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  1. Premier League 2018-19

    Yup no way Jose would lose two champions league finals.
  2. Premier League 2018-19

    To be fair Jones had to return home to Saturn after the finals to see his family.
  3. Blast From The Past!

    The loss of RTL to the airways was a sad loss. It really had the potential to improve my German, if the sound had been on.
  4. Premier League 2018-19

    He did, it's the murderpool way.
  5. The Cricket Thread

    India are absolutely honking today. A level of application that can only be described as pitiful. Currently 69/6.
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    My enjoyment of this evening's chase already ruined by the shreeking tones of some Scouse Tart. Flem everywhere. ETA: The thick scouser is out. Pleasing.
  7. You aren't a c**t though
  8. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Like the boy that engraves the Claret Jug I reckon you're safe. Secondly getting five glasses of tap water doesn't count.
  9. Local Council c***s

    I detest Edinburgh City Council. A bigger shower of inept, money wasting c***s anywhere would be hard too find.
  10. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Gerry McCann found.
  11. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    You greedy b*****d, I'm glad you headbutted the side of the pool now.
  12. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Can I be the first to offer my congratulations to our new champion the one and only Cardinal. The Leicester City of the quiz league, an achievement up there with the discovery of Penicillin. I wonder what's more likely, a second Cardinal title or him actually getting the 1st round in on an night out? Well done cunto.
  13. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    A fair point bit alas the foilage is even worse on trunk roads though...
  14. Golfers Thread

    Got TNT but no golf some vampire thing is on, I absolutely hate american TV the ads are a joke, why is this not on sky anyone know Because they have spunked too much cash on shitty english football so are losing other sports left, right and centre. Useless c***s.
  15. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    On behalf of all the clubs it would be marvellous to see the Cardinal scoop up his 1st top flight trophy. Would it f**k, hope you get a two.
  16. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Seven for Wednesdsy, 3 for Thursday. I'm up and doon like a whore's drawers...
  17. Portugal Friendly 14th Oct

    Doesn't seem to play for Argentina either...
  18. Dentist

    Imagine what he would have done if he had perused your posts on here...
  19. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    I think the Cardinal should take half your score away for cheek. P.s check your phone cuntybaws.
  20. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Another two but this time it is two wrong. Back with a bang. Eight.
  21. Ian McCall Appreciation Thread

    I was at that game and it was Gordon's debut. The pace of your forwards blew us away, Samuel was immense. I've seen a few pumpings at Brockville over the years, was there when you put six past us which heralded the departure of happy go lucky Joe Jordan. I miss Brockville a fantastic old ground.