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  1. Fair play to Lukaku for earning so much out of stupid English clubs. He's dugshite.
  2. Cut your nails His nails were short before he started queuing.
  3. If those in charge had any sense they would have let Ukraine advance to the finals automatically and allowed us and the mutton molesters to play off. What difference would one more team make in a unique World Cup played at a terrible time of year, bought by bribery, and stadiums constructed by workers who were nothing more than slaves and whom many lost their lives. Not to mention a regime that's views of homosexuality should have seem them banned from hosting anything. Anyway I digress, but Ukraine should have been permitted entry to show how the "football family" unites.
  4. Mrs Vardy can't recall reading that, but she did write it...
  5. Yeah because millions of folk are going in and out of there every month even prior too lockdown. A strategy of bury your head in sand, ignore the devastation around you and patch all offers of a vaccine. Great strategy m9.
  6. Whys someone put her new head on back to front.
  7. Demanding to be seen in A&E with a cold sore...
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