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  1. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Good, always worth seeing your gp after a blood stained poop. Bright red most likely piles, darker red possibly a diverticulitis or a rectal tumour. Stay safe out there and always check your number two...
  2. Well done Edmund, what a clusterfuck that was. Who is doing the next one, it won't be difficult after that...
  3. No mate the B is for winning the Beazer homes league and the S is for winning the Steelers Wheel league.
  4. Tuesday six and wed six so after mondays six I have the sign of the beast. So in essence I have an average of six for the week. Meh.
  5. TRNSMT Festival

    I'd be wanting a shotgun.
  6. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    The state of Bennett in every thread...
  7. 6 for Monday. Got the first 6 right then made a right arse of it. Very impressed with my ability to get that last one wrong especially as I knew who was playing. #winning.
  8. Motherwell V Heart of Midlothian

    You forgot to mention poppy thieves and the fact that Mr Levein won Scotlands most prestigious trophy... The Tennents Sixes. On the game thought it was a cracker of a spectacle and a draw would have been about right. Second season in a row a bizarre goal has been lost at Fir Park. Well done Well. Not sure where to rate it in my collection of Hearts keeper clangers, probably ahead of Henry Smith cup semi final errors but behind big Gilles Scottish Cup Final goal.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    An outrageous effort. Well played to Sri Lanka after receiving some thumpings in recent times.
  10. Rise of Astro Pitches

    It's almost as if his lack of ability is overlooked because he played football for one of the arse cheeks... Surely not said nobody.
  11. Rise of Astro Pitches

    Good point, he is the epitome of a moron.
  12. What a great morning, Not only do I get a trophy but the Cardinal has a problem with his car and his foot. There really is a god.
  13. Tinder

    The warning was revoked about 20 seconds after it was given.
  14. School kids on strike

    Get the little b*****ds down the mines, they can power Britain. After all we will need slave labour come Brexit .
  15. Seven Tuesday and a bloody Kiwi just prevented my first ever ten for Wed and immediate retirement. I don't like Kiwis...
  16. We have every confidence in you delivering a flawless cup. We don't.
  17. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Does anyone mind Monkey?
  18. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Ffs even Homer Simpson knows that a baboon is not a fucking monkey.
  19. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Can I point out that a chimp isn't actually a monkey...
  20. So we have the final scores In eighth is @Ross. In seventh is @Salvo Montalbano Tied third is @Adamski @German Jag @Rugster @NJ2 Second place is ....... @pleslie99 piiped by one point And the winner with an impressive 17 out of 20 is @Eednud Well done to Eednud and all the participants. @Cardinal Richelieucan do the next one, I will be back...