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  1. Here are all the results etc etc, sorry no write ups tonight, I'm not long in from work and I'm a tad warm In fifth place with an aggregate score of 90 is team Lion @Salvo Montalbano @alang1993 @German Jag @Geaky @deej @SlipperyP @NJ2 @101 IN fourth place with an aggregate score of 91 is Team Crocodile @Arch Stanton @Silky Si McFly @CaspianChris @gkneil @Snobot @Ross. @kingjoey @die hard doonhamer In third place with 95 is Team Tiger @Eednud @Helpma @Leeds Saint @peasy23 @JamesP_81 @Perkin Flump @Blootoon87 @Spring Onion Joint first with 96 points is teams Bear and Shark Team Bear - @WhiteRoseKillie @Bully Wee Villa @The Captain @Adamski @MixuFruit @pleslie99 @LincolnHearts @G_Man1985 Team Shark @Rugster @The_Kincardine @The DA @Cardinal Richelieu @mathematics @NotThePars @BigBo10 @Jacksgranda All very tight In the individual aggregate scores we have WRK & Rugster with 19 points - on 17 points is Deej, Caspian, Arch Stanton, Ross, P Leslie, Perkin and Lincoln Hearts Now onto the Head to Head second round White Rose Killie 10 v Eednud 9 Alang 10 V Spring Onion 8 Rugster 10 v Silky 7 GMan 7 Blootoon 5 Caspian 8 v Leeds Saint 8 - the latter goes through on th eplay off decisde due to the former not answering Not the pars 7 v P Leslie 9 NJ2 6 v 101 8 Perkin 9 v Mathematics 5 The DA 8 v Lincoln Hearts 9 Excellent, well I wasn't going to bother doing it tonight but lets just crack on with the third round. It's all to play for in the team competition, the aggregate individual trophy and of the course the head to head individual draw Here is the individual draw White Rose Killie V Perkin Flump Alan g V 101 G man V Lincoln Hearts Leeds Saint V Rugster P Leslie V Deej Can we have all scores in by 5PM on Saturday please Here is the link https://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=2008121435593684&lnk&
  2. That's disappointing for here, hope he was deservedly binned. Yeah he was banned instantly for that one.
  3. To be fair to Radford it was an accident.
  4. It was aye. Radford happened to delete the Dundee thread by accident. That would have been the equivalent of me deleting the Hibs cup winning thread. That may still happen and of course be a total accident.
  5. I think he is about to reach the top five most banned aliases behind the following. 1 - Seamus 2 - Magee 3 - Paulo Sergio 4 - McKee 5 - AWRA.
  6. Play off @Leeds Saint v @CaspianChris In the 1998 Scottish Cup Final Colin Cameron opened the scoring for Hearts. What was the time on the clock when the ball entered the net. Answer by PM by Wednesday 4pm
  7. Ah but this time she may be driven to tears by her fury.
  8. I'm having bit of difficulty identifying a few scores on leaderboard. Who are the following? Xxxxxxx Cardinal huffypants Cardi B DDC Got majority of scores in. Possibly awaiting the following @peasy23 @Cardinal Richelieu @deej @Silky Si McFly @Snobot @CaspianChris @die hard doonhamer @gkneil @pleslie99 @Adamski
  9. Valdas Ivanauskas was the boy. It was a season that starred off fantasically but unfortunately the Romanov ego wrecked any title bid. If he had left well enough alone and let Burley get on with it then who knows. His appointment of Rix was a bizarre decision too. At one point he signed some Brazilian midfielder without Burley knowing and insisted he played, he was rotten. Interesting times.
  10. Sorry to hear that, it's what I've been banging on about for months, the pretty much closure of NHS services is going to kill more people long term than Covid ever will. Talking to colleagues from different health boards and at best some think it will take us five years to get back to pre covid waiting times and efficiency for services, the less optimistic think that his has pretty much gubbed the nhs and it will never recover. I've seen it firsthand and everyday we are now dealing in primary care with people who should have been dealt with months ago in a hospital setting. Everyday is now a firefighting situation and it's shit incredibly frustrating, upsetting and stressful.
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