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  1. Missed it. What happened, to animate you so?
  2. Do any of the P&B cyclists have an opinion on Ribble road bikes? Cheers.
  3. Came on to suggest the Mona Lisa but 2 others beat me to it. Crowds of people like the petrol panic-buyers who've been told about it.
  4. I'm salivating. Give us some more description, please, philpy.
  5. In the metric system, they measure fuel consumption in litres required for 100 kilometres of travel. So low number is good.
  6. Probably. And, I believe, it's illegal for garages to sell that much in cans.
  7. I thought it was the bum which fell off. Used to tell my children that, to dissuade them from such activity. And, all the time, I've been misinforming.
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