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  1. South Korea getting to the world cup semis in 2002 was pretty impressive.
  2. No and Im not a catholic either given that was what you were alluding to earlier. Keep swinging wissy you will land one eventually maybe
  3. strictly speaking should you not be called wasbit now?
  4. And a flat earther but admittedly your joke was way funnier right over my head, absolute lolocaust.
  5. To be fair after 2014 I would question Scotlands eligibility to be an actual country.
  6. Aye when I got it was only about a 5er cheaper than Aberlour a'bunadh so fancied that for the extra 5 quid. The a’bunadh has gone way up in price though and think its a bit younger now too. Still like the stuff though.
  7. Yeah the 105 is very popular for some reason. On paper its right up my street, a cask strength sherry cask so was rather underwhelmed. Cant fault them though as like how they haven’t relented with constantly changing bottle styles and very reasonably priced.
  8. So my lockdown whiskys so far.. Glenfiddich project XX - A surprisingly very nice dram full of flavour and nicely sherried. Had their IPA one and was a bit meh. Also got their 21 yo rum cask which was rather disappointing so a welcome reprieve. Smokehead high voltage - Young but not rough. Not as peaty as their standard one as its a fair bit of a sherry bomb too. Decent for the price. Balblair 15 - been tanning it waaay too quickly. A lovely all rounder. Usually when its too easy to drink its quite flavourless but certainly not this Now Just finishing off a glenfarclas 21 Bottle that had the dregs in it. Find it nicer than the 25 to be honest.
  9. Those ‘journalists’ must look back on that era like how grown adults now would cringe at their old bebo profile. Also Sean Dundee is a blast from the past, I can remember being immensely proud of myself when I signed him for Dundee on Championship manager 97/98.
  10. Never seen that one before, an absolute belter. We should really have a banter years thread for Scottish journalists but it would stretch way back to Murrays era.
  11. With all other leagues suspended, Aberdeen appear to be making a late charge up the statement league.
  12. Could be wrong but did you not have a pretty patchy at the new ground in the lead up to this?
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