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  1. I'd always wondered what had happened too her.
  2. Never violence on a date but I was involved in a fire raising incident. Some restaurant in George Street it was Scotland v England at Murrayfield that day and place was packed. I'm perusing my plastic menu only to smell burning and realise I've set it on fire, a braw smouldering smell ensues plus a bit of flame. Embarrasment all round with my date for the evening glaring at me. The date didnt go well with her feigning illness after a couple of drinks and me never hearing from her again. She's actually lucky we never slept together as she would have definitely experienced even more disappointment that evening. A the happy days of being young.
  3. Nah mate Budge is going to give you a call first to clear it before release.
  4. Here are results of round two blah blah blah Going through to last 16 are @Rugster @Silky Si McFly @alang1993 @German Jag @The_Kincardine @Moomintroll @pleslie99 @Adam101 @The Captain @JamesP_81 @NJ2 @Jacksgranda @Blootoon87 @Eednud and two wild cards as too many tied on five - @8MileBU and @Adamski welcome back. Next round will follow when I can be arsed. '
  5. Trade her in for a younger model and be more gentle when smashing her dung valve next time.
  6. Those prices are outrageous, and they wonder why people drift away from the game. Absolute joke, fans will pay it being a derby but it's just wrong. Blatant profiteering.
  7. Always liked the sopwith camel, very robust. Aye, The Spartans are a bad bunch.
  8. There would have do be wheels in the first place, a shambles. On a nautical theme we are rudderless and if we were a first world war aircraft we would be the one that shot it's own propeller off.
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