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  1. I think bonksys main red flag is that they are concious.
  2. Agreed, I think the morons in the media at the last Euros who were suggesting Shaw was the best left back in the world should automatically be sacked for gross misconduct.
  3. Wasn’t aware of this guy, not a great deal about Motherwell but found this article about how he got picked up by Leicester interesting enough. https://www.the42.ie/darragh-oconnor-2-5581907-Oct2021/?fbclid=IwAR0zhO4NHC_zK-Xk9Q-qV67p_O6VEBNSgrHCeylY07uPX1Qa7_zBirOMHyY
  4. I can’t say I’ve noticed they haven’t been tbh. The crowd was announced for the Europa game earlier on in the week though.
  5. Is that an old badge?when did yous change it and quite like the old one tbh.
  6. Hopefully a run of the mill win, would be tempted to change a few from Tuesday but not too many.
  7. Why isn’t Alex Rae in his natural habitat of thickos and moon howlers on SSB?
  8. As terrible as shooting someone with learning difficulties is, I wouldn’t be massively surprised to see it in the next tory manifesto tbh.
  9. Very happy with that display. Whilst Ferencvaros clearly aren’t on Leverkeusens we controlled the game mainly with a few less heart in mouth moments than we have experienced at this level past season or two.
  10. Only just tuned in, this is like teuchter super score board. Absolutely tremendous
  11. You sound like a Celtic player under Neil Lennon.
  12. Are you not the guy who creepily added a PnB members daughter on fb even though you never met her?
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