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  1. I'd suggest that would shake things up a tad. Not necessarily a bad thing.
  2. Met him a few times with football things, a genuinely nice guy, humble and funny. A hearts legend. Rip Zal
  3. Well ad a stalwart of the quiz thread you're a shoe in Only quiz thread members can become mods these days.
  4. As long as he can keep his wee sky fairy baptist church open.
  5. You should return. After what you did last time no wonder.
  6. We should have a charity become a mod for a week auction. Of course that doesn't include entry to the hot tub.
  7. If celtic beat Aberdeen our best chance is if they don't sack popcorn teeth before the final.
  8. We as a moderating team have tried to help you in the past and made allowances for your mental health. Your accusations are baseless and offensive and quite frankly you can go f**k yourself. I'm done with you.
  9. One of our practice managers response to staff being stressed and morale being low was an inspirational tough. It's the same staff battling through but good will only goes so far and morale has crashed. I know this is the same in other areas. I don't mind admitting I'm close to burn out. I have around 30 patient appointments a day, a mix of over the phone and face to face, these days none are nice wee simple things due to other pressures on services. Add in dealing with referrals, docman results etc its bloody hard going, especially the doc man results as that leads to more prescriptions, paperwork etc and due to more staff being off you're trying to squeeze in more. Factor in a few mental healtg patients and its draining. I'm struggling to see how things improve over the coming months and last week was the first time in a long time where I have felt I can't do this anymore and I'm fairly resilient.
  10. Its mostly non covid thankfully but capacity isn't there for an influx if it comes.
  11. Eclectic tastes, though im going through a bit of a Bowie phase just now.
  12. A cabinet meeting on a Saturday, does Boris know, he likes his weekends remember, the bumbling, mendacious, perfidious, wife beating piece of vermin that he is.
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