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  1. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    If they are honest then they will
  2. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Because she is a thick bird
  3. don't be so ridiculous. HTG is one of the most decent people I have met who go to junior football. Basically he has got your number over your posts on this thread. Take it like a man and get on with it. do us a favour and drop this I will introduce myself soon pish, unless you are planning on buying him a pie and bovril which will be a treat for his fat arse
  4. Islam Feruz

    He is very lucky to have top class role models like john terry and ashley cole to advise him
  5. The 'Sauchie Juniors' Thread

    Great result today for sauchie. Hopefully see you boys at newtown park next season
  6. Horrific club photos

    the things girls do to lose weight
  7. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    so much for learning from history
  8. Things you want to share with P&B

    suggest you go and get a tetanus if you haven't had one in last ten years and take paracetemol and a brufen
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Fair enough dropping morgan. Bringing back Bopara for me is a strange one - Has had several opportunities and other than scoring three tons against a mediocre WI side has generally flattered to deceive I would have had a look at Taylor before Bopara
  10. Quick Question Thread

    Surely it's not an act of god
  11. Pregnancy And Parenting

    just wait and see the funny looks you get when you start doing the hot dog song at work. my boy is two and his current favourites are peppa pig, ben and holly and the brilliant kung fu panda on nick toons, oh and for some reason he prefers old fireman sam rather than the new jazzed up version
  12. P&b Running Club

    Pulled my calf whilst twenty mins into a run earlier - its agony .. Was meant to be doing a race in 5 weeks time but can't see that happening. The worst thing was having to limp home and you can see folk looking at you thinking look at that lazy git kidding on he is injured because he isn't fit enough to run p.s. it's my own fault as I didn't warm up properly as I was to busy trying to find my daughters lost book - stupid me
  13. The Cricket Thread

    the batting has been a shambles . The bowlers must be well pissed off how long since strauss scored a ton bell has returned to being the old bell morgan is clearly not good enough KP is a shadow of what he once was tim bresnan with his big hitting down the order was clearly missed
  14. The Cricket Thread

    If england lose in sri lanka and strauss continues to not score any tons will it be time for him to move aside? morgan has to go for a little rest
  15. Darts...

    how good if nicholson turns round and sticks one on lewis or taylors chin
  16. The Cricket Thread

    Depends on what the bookies want
  17. The 'Sauchie Juniors' Thread

    I would very much like to see sauchie get promoted - really enjoyed my two trips through their this season the first time for the lovely burger despite the result and the second trip for scraping thru the cup tie - didn't comment on match at time due to internet problems, but by god bo'ness very fortunate to win that day and at 2 2 i would have happily taken a draw sauchie have a really great set up and would be a good addition to the superleague as they play good attacking football good luck for rest of the season
  18. Jordan Rhodes

    quite right - i don't give a shit where a player is born. All that matters is that they are committed to the team and can improve the team
  19. The 'Sauchie Juniors' Thread

    never mind the match - will the burger barbecue be in operation
  20. Quick Question Thread

    murder on the orient express i think it's from but i cant help with other half of the question
  21. Word Association

  22. Word Association

  23. Word Association

  24. Word Association