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  1. Are you seriously suggesting the actions of a St.Mirren player would be more high profile than that of a Celtic player? The majority of the q and a with the first minister today was about Boli. The reaction so far has been huge and been on uk wide news.
  2. There is nothing in the book to throw at ‘them’ that’s the problem. I have no doubt they are looking up rules and punishment around this but you can’t really take retrospective action once their made.
  3. Enough of the sensible posts please I am Rather enjoying this Breakdown from Highlandmagyar
  4. I don't think we will have to tbh unless a case comes back positive. Dont think UEFA guidelines are as strict.
  5. It was on twitter but has been used as a wee running joke on my bus as to how terrible Boli has been for us.
  6. Fair play to you Bennett. A Celtic player absolutely fucks up and you still manage to make a rip roaring c**t of yourself.
  7. Again, this is nothing to with ‘eligibility’ in terms of football registration/suspension. Keep stretching but its not going to fit,
  8. I’ve already said he should be sacked. Hopefully that also keeps the Scottish Government onside also. The more I think about punishment though Its a tricky situation make really harsh and you will still get fannies breaking the rules and then not disclosing where they have been etc.
  9. No Thankfully due to Boli having no positional awareness he didn't get within 2m of a Killie player.
  10. That really is a stretch. The club followed the testing rules and regulations, you can’t mitigate against twats like Boli blatantly lying. You basically are making up new rules here regarding punishment.
  11. Looking forward to the heads gones on here when Sevco refuse to change and you have to wear their super staunch orange number
  12. Yeah thats what I was meaning by disclosing, at the start of lockdown however they werent allowed to come offshore before the covid testing got implemented. I must add though some rigs still aren’t testing and are allowing folk from abroad to come offshore without isolation as they have been given ‘dispensation’. As you could imagine its really pissed off others working on there,
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