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  1. Agree with this. Mcmanus and Caldwell were a very decent partnership for us under strachan for a while but were bog standard defenders really, we were just well drilled under him. Pretty sure Duffy was several places ahead of Goldson when at Brighton also. By the same respect you could put Goldson in our team and I doubt it would make a huge amount of difference if the coaching is shite.
  2. Livi adding more fixture pile ups to the nhull and void cause
  3. Theres been alot of ridiculous stuff to happen to us this season but that Dubai trip is hard to top during a pandemic. Cant help but think this was Lawwells and Lennons thought process before it
  4. Thoughts and prayers are with the Edinburgh Bedwetters at this time* x *Post will self destruct when Duffy does his overdue howler
  5. Wanting the ball, trying to beat a man, and attempting killer balls rather than playing it safe isn’t shiteing it. He does have a lot to learn though
  6. We all have opinions but this is Absolute rubbish, its not as if he had shied away as he has had a fair bit of the ball.
  7. Yeah his movement seems to be decent off the ball as hes getting plenty of the ball I just think he’s not quite up to this standard yet. Hoping Dembele might come on but think he's frozen out pretty much since it became apparent he’s not signing a new deal.
  8. I think we weren't too bad considering but having no proper striker is very evident. Do Hibs get their bravery medals at half time or full time btw?
  9. I have cursed it now but Duffy is having a decent game, even his distribution has been sound. Also Its been a steep learning curve for Harper but he keeps getting himself in to decent space.
  10. These fucking adbots pop up everywhere on this site now
  11. Haven’t heard that one, only recalled Robertson (midfielder) from down south is all I have heard so far. Wouldn’t take much to be no1 at Celtic right now.
  12. Disagree concerning the circumstances, good few professional debuts and lack of match fitness etc. f**k knows how we are still at evens.
  13. Also calling us victims whilst acting like victims Make your mind up ffs
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