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  1. It's quite simple really, he's a multiple times banned poster who continued to spam and troll. There are plenty of posters on here who have been banned and returned with no issues. He wasn't one of them.
  2. You can do it on another forum. Well overdue. Goodbye.
  3. I'm firmly of the opinion that Bill Shake a spear is absolutely dugshite. Having perused most of his catalogue in my younger more erudite years it's turgid boring mince. I wonder if his works are as revered elsewhere on the planet. Anyway questions on his works unequivocally suck.
  4. It's a very strong negotiating position and to accept an offer of 5pct with the shortages, morale etc would be crazy in my opinion. Let's not forget the almost ten years of pay freezes and austerity. Wages are way down in real terms. Acceptance of 5pct would be crazy.
  5. Correct, absolute weapons. Cannot let their petty tribalism aside for even a week. Plenty of the obligatory Ingerlund taps tae.
  6. Adults on holiday wearing football tops. Honestly do you think your a fucking tribe or something. Usual suspects, Leeds, West Ham, scousepool, and of course the bigot brothers as main suspects. It's just pathetic, it's also 30 degrees so they must be stinking. Adults wearing football tops in general is a no unless playing fives, or actually going to football. Hi darling I've bought you new clothes for holiday, dinnae worry doll av goat ma bogging sellick/ranjurs tap ah will hae oan every day. Tramps.
  7. SG have offered nursing staff 5pct with no further negotiations. Ballot to follow, though nurses generally being apathetic shitebags will accept the offer or as they usually do only about twenty percent will actually bother to reply to ballot. Incidentally the Winter of our discontent by John Steinbeck is marvellous.
  8. Finally made Lanzarote after two years of cancellations. And relax...
  9. Makes a change from him shagging his sister-in-law.
  10. McGinley with Rory on 18, "now if he can just get a hole in one he's still in this, and he can you know, yes he can".
  11. They always have been, who can forget their reprehensible behaviour at this very course back in 1999. Chuck in Kiawah Island, the abuse Monty got everywhere and its their modus operandi. Thick inbed scum.
  12. 0/10 effort from Dindeleux. The fella was an outstanding talent who didn't get the full recognition his talents deserve. Should have played for Scotland in my opinion and was a player I enjoyed watching even as an opponent. People will remember him and his ability for years to come. Gary Holt, nah not so much.
  13. It's absolutely pitiful nanny state shite at its worst.
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