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  1. LL Relegation

    Previous regime, plenty in same boat. Indeed I hope so. No shit Sherlock.
  2. LL Relegation

    Irrespective of whoever makes it having one place is shite. The LL can hardly complain about the lack of a direct promotion to league 2 when they have only one promotion place. It reeks of protectionism and is quite frankly rubbish. We all want a free flowing pyramid and what's on offer right now is not fit for purpose.
  3. A very pleasing eight. Can we have a quiz on either Aussie cop show Blue Healers, the wines of the Rhone Valley, or the lingerie preferences of Rachel Stevens...
  4. The Hibernian Thread

    Can you close the loop here by revealing Radgers other accounts? Just the awful JohanForeskins. Anyway he is very very angry.
  5. The Hibernian Thread

    Correct, a model poster.
  6. Things you want to share with P&B

    Watch out for Rocky Raccoon.
  7. Rugby - Union And League

    Kill him now...
  8. Rugby - Union And League

    Hopefully it causes a strangulated hernia the obnoxious arrogant c**t.
  9. Things you want to share with P&B

    No need for that. Sorry m9, hangover has made one somewhat irascible.
  10. Things you want to share with P&B

    Pipe doon Bennett.
  11. Anyone fancy doing next quiz or will I bash on. Relegation hurts. That's the budget rubbed for next season. Now who will I sack, the highly paid flips that put us down, the alcoholic manager or the minimum wage workers in the club shop. f**k it they're all gone. Seething.
  12. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    No inspection needed.
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    And there in is the problem in a nutshell, each association is telling their members different things. The real issue as per normal is the lack of strong leadership from the SFA who have buggered up the formation of the pyramid right from the off. The lack of leadership and governance from them has been quite frankly shocking, inept at best completely incompetent and not fit for purpose. What we now have is a situation where we are roughly 4 months from the season end and nobody definitively can say what is happening. It's not good enough, it really isn't. I find the whole situation depressing, different associations fighting, club officials fighting fans fighting all over our beautiful game. It really shouldn't be so hard to sort but the powers that be are sadly not up to the task. The levels of self interest being shown also don't help and epitomises everything wrong with Scottish football, from ridiculous colt teams all the way down. We will wait and see what comes but I'm not convinced we won't and up with another mess. Hopefully I'm wrong. Enjoy your game today wherever you are and whatever the grade as after all we are all football fans.
  14. When he came to Linlithgow he was excellent. Spoke to the punters, fine with autographs and pictures with kids. He even paid to get in.
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    Won't be Prestonfield.
  16. Junior football, what is the future?

    Yes seems to be driven in response to other team. Will be interesting if it all becomes part of pyramid.
  17. Junior football, what is the future?

    The boness team are an ex amateur team that were called Linlithgow Thistle. The Linlithgow juniors team are basically a team who were Linlithgow amateurs. Neither will have affiliation with the tier six teams that play in EOS.
  18. Junior football, what is the future?

    Neither of which are Bo'ness United or Linlithgow Rose. They have nothing to do with either side. Both are amateur sides looking to step up to the juniors. In respect of tier six next season the Eos are saying one thing juniors another. At the eosfl meeting last night the mgmnt committee gave compelling reasons and resaurance that nothing had been agreed pertaining the West and the East wasn't going to happen. Time will tell.
  19. An invite to the quiz league and one of the best threads on the site.
  20. Calling Cards of Morons

    Rangers fans have established themselves as Diddies in chief time and again since 2012. Their idiot fans calling others diddies is proof of their self fuelling diddiness. Rip Ken Dodd.
  21. A salient point, everyday is a learning day. I learned today that the little bit of plumbing I tried in the ensuite on Wednesday has resulted in a patch of water on my kitchen ceiling. In essence I'm a useless c**t.
  22. Things you want to share with P&B

    One was in Juniper Green last Saturday, had a spot too eat in the Italian and a glass of fizz in the railway. Did one see your man Jones walking the hound what?