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  1. Fear not, once Her Maj pegs it the decline of The Firm will commence. Whilst a great number of people have no great affection for the royals, there is a strong well of residual respect for the Queen. That will evaporate pronto when Charles ascends to the throne, and the current promotion of Prince Willie as just one the lads with Crouchy & Crew will cut little ice with the huge number of young Britons currently facing a very uncertain future. As for the Archbishop, he is simply demonstrating why the CoE is dying on its feet. It's ok not to be ok.
  2. Another one of those Zoom/Teams jobs for Barclays, featuring Dion Effin Dublin.
  3. I've noted the progress of the boy Cornetto but, imo, Ned Nederlander is the man to beat, tucked in behind the leaders. What do we get for deadly duo?
  4. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-northern-ireland-44753271?__twitter_impression=true Sad. But points please.
  5. 24 x 330ml bottles, delivered to your door, about £40. EBF has been my main provider during lockdown.
  6. German beer is the ticket. I am currently working on making German/Czech style lagers. It's the holy grail. Have you tried Paolozzi Helles lager from the Edinburgh Beer Factory? I think it's excellent. And inexpensive.
  7. You'll have to share it with me. I took the pesky armband from her before this campaign too!
  8. Well said. I came on to make the point but you've done it well. The Fleetwood Mac name and history is mucky but Green was a proper guitarist and musician.
  9. Each to his own, but that's not how I would choose to enjoy amaretto! I like it on the rocks, or, if a mixer is desired to make it a long drink, with good quality fresh orange juice.
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