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  1. Snow!

    FVRH doesn't even have enough blankets for it's patients, never mind the prospect of even doing a few more hip replacements. The bean counters are shitting themselves at the prospect of a freezing winter
  2. The Cricket Thread

    Bairstow a better fielder, and I think offers more with bat. My thoughts on Finn are that it's a fairly flat track at Eden Gardens and maybe his extra pace and bounce might just get a bit more than Broad. I am a fan of Broad but he is really off colour at the moment, though as you say everytime it looks like he will be binned he pulls an astonishing performance from somewhere. As long as the England performance is comparable with what we have just seen then I will be delighted regardless of who is playing.
  3. The Cricket Thread

    What about Bell for Patel with KP and Trott filling in for a few overs for all the contribution that Patel actually makes. Also Finn for Broad
  4. The Cricket Thread

    Absolutely brilliant two days test cricket by England. Need to round it off and level this series Stuart Broad has been voted as one of India's most valuable players this test.
  5. If you check my previous posts on this thread you will see I was very much on the side of the taxman and as a fan of the diddies I was disappointed by the outcome, however I think to suggest that it is to do with Murray being a sir is utter codswallop.
  6. The decision of the judges is of course up for debate but it's got feck all to do with the odious Murray being a knight of the realm.
  7. The 'Sauchie Juniors' Thread

    Was at yesterday's game and felt that HT came too soon for Sauchie who were on the ascendency. Sauchie were playing nice football before HT and cutting holes in Beith defence, then after the break for some reason decided just to lump it. If only Gary Carroll, who was looking along the line hadn't inexplicably ran offside for a tap in it could have been very different as Beith were there for the taking. On a separate note the pies were excellent, and they had a decent setup though could have done with the lights on for the final 20.
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Yes I agree with that. Bell is a rime example - always looks great when coming in at 280-3 but when you need him when the chips are down he seldom delivers the goods. Hopefully Bairstow gets a shot next test Trott was fairly poor in the last 12months of test match cricket, so hopefully he knuckles down and gets back to his previous form as England need Trott to be at his best. eta - excellent session from the openers. More of the same tomorrow morning please
  9. The Cricket Thread

    The ICC unfortunately do not have the backbone to stand up to the Indian board who now carry far too much power and verge on the edge of bullying with some of their posturing and input to the world game. It also isn't being used in the Sri Lanka series which started today. Have to agree with other posters, the 3 seamers idea was completely and utterly shambolic decision and you really have to wonder what their logic was. The batting again pitiful in the sub continent with the same old rabbit in headlights look about certain so called experienced batsmen. A better effort all round this innings please
  10. Just look at what the auld bugger wears. They cardigans are three for a tenner in BHS so Wattie is clearly innocent
  11. If you don't have scraped knuckles then your out.
  12. What were your home gates against Caley and Alloa again
  13. Well they have managed to gain their first away league win before November so that's a wonderful achievement for a team of internationalists playing against part timers. Next aim will be Fat Sally to gain a manager of the month award.
  14. Maybe so but I can't see any other club looking for a way out of the Scottish league.
  15. The sooner they piss off the better we will all be.
  16. The 'Sauchie Juniors' Thread

    still gubbed
  17. The 'Sauchie Juniors' Thread

    Your on fire today. Come on though who in their right mind would wear a pair of HTG's cords