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  1. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Mondaday? You trying to sneak an extra day in to boost your score? Might need it. Six for Wed.
  2. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Six for Mondaday and exceptionally lucky nine for Tuesday.
  3. Golfers Thread

    One of the good things about Koepka was that he played the challenge tour for a while unlike so many of the new brigade that end up straight on tour. He seems like a decent lad as well to be fair.
  4. The European Championships

    Great win, just can't get excited when they are competing for GB Get a grip.
  5. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Had a few too many after Football yesterday. We all know the cure...
  6. Managed to get myself blocked by some sellick blogger moron called MattMcglone9 on twitter for laughing at his tear stained rants. I think there may have been another couple of P&B regulars blocked by him too. Glorious.
  7. The added bonus is no listeningnto Celtic's invincible pish this season. Pleasing.
  8. With the look of that team I will be furious if we aren't 4 up at half time.
  9. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    He is a man of the cloth therefore a massive deviant.
  10. #Crowdw**k

    Pics or gtf.
  11. Things that are lame

    The horse that half the punters on here put money on yesterday...
  12. #Crowdw**k

    Do you not find the increased cost of Sky subscriptions, tax on beer etc make it uneconomical to take over all those pubs?
  13. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Ah well at least we won't see the Cardinal for a few days. He will probably w**k himself into a coma.
  14. The Hibernian Thread

    Has some c**t photoshopped that heid onto his body. To quote a film "its like an orange on a stick".
  15. Things you want to share with P&B

    I've just broken into a sweat watching that.
  16. Things you want to share with P&B

    Well? Was it cheeky? Only cheeky thing is the price. Been once as part of a group night out, never again. I detest restaurant chains. The fallback for those too lazy and stupid to find nice local restaurants. Eta, if you're dragged in as part of a group night out you have a bit of a get out, but by christ if you make the independant decision to go then...
  17. Premier League 2018-19

    Look mate until Tierney can take a bird shitting in his mouth (matron) he won't replace Young at United.
  18. Premier League 2018-19

    FFS can you stop biting to everything.
  19. Premier League 2018-19

    Yup no way Jose would lose two champions league finals.