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  1. Aberdeen were actually 6th for goals conceded. I must admit I’m still miffed as to how they had such a bad season considering some of the performances against us and the ****.
  2. Ooft. Rangers HR Department will need a few extra bodies too.
  3. He’s still contracted to Spartak Moscow but is on loan to AIK who are top of the league at the mo. Basically no chance.
  4. My point is really that the guys claim of A world record - was bollocks A bigger embarrassment - was bollocks as you are yo-yoing between the same league. So I have no idea why anybody would stick up for such a nonsensical post.
  5. Did Livingston not go from the top league to the bottom league in like 5/6 seasons?
  6. A ‘world record’ in Scottish football doesn’t really make any sense though? Sevco tried that shit and got rightly laughed at from all corners. This claim makes even less sense which is saying something.
  7. Even if it was true it doesn’t even make sense for it to really be a ‘bigger embarrassment’, surely dropping through multiple leagues is more embarrassing.
  8. Yeah even he had a season with I think we could really find his MoJo, imo.
  9. Agreed as much I have enjoyed Jota this season I think a few Celtic fans are getting carried away and I see him similarly to as Mo was for us. Mo was a more complete player but Jota is a couple of years younger than Mo was when he came so more potential to improve.
  10. Football throws up some mad shit at this time of year, like a St.Johnstone away crowd.
  11. Didn’t know there was an app that could make you cry (other than tinder)
  12. He played 13 actually for a start (it was 10 league games) and from I can remember he was a cut above a very decent midfield at the time we had in Lennon and Petrov. For the record I think he’s a bellend tbh so not exactly a fan boy here. The point I was making regarding the 2 medals was clearly to the person that deemed him ‘a hilarious failure’ which was nonsense. Again bringing up Greg Taylor didn’t make any sense as he’s not a hilarious failure either. This is getting rather tedious.
  13. He’s probably been our most improved player since the turn of the year tbh, again Joey Im not sure what point you are trying to make.
  14. Was that the game that we threw so Hearts could get second? Good times.
  15. He was here for less than six months and picked up 2 medals.
  16. Yes. Not exactly sure what your point is tbh. A fair point actually. Probably the fact it was Dundee made it a wtf moment.
  17. I think your getting confused with the biggest success rather than the biggest signing tbh.
  18. Yes he did tbh. If The Clyde game wasn’t his debut I don’t think it would have been talked about as much plus it was ultimately another debutant (du wei) that really fucked it for us. He was motm against the **** seen him play centre back and right mid for a bit as well and generally pissed it.
  19. Not Ramsays fault but the whole biggest signing in Scotland since Gazza stuff made it all the more hilarious. He’s clearly not as big a name as Roy Keane was, who had a dodgy hip and still strolled it really.
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