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  1. Bennett like whatever rag he has pulled this from never lets the facts get in the way of a good story. Celtic have used the appeal system in the past to get other players fit before serving bans, this isn't ground breaking news.
  2. I rated Souttar above McKenna tbh years ago but the horrible injuries he’s had would affect anybody’s trajectory significantly.I think him just staying relatively fit for a season would be his current aim.
  3. Cant be out injured again if your already injured
  4. I think another frequent rupture is about to happen...
  5. Looking forward to Amazon prime doing a docu-drama about it titled Down Under the Knife.
  6. He’s continuing his tirade on the tinpot thread now for some reason as well when he should have just gone straight to the headsgone thread imo.
  7. Nice to see Harrys been given a rest in these threads and Johns getting a run out now instead
  8. Im not the one making the same claims over and over with no proof Bennett. The ‘Im not angry your angry!’ routine doesn’t really wash here Im afraid.
  9. Thats a statement you have randomly made Bennett, not evidence.
  10. Pretty arrogant and embarrassing for me, is this some disgruntled roasters coming up with this or are the FoH lot also on board?
  11. Tierney was also injury prone in Celtic youth team. He also cramped up a lot when he first came through at Celtic. Probably his selfless attitude to continue to play games when he shouldn’t have has hindered his career long term a bit. By us not having a back up left back for donkeys also fucked him as there were games he looked like he could barely run. As someone alluded to earlier this could be a blessing in disguise for him and Scotland to get a bit of rest before the Euros.
  12. Evidence of this please. Considering the **** had us waiting for a month for such evidence and then have absolutely nothing I think I may be waiting a while.
  13. Well yes, The reasons as to why the league was called rather than continuing was mainly down to the new TV money amongst other things. Pretty valid reasons really but you know all this having been pulled up before. You are literally doing what Tom English did for months on Sportsound because it didn’t suit his narrative.
  14. You have been proven wrong on this Bennett multiple times on here by multiple posters. Just because you keep repeating this doesn’t mean it becomes true. Don't be a Tom English.
  15. I’m starting to think he’s not going to win the Ballon D’or this year
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