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  1. Glad hes out, we should have kept him on another year for sure.
  2. Bennett hasn't stopped talking about Celtic fans since he was Vicky Ftfy
  3. Even if what you said was true you are comparing a 2-0 win to 5-0,5-1 drubbings. But frankly what you are saying is pish, We all saw even your managers reaction when you won at CP last year which sent a bad message to his players and ended up red faced. To be fair he has learned his lesson.
  4. There’s yer Ryan Porteous being a good c**t again Ryan Porteous: Hibs defender makes salary pledge for gender equality https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ryan-porteous-joins-manchester-united-22876712.amp
  5. Thing is I doubt they are giving a f**k about the likes of us on here, if there ratings were dropping significantly then they wouldn’t be given anywhere near the amount of airtime they get Nowadays. I don’t listen often now but I was at a charity event Stuart had arranged and Tam was there too, must admit it was thoroughly enjoyable.
  6. For me this could be the only time the Celtic/Rangers thing may be actually discussed by those who are already in the EPL. Liverpool etc fucking off and then to be back filled with the likes of Brentford/Bournemouth etc would drop the appeal to broadcasters drastically. Obviously Celtic/ Rangers are nowhere near the pull of those going away but would help reduce the drop in interest and provide a talking/marketing point. For the avoidance of doubt I wouldn’t want this to happen, it’s just a speculative theory.
  7. A semi final without fans just doesn’t sound right. If theres none get it in the sea.
  8. I don't know what to make of him. He makes far more tactical insights than any regular on sportsound (not hard) and can tell he lives for football but at the same time he seems to have the charisma of Father Stone from Father Ted. A good hand to have if you were a manager but would bore the tits off the players if he was in charge.
  9. I can remember people going on about a cigar with whisky and I thought it would be a stupid idea as the cigar would just overpower the whisky but now I do love the odd cigar with a whisky. Have no idea about which ones are good and often just have cigarillos as often its an impluse decision so get them from the local tiny corner shop.
  10. a decent effort but needs more ‘Shunkland’ imo
  11. gannonball


    One of my favourite comedy’s but brought so much more than slapstick, a few lumps in my throat during certain episodes. E4 (is it still a thing?) used to really f**k me off cutting out any adult bits regardless of the time of day and it made episodes make absolutely no sense at times if you had never seen that one before. ETA- wasnt aware of a podcast will most likely give it a try.
  12. Got this for 40 quid a few months ago off amazon but only just sampling it tonight. If your in to Cheapish sherry bombing with a decent enough abv (glen farclas 105 etc) its very decent for that price point but its now crept up towards 50 quid now. Can tell its a quite young but not rough.
  13. Aberdeen seem to have woken up again since the penalty
  14. Hedges being allowed to cut about the pitch with that haircut makes me miss Darion Mackinnon. Eta- yassss.
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