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  1. My nephew has had, and has since recovered from, the virus. He put some information on his experiences with it on Twitter.
  2. Jake Bugg in Edinburgh last night was certainly the liveliest I've seen the Usher Hall.
  3. I worked for the company that built the new bridge at the time and the council specifically requested the new bridge to be open to the elements to deter beggars, buskers, etc.
  4. I watched it all. Really enjoyed it.
  5. A revival of this thread for shameless self-promotion. This is my band. We are currently working on an album, which is coming along really well, but these are our previous releases (also available on all various streaming platforms). Great fun.
  6. Have seen The Skints live a couple of times. Well worth watching. Also, this guy (who I haven't seen live) has some really good reggae from Ethiopia...
  7. Keith Richards Stephen Spielberg Stalin Christina Aguilera Brad Pitt
  8. Edinburgh West - Same as above. Millions of Lib Dem leaflets and things that are designed to look like some kind of local newspaper but are actually Lib Dems are great SNP are Bad propaganda. Also had one SNP guy at the door. Nothing from anyone else which tells you how they think it will go.
  9. I have a Behringher Overdrive pedal. Similar sort of thing - the casing is plastic. I have used it loads of times, including gigs, and it works fine. Mostly I play pretty clean stuff though. I guess if I was in a metal band it might not give me enough.
  10. Had mine done about 9 years ago. Procedure is dead easy and only lasts for a few minutes. The appointment takes a couple of hours for form filling and hanging around. The differences in cost are dependent on your eyesight. The worse your eyesight the more expensive it is. Plus there are a couple of other options which can affect the price. If you make an appointment for a consultancy they will be able to tell you exactly how much it will cost. Mine cost me about £800 in total as my eyesight wasn't that bad - I just didn't ever get used to wearing glasses. Never suffered any ill-effects since.
  11. I'm looking to get rid of my tank. I have a few fish, all in good health, available to anyone that wants them for free:- 4 x Pakistani/YoYo loaches 5 x Penguin Tetra 2 x Cardinal Tetra 1 x Rummy Nose Tetra I am in Kirkliston (between Edinburgh Airport and South Queensferry). Cheers.
  12. I was in the audience last night at QT. Interesting how they do it. The programme is pretty much unedited. As far as I can see there was only one audience comment that didn't make the final programme and that was because the woman fell apart and was just rambling a load of nonsense, not because she was saying anything controversial. Also, we hadn't really started at all until about half 8 but they were in no hurry. Usual Edinburgh mix - Scottish, English, Financial Services types, students, transvestites. I like Billy Bragg but he's coming from an English perspective and banging a drum for a Labour revival which was met with a mixed response. Keith Brown was fairly standard but went down well. Annabel Goldie doesn't like the Lords but is happy to be in it! The journalist woman went down reasonably well despite being very capitalist and saying the odd thing that she knew wouldn't be well received and Kez who is like your mate's wee sister being in charge of the Labour party. She seems like a nice enough woman but how she's got to where she is is a complete mystery to me. Scottish Labour must be in a very bad way if she's the best they've got. Oh and David Dimbelby, much to my surprise is quite a funny man. Interesting experience if anyone is thinking about trying it.
  13. My wife's from Elgin so I'm up there quite a lot. It's alright, I've seen much worse. Like loads of other places it could do with a wee bit of investment. If I was ever moving up that way I would probably opt for Lossiemouth - cracking wee place. The local area is pretty decent though I think.
  14. He did offer apparently but the American boys told him not to.
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