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  1. He stuck his head in the Celtic huddle once iirc when Hibs goalie
  2. I don't think killing him is going to solve anything tbh
  3. For it looks like he's falling on his arse and trying to avoid contact, can't see how that could be seen as reckless for me. I get why Collum may see it as different in real time though.
  4. I'm sure VAR red cards have been overturned in England, surely saints will appeal it, no chance it was a red for me imo.* ETA - *When you get to see the replays
  5. Not often I agree with @Bennertt bus he's right enough here. Also given the OP has been pulled up a bit for his hypocrisy on another thread and now starting a random thread over who's being precious I think he may need to look a little closer to home...
  6. The lack of self awareness is rather amusing here
  7. Watching the highlights now on Alba, could have gone either way imo.
  8. I genuinely don't think I have laughed at a sheep shagger joke since I was about 14 tbh, playground stuff.
  9. There's also a guy who keeps mentioning McInnes after every loss too for some reason
  10. That's a fair analysis tbh but I think given he has managed to keep Livingston above the likes of Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen over the years for a fraction of their budgets shows he wouldn't be starting from scratch as his success affords him a bit more trust at this level. Like most bigger clubs more things will be delegated but I'm guessing he knows this through his project management stuff.
  11. I'm not insinuating bias though, more pointing out its a pretty ridiculous game to show how badly done you were against us given on the face of it Hearts had the slightly better rub of the green in that game but anyway we will agree to disagree.
  12. John Hartson should honestly be an absolute gift to linesmen for telling if he's offside or not the guy couldn't run faster than 6mph ffs
  13. I can't see many managers of note and currently employed wanting to take Everton at present tbh. Yes historically they are an established EPL club but are fucked by FFP and stuck in the relegation zone. Come summer it might be a different question however.
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