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  1. Aye good luck shutting things down with no furlough available. Empty rhetoric.
  2. https://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=2111261256126615& Waiting on @The Captain who is doing a weekender in the YOI and @Ronaldo Jeremy who is busy on his casting couch.
  3. That's a disgraceful decision to play the game. Portuguese FA should hang their heads in shame. Pitiful and makes a mockery of game. Wouldn't expect such a ridiculous decision at amateur level.
  4. Nobody saw that coming, will keep the press happy.
  5. I like the PlayStation do you like the PlayStation...
  6. Is that Leo Sayers joinery cousin? Dire Straits if you're hanging out with Gary Barlow.
  7. Excellent progress so far. Waiting on @Arch Stanton @mathematics @The_Kincardine @Snobot @Leeds Saint @JustOneCornetto @scottsdad @The Captain @Helpma @Ronaldo Jeremy @Meldrew @Culter Away
  8. Nail bars. Research from a Mr J Pennywise advises that churches are immune.
  9. Multi forum recognition, you've made it. Incidentally an advert for Fife, obsessed with the Pars clearly.
  10. Good evening, there will be four rounds of the competiton. As per usual it will be both a team contest, an overall award for individual scores (top 3 over 4 rounds) and of the course the knock out competition split into two sections - Plenty of trophies to be won. As per usual the bottom two scores for each team don't count to allow for no shows, a shocker etc etc. Anyway without further cermony here are the teams for the first Jack's Granda Shield Trophy... Team De Niro @Arch Stanton @peasy23 @Ross. @Arabdownunder @mathematics @The_Kincardine @101 @Snobot Next up team Pacino @Rugster @Salvo Montalbano @The Hologram @Leeds Saint @JustOneCornetto @pleslie99 @The DA @German Jag Next its team Hanks @WhiteRoseKillie @Duszek @scottsdad @The Captain @Kima Greggs @NJ2 @LincolnHearts @Blootoon87 And its team Arnie @Helpma @Small Bovine Maisonette @Eednud @Sylvester Sneekly @alang1993 @JamesP_81 @Spring Onion @BigBo10 Finally its team Eastwood @Moomintroll @Ronaldo Jeremy @Geaky @Culter Away @SlipperyP @gkneil @ArmadaleKillie @Meldrew @kingjoey Great you now know your team for the next four rounds. Now for the knockout competition. In a twist we will have teammates play each other First up is the Lager Shield Arch Stanton V Peasy23 Ross. v Arab Down Under Rugster v Salvo Montalbano The Hologram V Leeds Saint White Rose Killie v Duszek Scotts Dad v The Captain Moomintroll v Ronaldo Jeremy Geaky v Culter Away Helpma V James P Eednud v Alang And in Wine Vase Mathematics v The Kincardine 101 v Snobot Just one Cornetto v P Leslie The Da v German Jag Kimi Greggs v Blootoon NJ2 v Lincoln Hearts Small Bovine Hoose V Sylvester Sneakly Spring Onio v Big Bo 10 Slippery P v GK Neill Armadale Killie v Meldrew V King Joey I would like all answers in by 2pm on Monday, please use your board name when doing the quiz as it will save we trying to work out random names. here is the link https://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=2111261256126615&
  11. Google, me me me with my bloody phone number. Bing , a solicitor, a rugger chap then moi.
  12. In view of the amount flight's coming in from SA and other areas over the last week I'd be astonished if it's not here already. The vaccines have done superbly so far and I'm sure they will continue to do so irrespective of variant. Best policy is to get vaccinated and remain as hygienic as possible.
  13. Splendid we will have four teams of eight and one of nine. Teams will be sorted later. Team De Niro, Team Pacino, Team Hanks, Team Arnie and Team Eastwood.
  14. Ah but we can still save Christmas by doing a lateral flow everytime you leave the house and by avoiding all pubs, gyms, sports venues. We can't close them this time though as we don't have any money but please stay safe and think of Gran this Christmas. #safexmas
  15. A good day for the kiwis in India. Skittled the hosts out for 345 and 93 without loss so far Tim Southee bowled superbly. Spare a thought for the 37 year old spinner the kiwis brought in for this game. No wickets.
  16. Cannot be long until everyone's favourite government adviser, the lying, duplicitous, mental health bashing fantasist, starts screaming for a lockdown again. Meanwhile feel free to buy my book...
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