth much scrutiny. I know your itching to find an injustice but f**k me really scraping the barrel here. Anyway we made hard work of that. Despite being underwhelming we should have scored a fair bit more.
  14. Both his and juranovic’s attempts in the first half against the wood work would have been outstanding goals. You start to fear a bit when that happens.
  15. Fun Fact, Every save he has made since returning to Hearts has been ‘World Class’
  16. That tackle is horrific and if you had cash on a player on the pitch to that it’s him. He’s definitely ‘that sort of player’.
  17. What an absolute brass neck he has given he was a list msp. I have noticed of late he is putting ridiculous spin on anything to do with the shite going on at Westminster but many of his fellow tory msp arent touching it with a barge pole, he’s trying to drag scottish politics in to same gutter stuff that he experienced as an MP.
  18. Shankland seems a bit of a huddy against any decent opposition, free to get it clean up me Lawrence by bagging a hatrick though.
  19. I don’t think it’s a case of any type of confidence just obligations we have to meet to promote the friendly. The majority of our squad would be away on international duty anyway. I do think flying round the world for a friendly during the season is a bit ridiculous though. Anyway looks like we will have Welsh and Jenz at cb which due to injuries. No Maeda and GG either, think Haksabanovic is out also. Still confident enough but think we will concede at some point.
  20. I don’t think your comparisons are quite the same as playing under intense pressure and scrutiny isn’t necessarily a good thing, a lot of players don’t like constantly having it or want it. Talking up an atmosphere and player quality is undoubtedly being complimentary. It can be a go to question though yes but like I say they people that have played in both scenarios mention it unprompted also.
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