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  1. It was magnificent. The restaurant reopens around tenth October
  2. Hot Madras from Sanam last night, it was so hot even my pee was burning. A fun morning
  3. Condolences to you and your family. Rip.
  4. The SFA will contribute a maximum of £600.
  5. This directive from Div has been largely ignored. Topics will be reopened shortly. There will be zero tolerance from now on. Suspensions and permanent bans will be issued irrespective of what side of the debate you're on for any and I mean any abusive posts. This section of the board is an absolute disgrace.
  6. Replays are still taking place in Preliminary rounds.
  7. Usually when ask to be banned a guest goes in front of their name and avatar disappears.
  8. I definitely need an Omeprazole before going for an Indian.* * Gulnar in Larbert, always splendid.
  9. Sadly not, losing that and the ability to see a posters name changes are a sad loss in my opinion. @Div
  10. Looks like he's been banned according to the log.
  11. Thoroughly enjoying the rest is politics podcast. Other than that still have Adam Buxton. Undr the cosh is quite good, some decent guests they have. The cricket analyst is decent for those who like Cricket and for medical shit the Primary Care knowledge boost has a good back catalogue. Open goal is now not something I can listen to. Dreadful "banter" Slane is particular is dreadful and as for their little project at Broomhill... Always looking for recommendations though.
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