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  1. Personally I would like to see them gone from the top league. Some seem a lot worse than others though like at Almondvale*. I Think we still have a hybrid surface which seems to be the way forward. It just screams tinpot for our top league, maintenance of grass pitches seem to be much better now too compared to years gone by as well, Motherwell being a stellar example for improvement. I would look to ban it (fully synthetic) with 2 seasons notice to allow plenty planning for removal etc.
  2. Linked with Joe Hart again. There is often a fine line between a ‘character’ and an arrogant w**k but he would always without fail fall in the latter category
  3. Newcastle also at that time were either a champions league or a champions league chasing team iirc
  4. Sorry Im confused as to what even his ethnic background is for it to go against him? If results don't go to plan straight away domestically then I think most will be pointing the finger at the board rather than the manager but there is a chance they would bin him to deflect their shortcomings.
  5. I think there is an element that allows teams who will almost certainly get out the groups allow to take risks that the likes of Scotland cant at this level. You saw it with England sticking with Kane to get him up to match fitness for the latter end of the tournament. But as for Pedri, he had almost a full season in La Liga, he will have had way more top level games than those two you mention combined.
  6. A really strange claim for what should really be described as a mixed reception in a stadium that had a restriction on it to be less than a third full. I don’t why somebody would want this to be true, it’s just as creepy as the guys applauding him. We didn’t ‘sell’ you Gordon nor did we even have Barkas by that point. We offered him a deal but we were unable to guarantee him first team football which was understandable for his age and his injuries. In hindsight The 3 we let go last summer (Gordon, Hayes and Simunovic) would have played more often than not last year if fit.
  7. For some reason I had Erahon as a Goodwin signing from the Irish leagues but wiki has informed me I have made all this up.
  8. Tbh when you signed Brown I just assumed Ferguson was going to be away. Its a cracking centre midfield if you keep him this transfer window.
  9. Absolutely never saw a result like this coming, well in Dandies. How did Brown play?
  10. Have a SMWS tasting tomorrow then a tour of Blair Atholl Distillery a week tomorrow. Yes I am typing all this with a smug puss.
  11. Saw a few positives last night but mainly because the expectation was so low. More optimistic about getting through to the next round but again I had practically written us off before the game kicked off. Would give Barkas one more chance in the away leg but I would be making enquiries for other keepers in the interim. Not seen any of our friendlies so unable to judge any youth/new signing due to work but quite liked the look of Murray when he came on.
  12. Whilst he used to frustrate the life out of me and never quite liked the guy I don't think I have ever heard anyone make this claim before, mainly because its utter nonsense. His best season for us was when Strachan got him to stop trying to beat a man with skill and use his direct pace more instead.
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