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  1. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Inspirational guessing for Tuesday. Knew five, scored five.
  2. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    I blame that c**t Geldof. Anyway a 7 to commence the week.
  3. Junior thicko alert.
  4. Probably just a cup of tea and a firm handshake. Save the real celebrations for champions league glory.
  5. A draw for these also rans will do. The more points dropped will see the Tynecastle juggernaut roll on to the title by February. Thirty wins in a row should do it tbh.
  6. Just ordered my treble winner t- shirt. What a time to be alive.
  7. It's in the bag. Will be furious if we don't secure a treble. If it's only a double heads will roll.
  8. We Welcome the Chase

    Might as well start engraving it now.
  9. For a racist rant. I'm sure he won't be hard to identify his alias.
  10. Andy Murray Latest and General Tennis Chat

    Would that not be a disqualfication?
  11. He seems to be good at trolling himself to be honest. Anyway he won't last much longer with his spamming shite. On a mildly amusing note perma raging roaster Pep appears to be logging in every few hours just to check he is still banned. Yes m9 its a permanent one.
  12. Rangers 2018/19 European Extravaganza!

    None of which you actually saw first hand of course
  13. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Seven, raging that I got 1st question wrong.
  14. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Absolutely disgusting, all those that have posted a score should be relegated to the basement and all trophies removed.
  15. Quick Question Thread

    Should be easy enough to spot, champ.
  16. Nipper Salmond

  17. Quick Question Thread

    We really can't.
  18. We Welcome the Chase

    I think you're forgetting about the tennents sixes m9.
  19. We Welcome the Chase

    The Treble will probably be our greatest achievement since we won the Great War. I'm going to get a price for next seasons champions league as I can't see anyone stopping us.
  20. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Sorry for your loss.