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  1. Still feels strange going in to this already group winners. Hopefully see Griffiths start and Shved etc getting game time. Dont think Lennon would play a total strength side though as much as I would like him to. Anyway a flight to Dublin then on to Cluj for me tomorrow. Got a ticket in home like many Im guessing.
  2. I can remember hearing of bets going on them to win every league came that season as well. Fucked after one game
  3. Celtic have taken action in light of this and have dished out a life time contract to those involved.
  4. Not a Leeds fan but randomly saw this on facebook and thought it was class.
  5. Hoping we put a total 2nd strength team out on Thursday and concentrate purely on this.
  6. You just know the guy who spray painted that was wanting an outcry of faux offence on social media but would have been seething at all the smiling faces.
  7. I genuinely didn't know where those words were from until I had to google and realise its that cringey as f**k song. A strange bunch.
  8. In the same way that people would react to an irritating haemorrhoid. Ignoring the forum gormless bore Im still at a loss as to how we won yesterday. I have seen us play far far better at Hampden and lose many times. The way they are going on about the goal you would have thought Julien was yards offside but going by some footage he might not have been offside at all. Hardly being cheated. If its a dive like Sinclair did a few seasons ago then I can understand folk seething but each angle tells a different story for Julien. Forster has been a colossus for us in many ways since he has been back. Inexplicable how he was 3rd choice goalkeeper at Southampton when (being absolutely biased here) he really should be Englands number 1. I base this on practically watching no English football these days though. I know fans on here will claim our wins get hollower as we seem to go from cup to cup but yesterday was unique. Watched the highlights twice last night and probably will do so again today.
  9. Seriously MT you are boring the tits off everyone on this forum, you literally add nothing and pedal the same shite over and over again. Would be within your own and everyone’s interests if you fucked off for a bit and try and enjoy life a bit.
  10. Cracked open the 23 yo today after the cup win. Tasting way better than it did in the shop, an outstanding dram.
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