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  1. Tuesday 9 Said it before and I will say it again its pish when everyone is ramming in 9s and 10s. Bring back the halcyon days of the aussie quiz when a ten was worthy of a Nobel prize a nine a night with a super model, an 8 a case of beer and a 7 a firm handshake. Oh the old days, before the paywall, before the Corona. Gump once said life is like a box of chocolates you don't know what you're going to get, well that was true with the Aussie quiz, not this one. Meh just fucking meh.
  2. Just be sensible and do your own thing. I went for two lovely long walks today, never within two metres of anyone. Splendid. Have to laugh at this whole lockdown exercise once a day thing, both me and mrs frontline, spend 70 plus hours a week within the so called 2m area with colleagues, kids go to school with other key workers who are doing same thing. Aye but you can only exercise once a day. What a load of shite. Start easing the restrictions, let people make informed choices. .
  3. The fact that nobody in SK has been reinfected is promising tbh, I think on the scale of things they're trustworthy. Certainly more so that the Chinese, Boris et al.
  4. The lockdown has actually encouraged me to walk to my work, 49 minutes down the hill and 50 mins back up. Something I will keep doing as its actually enjoyable and the walk home allows me to listen to some music, reflect on my days practice that day and be chilled by the time I get home. It's also worth 14000 steps that I wouldn't get by driving.
  5. He was a Major once, sadly demoted for being a junkie.
  6. Yes but has anyone got HIV from it yet like the boy wonder Boredom Guy claimed?
  7. Explains a lot Throbbs. But you do have a gimp.
  8. Throbber fantasizing about his dream life I reckon. The gimp bit especially.
  9. The Budge reign started well but her lack of football knowledge, poor advisors and arrogance has meant her tenure will be viewed as shoddy at best. Still it's a step too far to call her as vile as Neil Francis Lennon.
  10. Fake news fake news. No way could Boris tie his own laces.
  11. Why, I've stated unequivocally that Hearts deserve to go down for the pathetic position they're in.
  12. And that's why drink, drugs, statements and social media don't work kids.
  13. Minter, the last paragraph is hilarious. The laddie obviously wants to replace Queen Budgie at tynecastle with jingoistic nonsense like that.
  14. Ha one of ours was a tainted relegation with the double whammy of a points deduction and Gary Locke in charge. Therefore it doesn't count.
  15. Embarrassing word salad. We will do our talking on the pitch like we always do, aye that's worked out well so far.
  16. Sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few...
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