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  1. The last one was removed after it all got a bit too personal apparently. I love the headsgone thread, a place where cranial detachments are brought to the masses and enjoyment follows. If we can play the post not the poster this time. For those who don't like this thread, it's simple, don't look at it, don't respond and if you're tagged it's not a tractor beam so feel free not to appear. Let the fun commence...
  2. The last ten pages had become more vitriolic towards a couple of posters I believe. I liked the headsgone thread, always funny to read and takes you to some interesting things. Can certainly highlight someone having a mare without it descending into abuse im sure I know a few posters didn't like the thread, don't go into it then, if you're tagged its not a tractor beam, you have a choice. Anyway a new one needs started.
  3. @Honest_Man#1 will start it, he has a bit of longevity.
  4. I think we need a new heads gone thread tbh.
  5. Listening to a fascinating series of podcasts by Michael Portillo called things we forgot to remember. Topics include Magna Carta, The Armada and right up to incidents in ww2. A really good listen with each episode circa 30 mins, they are about ten years old so sadly no more I expect.
  6. Though they did have the temerity to beat top flight giants Failkirk last week. I enjoyed that.
  7. Put ice on it, keeps bleeding heavily then head to a&e
  8. They will witter on some pish about transport etc. That's before the middle earth variant appears of course.
  9. Very helpful images for people to look at showing how miniscule the risk is. Of course that won't appease the conspiracy theorist tinfoil hat wearers such as HB or idiots like Mad Wullie, an accurate user name, who suggests a cover up because it has Oxford in the name. Beyond parody at time it really is.
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