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  1. Like all clubs with aspirations of advancing up the pyramid my committee devote countless hours to improving things off the park at Linlithgow to ensure the manager has a platform to get us promoted and find our level through merit. We shouldn't have bothered really. Shambles, football stinks from the very top level right down the way. Disheartened to say the least and I'm tempted to just ram it.
  2. The tier system is an absolute joke and should be fired straight in the bin. Absolutely preposterous knicker wetting draconian pish to continue restrictions with a successful vaccination programme, nil deaths and a small amount of punters in hospital.
  3. Excuse me, no way would kinky drink cooncil gin. He's more of a tanquery man. Glad the old bugger is OK.
  4. I can visualise that, good talker, lack of mobility maybe. Probably a better bet than Scullion tbh.
  5. I remember watching that evening with my dearly departed dad who was the biggest Labour supporter going and I will never forget the enjoyment he had as the results poured in that night. Great viewing.
  6. As a young idealistic left back in 97 the removal of the darling of the right Michael Portillo by Stephen Twigg was hilarious. Probably the best thing that ever happened to the former. Love watching his programmes and listening to his podcasts as he has such a fascinating back story. Both parents who were fervent socialists, he himself was a Labourite before becoming thoroughly fed up with Labour during the latter stages of the Wilson government and defecting to the Tories. One of the reasons given was the appointment of the milk snatcher as leader as he thought at the time it was fantastically progressive to have a female leader. Interestingly when he went back to spain to do his railway show he wore the colours of the Republican Flag during the civil war. See there is still a lefty in there somewhere.
  7. Correct the figures can be made to look disastrous if you want to dramatise everything, yep the media you buckled c***s. Oh my goodness there is an increase of 80pct in a certain area, erm that equates to about 30 cases in real life. How many of them are in the hospital, well actually erm nil. Er yes but that doesn't spread fear and misinformation.
  8. Morons, they genuinely don't have a clue. The lack of understanding us bewildering but that's what happens when you have tin pot politicians being advised by scaremongering third rate advisors whose main aim is to stay relevant and feather their own nest. People in hospital minimal check Vaccines working check Vaccines reducing risk of serious illness check Most vulnerable vaccinated check Bloody lunacy.
  9. Lowland league by 2025 but that won't matter as they will still have the biggest crowds. Incredible scenes in Grangemouth as full time tier 5 club failkirk scrape a draw with Stirling University with a dramatic late leveller which should see them avoid relegation to the east of Scotland league. One fan said we had 2000 people here today we deserve to be in the top flight, sack the board etc etc...
  10. We could fund a wee trip for Jase and Dev...
  11. It was the equivalent of waiting 50 years to seen your team in a cup final, having a man sent off in the first minute and going on to lose 5 0. Dreadful fella.
  12. On a plus side I managed a good few drinks playing line of duty bingo.
  13. Right lads when does the last episode start, that was the warm up surely.
  14. Too difficult for them, send them to a vigil full of women on the other hand...
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