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  1. Never used to get nonsense like that in Danny's in Laurieston. I suggest you try the Ross Carter barber shop old chap. All done by appointment so no issues with that sort of nonsense.
  2. I have to agree with that. What happened wasn't in the best interests of the child and he did not have the dignified death he should have had due to the family. That picture sums the mother up perfectly.
  3. Found this image elsewhere and was somewhat surprised at the lack of crowds. Only 20000 of the world's most loyal greatest supporters in attendance at Celtic Park. Surely they're not a bunch of massive glory hunters. On another note look at the Aberdeen and Dundee Utd line ups. Some magnificent players.
  4. If only everywhere was as safe as churches. Some of the shite they came out with was unbelievable, follow the science only when it suits their argument. Of course the brilliance of covid knowing the difference between whether you were drinking a soft drink or alcohol as the SG did their best to destroy the hospitality sector. Awful measures to achieve a frankly unachievable zero covid unless locked up for good. Policies that damaged the mental health of people of all ages but especially the young. An nhs left in turmoil, businesses destroyed. A road map out of lockdown they just ignored when it suited them. Draconian infrigements on peoples lives only halted when the furlough cash stopped. We just down know blah blah blah. A shower of imbeciles.
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