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  1. Local shops

    This is surely Morningside or Stockbridge Nah must be Drylaw.
  2. Email Issues

    Seem to be working today.
  3. Moving forward

    New name, same old Pep.
  4. Will he be allowed to bring his zimmer on?
  5. You really are disgusting, I'm glad your whole fitba team pumped your Mrs now.
  6. 83rd Masters Tournament

    And Ewen Murray completely slating him for spitting on the course.
  7. It's ra sellick way.
  8. 83rd Masters Tournament

    Pretty sure I saw a marshal fish the ball out the creek and place it out of serious trouble.
  9. Celebrity c***s

    Needs some self awareness, the boy is crap. He's a tube. The epitome of trying too hard. It makes a lot of those shows unwatchable.
  10. Reasons to be Cheerful

    But why take that risk? Living on the edge. Signed Middle aged and boring
  11. Quick Question Thread

    Throbber dont do it, combo machines are really shite. Your electricity bill will make it look like you have your own cannabis factory.
  12. 83rd Masters Tournament

    Tiger I won't sign autographs for kids because I'm in the zone Woods. The mans an absolute arse and when he was at his best his arrogance knew no bounds. At least he has stopped spitting all over the golf course these days. As for Poulter he is just a cock.
  13. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Housework? On the Sabbath? There's football & The Masters to be watching min. Aye and I can get all that I need to do sorted for then... I hope.
  14. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Linlithgow played them early in the season and scored ten, played them again last week and scored just the three. They were much more well organised this time, worked extremely hard and the improvement was clear for all too see. They have done well against the tier 7 clubs and I expect them to have a decent season next time around.
  15. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Have read a few books about Rorkes Drift and the Zulu Wars & I had somehow never noticed that Bourne didn't get a VC. He did end up being a Lieutenant Colonel & was awarded the OBE, so as you rightly say, he fared much better than those who did. He was offered a commision but being poor he turned it down seemingly. The rank of L Colonel was after the Great War and was an honoury award, he received it at the same time as his OBE. Right I need to go do some housework but this has been enjoyable.
  16. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Yes & Bourne was actually only 23 at the time. Seeing as its the Sabbath and I'm slightly hungover I have been doing a bit or research, not many of the chaps who received the VC went on to live long prosperous lives. Also the jealousy and bad mouthing both officers received in later years from envious seniors was incredible.