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  1. That can't possibly have happened as both teams have always played at their present grounds, in the same colours, in front of the same audiences.
  2. So, it's just as well that they are experts in every aspect of the law.
  3. How's the angst-ridden gay footballer's career developing?
  4. Nevertheless, it's confirmed that he'll fulfill his commitment to do one last Question Time this Thursday.
  5. Didn't he double as a wrestler on World of Sport?
  6. Transfer the nectar into one of your decanters.
  7. Thanks for correcting me. I was thinking more about their fans who, I believe, knew the team was due a spell in the basement division. Or maybe you know different?
  8. Stranraer were doomed and, to their credit, haven't been greeting about relegation.
  9. The whole Daniel and the Prozzie storyline is another preposterous piece.
  10. Probably wants to convert it into another 5* hotel.
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