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  1. sorry @SlipperyP not been feeling great this week, work been shit and busy with family stuff. I hate to put in 5 at once but here we go. Mon 8 Tues 8 We'd 10 Thursday 7 Friday 10 Apologies again.
  2. Quick quiz question, name a Scottish platyer to have won three league titles with different clubs that werent the old firm. One is Dundee.
  3. I'd love for Tomy Burns to be back just so as he wasn't gone. A genuinely fantastic human being. A sad loss.
  4. Surely the referee asked for the colours in the week leading up to the game as per protocol?
  5. Hows Lisburn Distillary doing these days. Spent a pleasant afternoon getting smashed in their club at a match about ten years ago. They were top flight but struggling. Also had a wonderful afternoon in Dundela social club before going to Hillsborough for festival at night.
  6. In my lifetime. John Robertson, goals galore. Rudi Skacel, a superb talent. Craig Levein pre injury, was a Rolls Royce. From what my dad, grandad and uncles used to tell me. Dave Mackay a legend. Willie Bauld goalscorer supreme. Tommy Walker, a great player and was manager of some fantastic Hearts teams.
  7. They should be concentrating on a single jab that resolves a hangover immediately. Imagine the demand for that.
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