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  1. Wrong. You obviously don't remember my runner-up position in 2014, robbed of victory by a Montrose fan with insider information. I'm a veteran of many other rubbish campaigns but stick to my assertion: Miguel's decision is final.
  2. I'd never heard of this woman before she featured on here. All of you: please accept the adjudication of the convenor, without question. Otherwise, we don't have a game.
  3. She's Leaving Home In My Life A Day in the Life The Long and Winding Road The Fool on the Hill
  4. Has he done enough to justify a move two leagues up? And a full-time contract?
  5. Interesting. Wonder if you get the entry fee back if you make an order, when there. Recent wine tasting did that.
  6. Must try it. Haven't been in the Doublet in decades.
  7. Good for you, but can we stick to talking about drinks, please?
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed it too. 4hr36min which was much less than I anticipated, being an old, fat guy. Echo the remarks about the dream rings!
  9. Wouldn't that prompt an enquiry about one double decker bus as a comparator?
  10. I don't know the chemistry of it, but beers in cans are no longer inferior in any way.
  11. The Spanish have a convention to address this matter.
  12. Last year, Mrs Bold declared me a Tree Gynaecologist after my pruning work. Made a fanny of it.
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