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  1. Hopefully a run of the mill win, would be tempted to change a few from Tuesday but not too many.
  2. Why isn’t Alex Rae in his natural habitat of thickos and moon howlers on SSB?
  3. As terrible as shooting someone with learning difficulties is, I wouldn’t be massively surprised to see it in the next tory manifesto tbh.
  4. Very happy with that display. Whilst Ferencvaros clearly aren’t on Leverkeusens we controlled the game mainly with a few less heart in mouth moments than we have experienced at this level past season or two.
  5. Only just tuned in, this is like teuchter super score board. Absolutely tremendous
  6. You sound like a Celtic player under Neil Lennon.
  7. Are you not the guy who creepily added a PnB members daughter on fb even though you never met her?
  8. Unless I saw the latter hand ball in real time and not the other then no as it’s a fucking red neck.
  9. Correct. Same bollocks as few weeks ago when Dundee Utd fans were claiming bias despite casually ignoring the clear foul on Starfelt to get the ball before hand.
  10. Just heard an Ed Sheerin song on the radio there guys, absolutely disgusted.
  11. Eh? Boyle got capped 3 years ago. Nisbet only got capped this year.
  12. I don’t tbh, there’s always one that scores for fun in the youths but I don’t remember him being massively talked about.
  13. I think it’s the opposite problem tbh, in that he doesn’t really play that much for them. As long as SOD is in the squad and/or Patterson isn’t getting regular first team then there will always be claims for others like Ramsay etc to be in a squad.
  14. Fine if you insist, his name is Georgios Samaras apparently, rings a bell now.
  15. Taylor not out till November I thought? Hopefully finally see the Greek guy, not sure how far Jullien is away.
  16. Yeah I can’t remember if it was a biography of McNeill or Stein I was reading about years ago and it was the first I seen about it, unreal.
  17. Celtic reached the semi finals of cup winners cup in 66, won European cup in 67. Then , the years after your selected year -quarter,final.,quarter,semi. They weren’t some flash in the pan job that you were attempting to allude to.
  18. Unsure of his form this season but Would be tempted to start Fraser off Dykes. It’s worked before and would be likely to work the right hand side more to help out Patterson.
  19. Yeah with the housing shortages and the Help to Buy scheme favouring new-builds (which has aided the artificial pricing) I understand why people go for them out of ease rather than choice too. There is defo more of an air of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ amongst these estates though.
  20. It’s absolutely rife on here tbh. Also 90 odd % of new builds are utter utter garbage with ridiculously inflated prices compared to better built older houses in the very near vicinity.
  21. Have a look at some of the Lisbon lions and see how little caps they have between them for an all conquering side before you start spouting shite.
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