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  1. Last we heard his daughter was thankfully doing well. Used to love the stories he would tell about his struggles with his father in law who was a lazy b*****d. Some courage to start over again in Japan despite not speaking the lingo. Great lad.
  2. Very sad to hear. Condolences to his nearest and dearest.
  3. Great idea, will move it over in a couple of days. Will also pass over some of the condolence messages from other thread. Nice guy, will be sorely missed.
  4. Bump. In view of Scott's sad passing had a wee look the boat thread.
  5. Very sorry to pass on the news of the death of the one time regular poster SJC. Scott had a long battle with cancer and despite a poor prognosis remained positive and active. Scott who have moved to Japan came home recently and leaves behind his wife and young daughter. Rip.
  6. Dreadful batting line up. Dreadful captain and vice captain. Dreadful coach. Dreadful mismanagement of red ball cricket domestically. Bloody Dreadful.
  7. Irrespective of who gets into the play off its an absolute disgrace that the champions do not get automatic promotion. One relegation slot from the LL is quite frankly not acceptable and is hindering the fluidity of the pyramid. The LL cannot bemoan lack of access too tier 4 when they only have one relegation slot to tier 6. Changes needed.
  8. The pathetic pattern continues as the truly hopeless Pope goes for 14 to Boland. It's not even annoying now just pathetic. Thoroughly enjoyed the SA victory over India and perma raging childlike antics of Kohli the cock. The Saffers are a couple of batsman away from being a good team. Very good attack they have.
  9. Pished on the lambrini and turps mixer again...
  10. Robin Smith lives in Australia these days, bring him and Gower in to open in Hobart.
  11. She won't apologise for keeping us all safe whilst crushing the economy, the futures of the next generation and governing over record levels of excess deaths due to pretty much closing non covid services and scaring the public into not presenting with illnesses until too late. Top job Nicola.
  12. Maybe she should get herself out to a club and enjoy herself or maybe go to a live sporting event. Ah wait.
  13. Great, 8 dropped catches and 5 failed stumpings with 100 extras as Olly takes his vastly overrated batting skills into his role with gloves. Gimp.
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