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  1. Had no idea this was going on, a good guy on here who engages with everyone and pops up many threads. Hope to see him back on here soon.
  2. I genuinely feel sorry for the normal Rangers* fans tbh when they (often) come out with stuff like this. Must dread every time they scroll through twitter and see that the club has posted something.
  3. f**k me genuinely thought this was a wind up Shame her majesty’s revenue and customs didn’t afford the same amount of time for the previous inception. I fucking love Sevco sometimes tbh.
  4. I assume you have put Ralston and Mctominay the wrong way round in that team?
  5. Add in at the time the league was called Rangers were about 5th in the form table and their striker was still about a stone overweight there was no chance really they were catching us.
  6. You get it less now but there’s roasters who think once they are in the company of those similar to themselves they come out with shit like this as they have that mantra of ‘I’m just saying what we’re all thinking!’. Fair play to pulling him up on it though, I used to just ignore those types when they come out with crap like that but now feel the need to intervene more these days.
  7. Would agree with the former and fair play for doubling down after your hilarious claim in the other thread. Bassey has been great towards the tail end of this season but he’s actually older than I thought, seems to have no real weaknesses now but will need to see if he can sustain his form now given this is his ‘breakthrough’ season.
  8. Aberdeen were actually 6th for goals conceded. I must admit I’m still miffed as to how they had such a bad season considering some of the performances against us and the ****.
  9. Ooft. Rangers HR Department will need a few extra bodies too.
  10. He’s still contracted to Spartak Moscow but is on loan to AIK who are top of the league at the mo. Basically no chance.
  11. My point is really that the guys claim of A world record - was bollocks A bigger embarrassment - was bollocks as you are yo-yoing between the same league. So I have no idea why anybody would stick up for such a nonsensical post.
  12. Did Livingston not go from the top league to the bottom league in like 5/6 seasons?
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