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  1. At least Logan has been forced in to being a full kit w****r. The two bellends either end are wearing track suits on their own accord.
  2. Dundee v Celtic

    Too young too remember the 80s but thats my point given its the biggest past time in Britain you dont often hear about the police being assaulted at the football since those days. Personally I think OBFA has had an influence in the recent upsurge with police agression at football and vice vesra. I noticed a more aggressive approach when the OBFA came in by the police but just about every arrest has been thrown out the courts as the law was proven to be pretty much unenforceable. Despite now being scrapped It has left a bad taste in alot of mouths of police and fans.
  3. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Would never had predicted this a year ago when he was getting passed about as a second choice keeper, however he has rarely put a foot wrong for us and we just seemed to have stumbled across that sweeper keeper Rodgers was wanting. Whilst I still dont think he is as good shot stopper as Gordon or Mcgregor Celtics back four seem far more at ease having him there. As for up front Burke has to start surely, not a natural striker but could end up being that effective perpetual pest Miller used to be for Scotland.
  4. Dundee v Celtic

    How long are we actually talking about here? And realistically how often do you hear about a police officer being assaulted at the football, let alone attacked with a knife. If true its a horrific incident but isolated to the point I have never heard a police officer being attacked by a knife in Britain whilst working at a game.
  5. I take it your still offshore? He puts in his bag for the train?!
  6. Dundee v Celtic

    Your dad sound likes old school polis, a thick c**t who thinks they can get away with murder. If they think they have done nothing wrong then they should have no worries about being filmed. They usually have plenty of cctv themselves should they have to back up their side of the story. Just about every court sides with the police regardless anyway hence why they feel invincible. The only people I feel sorry for a lot of the time are the stewards who have to bear alot the brunt from fans often on 0 hour contracts and barely above minimum wage.
  7. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    The entire back line capitulated in that game to be fair.
  8. Dundee v Celtic

    Add in O’Deas injury as well. Right enough it is about 6
  9. Dundee v Celtic

    Just live every Dundee thread on here tbh. Understandable to question the time added though. O'dea injury and subs certainly took up a good few minutes but not sure where the extra minute or 2 came from though.
  10. Dundee v Celtic

    Excellent Timjury time Mr Lawwell
  11. Dundee v Celtic

    Im actually struggling to see what I would be upset about? Brown being booed? If it is it's a strange one everybody loves having a guy like him in their team, oppostion fans seething at him when he has yet to really commit a foul makes it all the more better.
  12. Dundee v Celtic

    Boo a roaster? Like roasters in the Derry, if anything they should be pointed and laughed at. Search 'Niall Mcginn goal Dundee' on youtube and you will see my point.
  13. Dundee v Celtic

    Eddies having a bit of a mare so far. Brown best player so far, any idea why the Derry are booing him other than they are all absolute shitebag roasters? Sinclair could have got a penalty if he tried to stumble on but the fall didnt reflect the contact so no issue for me would rather he just concentrate on getting the ball.
  14. Dundee v Celtic

    Hows the pitch holding up for the one Dundonians?
  15. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    No matter if Scotland play with a back 3 or 4 Tierney should be playing. He has looked pretty comfortable in a back 3 whenever I have seen him and if we are playing 4 then he should surely be right back due to others not being really of international standard. Its also his sheer will to win and attitude that drives others on which would be missed.