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  1. How the f**k can Var suggest sending off Robertson but not that Gimp Kane. Shocking either two reds or two yellows. Not one of each.
  2. At last we have a cure. Bono to stop clicking his fingers.
  3. Probably raging because his illustrious party leader won't let him attend. Snivelling gimp.
  4. Typical England, Root and Malan poor shots unfortunately but at least they dug in. Pope is an absolute fraud of a boy, one of the worst players of spin I have ever seen. Dreadful just dreadful. Away back to your flat track and medium pacers for your county son. Buttler's head has gone. Average wicketkeeper and just cannot play test cricket. In essence England are woeful and I've seem some shite over the years but this lot are worse than the early 90s drivel. Embarrassing.
  5. Tories gonna tory. It's incredible the shower of intellectual pygmies we have leading in all parts of the UK. Useless.
  6. They're quite frankly a shower of incompetent wrong uns.
  7. I've reached the point where I genuinely cannot stand her.
  8. Buttler puts down a good chance. Catches win matches. 70-1 of 37. Over rate slow again as Root brings himself on.
  9. The mods never had the option to change name before so I'm firing thorough several copperfield characters from my second favorite book. Sad I know.
  10. Johnny can go and find another forum to play on. Unacceptable.
  11. Thankyou. Despite being a rabid anti brexiteer I wouldn't celebrate anyway dying because they were stupid enough to vote for Brexit. I'm sure you wouldn't either however in the written form someone reading it then that's how it appeared.
  12. Worst haircut. Worst father. Worst liar. Worst c**t. Take your pick.
  13. Clapping and Quality Street are the fuel required. Never mind that nobody actually tackled the twenty plus years of patients on corridors, nil places for rehabilitation of patients resulting in bed blocking, reduced capacity etc. Protecting the nhs narrative only seems to have came about the last 12 months and all the problems are as a result of covid. Trying to rewrite history. Unbelievable the brass necks on them. They did nothing for years to address the fundamental issues but alas its covid to blame not them.
  14. They've lied all the way through according to the agenda. The dreadful tier system they ignored when it suited. The science they ignored when it suited. The hospital numbers they ignored when it suited. Etc etc etc etc.
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