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  1. Why would you request to be banned? Dinnae ken, but it's a fairly common request.
  2. Does anyone remember the awful football game for the spectrum, I think the team had been kidnapped before a final and you had to track them down. Another story a that appeared at times was the hard man Johnny Dexter and his mad Russian coach a bald guy called Viktor something. That's before Dexter joined Melchester.
  3. There was also Billy's Boots, a lad who was crap at fitba but when he put on dead shot keens boots he became amazing. A slight flaw, what happens when his feet grow etc. Used to get Roy delivered weekly. Also loved the annuals.
  4. Yes, I felt the depiction was excellent. In fact the old sugar in the kettle took me back to being first on scene for a lad that had that done and as you say the calmness before it all goes tits up is something you cannot believe would happen until it does. I recall one time stepping onto the landing only for a pool baw to go whistling pasty heid as mayhem started. The self harm aspect, the needless bullying etc was all spot on. I really don't miss it, it's a horrible job and I don't know how some officers can work in the galleries for their whole careers. By the end of my time I felt completely done in with the violence, the use of illicit drugs etc, the radio calls as yet again someone has taken stuff and is unconscious.
  5. Must have been at his own request from Div. Nothing to do with mods.
  6. My mate is doing vaccines today in Forth Valley. Only 300 booked in all day for 11 vaccinators. Under 25s who randomly turn up to be refused. Yesterday there was a 55pct no show. Mental.
  7. Er no, I suggest you go out a nice long walk, listen to a podcast and chill instead of fretting over the identies of posters on an anoymous footbal website. Have a great day.
  8. I was having a conversation with my colleague about this last week. The same time wasting drug seeking wasters on the list day after day with made up shit taking away appointments from those who actually need it. It's infuriating and it blocks patients who actually need seen and investigated from getting the treatment they need. I actually had a clown last week that was genuinely raging that their scans and bloods (which weren't merited in the first place) were as clear as a bell. What's wrong with me then, er nothing funnily enough. See you next week for more frivilous pish.
  9. A lovely lad Jack and a cracking player, hope he gets back from this.
  10. Nothing much changed... Shambles.
  11. Correct, it's as if they work though you wouldn't know it with our media and some politicos. Sadly its going to be interesting looking at cancer death statistics as well as other deaths in the next 18 months. I've lost patients in the last month who have presented late due to not wanting to attend surgery because of covid and some because of delays of services due to covid. Very sad, its happening daily and its really upsetting. It's all about covid though never mind everything else.
  12. She won't attend for it, cannot possibly travel to London. The virus is about. An OBE for being a knicker wetting melt. That c**t leitch will be getting a knighthood.
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